2 Must-Do Moves for a Better Butt

By , SparkPeople Blogger
It's the pre-season for bathing suit season and that has a lot of people focusing on firming up those trouble areas that are going to get a little more exposure when they're wearing a little less clothing. I'm not immune to the pressures of looking bathing-suit-ready myself! I often tend to ramp up my workout routines if I know I'm going to be hitting the beach or hoping to spend a little more time poolside.
As you know, it's a combination of fat-burning cardio and muscle-toning strengthening that'll help you firm up and slim down (along with a healthy diet of course), but when it comes to those strengthening moves you try, some are definitely better than others.
So if you hope to improve your rear view this summer, do you know which moves are going to do the job best of all? Watch this short video to find out the best exercises you can do for your butt!

Don't you just love that two of the best exercises you can do to tone up from the bottom up are also effective at strengthening your entire lower body, and don't require any equipment at all?
Discover two more moves you should be doing for a stronger derriere, and be sure to check out my fun and effective workout plan "5 Minutes a Day to a Better Butt," which combines these great exercises along with fat-burning Tabata intervals, while you're at it.
Do you have a favorite butt-toning exercise? Share it with us below!