Tiny Tastes: A Surefire Way to Gain Weight during the Holidays

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Editor's note: Don't miss the video of Becky sharing holiday weight-maintenance tips at the end of this blog!

Sneaky holiday calories are everywhere this time of year.  With travel, parties, big buffets, holiday baking, and extra snack foods at the office, a challenging environment is around every corner.  These extra calories don’t always come in full-size servings or large-distorted portions.  No, these extra calories tip-toe in amid the holiday hoopla.  However, if you took the time to count all those "tiny tastes" each day, you would be surprised at how quickly they can sabotage your weight-maintenance efforts.

Check out a typical day of tiny tastes during the holidays, on my debut blog on Huffington Post Healthy Living!
What tiny tastes are you trying to limit this holiday season? How many tiny tastes have you had so far today?

Tiny tastes aren't the only way to gain weight this holiday season. Watch this video of Becky on FOX 19 in Cincinnati to learn other ways to avoid packing on the pounds before the end of the year: