30 Tactics to Outsmart Your Unhealthy Temptations

On your quest for a healthy lifestyle, you'll frequently encounter the beast called temptation. Slay him once, and he returns stronger and smarter. Slay him again, and he rises from the ashes to lure you away from your good habits. Fear not! You can win the battle with these 30 tactics to outsmart temptation!

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Some good tips... thanks Report
WONDERFUL! GREAT to print and share! Thank you so much! Report
.. Report
Gotta do the hard work Report
Great tips! Report
Thank you. Report
thanks Report
This is good information. I tend to use small plates. Report
Each one of us has to be able to feel we are not depriving ourselves of the foods we enjoy from time to time. These are cemented in stone "the only way to lose weight" use your own judgement. Report
good article Report
I actually found most of these ideas helpful. I do agree #25 is a little extreme. I take the extra food, portion it & freeze it immediately, before I even sit down to eat, so the temptation is gone & I now have to wait for it to defrost & cook it. Not all things work for all people. Take what you can from the article, some of these tips are really good. Thanks for writing this. Report
Awesome Report
Thanks for the great tips! :) Report
thanks Report


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