Tiny Tastes: A Surefire Way to Gain Weight during the Holidays

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Editor's note: Don't miss the video of Becky sharing holiday weight-maintenance tips at the end of this blog!

Sneaky holiday calories are everywhere this time of year.  With travel, parties, big buffets, holiday baking, and extra snack foods at the office, a challenging environment is around every corner.  These extra calories don’t always come in full-size servings or large-distorted portions.  No, these extra calories tip-toe in amid the holiday hoopla.  However, if you took the time to count all those "tiny tastes" each day, you would be surprised at how quickly they can sabotage your weight-maintenance efforts.

Check out a typical day of tiny tastes during the holidays, on my debut blog on Huffington Post Healthy Living!
What tiny tastes are you trying to limit this holiday season? How many tiny tastes have you had so far today?

Tiny tastes aren't the only way to gain weight this holiday season. Watch this video of Becky on FOX 19 in Cincinnati to learn other ways to avoid packing on the pounds before the end of the year:

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DEE107 6/5/2021
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Video? What video? Since all I was able to see was the introductory paragraph, perhaps I shouldn't comment, but "tiny tastes" do not HAVE to cause weight gain. If you get a plate and put JUST ONE spoonful of each thing you want to taste on it, (and taste only the items you really, really like), limit yourself to JUST THAT plate and call it a meal (since it's bound to be a good 400-500 calories), it is possible to enjoy holiday parties without sabotaging your weight loss or maintenance efforts. Just be sure that your other two meals that day are nutritious and low-calorie. Report
Very true! Report
Great video Report
This is so true Report
I'm bummed, I wasn't able to get the video to play. Report
This is perfect timing! My co-workers are trying to twist my arm to go to the office party tonight, saying, just have one thing, or a small amount. Or: just sit there and don't eat. Yeah, right! How would they like to just sit there and watch 50 to 100 people eating gorgeously laid-out food and drinking and not partake. It feels like being punished! They are cruel, without realizing it. It actually makes me angry to have to explain that my doctor said this or that so it's better not to go. But I stuff my anger. We are a close-knit team, working together 10-20-30 years. So I can't just ignore them. But still the sly faces and cajoling REALLY annoy me!!! Report
Seems obsessive. Lameo. Report
It's amazing how many calories some of these things have and they are not the main course. Very Informative. Report
very interesting lots of good points its after christmas and I did those things before I read this so thanks I know I got it Report
I'm with Sparkles. The email status and what this actually is is quite misleading. Disappointed. Report
Good video, and I get the point, but the email I got it on said ways to LOSE weight by New Year"s. A bit misleading. Report
Maybe it's your computer? Report
The streaming on the video was HORRIBLE. All I got was choppy sound bites until the last 15 or so seconds... Report
I just looked up a half a donut I ate today and can attest to the calories hidden in a taste!!!!! great video and helpfull. Report
Thanks I logged in and I saved it. I love to cook and realise those testing spoonfuls also add up. Saving it will help me to remember it if I watch it often enough !Thanks Becky. Pat in Maine. Report
Great blog and a good reminder. Thanks for sharing.
Haven't seen the video, though it sounds impressive from the comments. Report
I love the frame that is showing before the video plays... that says so much:
250 chips vs. 55 veggies
Perhaps calorie counts should be put out with the food. :) But I do not thin that I will do that for my Christmas eve dinner... I'll just prepare healthier fare. Report
Great blog and great video thank you I now I have not been logging those tiny taste time to be honest instead of wondering why Report
This was an excellent in-your-face video and lesson. I'm glad I saw it! Report
I should have seen this 4 weeks ago! -- It's exactly what I am realizing is an issue.
... it all adds up! Report
This was helpful and gave me ideas about what is good for snacking. I was appalled at the number of calories in that little plate of potato chips. Report
Thank you for the very timely article and I need to find my earphones so I can watch the video. Just yesterday, I opted out of attending a party because my resistance to sample "small bites" was compromised. Report
Great video! Report
wonderful video!
Oh, Becky. Why'd you have to post that now? Now I have no way to delude myself into thinking those little tastes don't matter in the big picture. Fortunately, my typical day doesn't hold as many temptations as yours! Report
This was very entertaining and helpful. I am SO ready for the holidays.
Thanks! Report