8 Amazing Exercises for the TRX

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If you haven't been in a gym recently you may be surprised to see trainers and fitness enthusiasts incorporating many new gadgets into their workout routines to help keep their training fresh and challenging. Having covered kettlebells, BOSU trainers and Body Bar workouts in previous Fitness Round-up blogs, now seemed an opportune time to introduce the TRX Suspension System.

PLEASE note that suspension training is NOT for beginners. Many experts, including our own Coach Nicole, do not recommend this type of activity for beginners. It takes a strong core, balance and coordination to do many of these exercises. Performing these exercises without a strong core foundation could lead to potential injuries if you use the wrong muscles.

If you happened to have missed Coach Nicole's review on the TRX Suspension System you can click on the link and read her critique. As with kettlebells, if you are interested in incorporating this system into your fitness regimen, you may want to see if your gym offers a class led by a certified personal trainer to ensure you get the best from your workout.

Arms, Chest, Core: Chest Exercise Push-up

Abs, Biceps: Crunch and Curl

Back, Biceps, Core: TRX Back Row

Triceps: TRX Overhead Triceps Extension

Chest, Abs, Arms: TRX Single-Arm Chest Press

Glutes, Quads and Hamstrings: TRX Suspended Lunge

Butt, Hips, Hamstrings: TRX Hamstrings Curl

Back, Butt/Hips, Thighs: TRX Hip Press

Have you used the TRX? Is it something you would be willing to try?

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GGRSPARK 7/30/2020
Considering this. Our workout has a set up but have not seen it in use. Report
ARNETTELEE 6/21/2020
thanks Report
CECELW 6/10/2020
TRX? I've never heard of it I don't think Report
PATRICIAANN46 1/10/2020
Thank You...………. Report
RO2BENT 11/30/2019
Kind of like calisthenics Report
thank you Report
The first link doesn't work - Arms, Chest, Core: Chest Exercise Push-up

as for beginners - the YMCA here has a Livestrong for those who have been treated for cancer. I am probably one of the younger ones in the group in my 50's and we're all "beginners". There are ways to ramp up the exercises on the same equipment to make it more appropriate for intermediate, experts, etc. Report
thanks for sharing Report
Great information. Report
Good info SP thank you Report
I started TRX this year in January 2018. I love it, always a challenge! Report
TRX looks challenging Report
Thank you for this one. Report
If I had been quicker I could have gotten a similar one free -
at the time I wasn't convinced it wasn't a toy / scam. Report
TRX is one of my favorites! I bought a set and use them at least 5x a week. Thanks for posting the links to specific TRX workouts. That's very helpful. Report
Great stuff Report
Thanks Report
Thanks! Report
Love doing things with this item Report
The TRX is fabulous and so are these exercises. They work on virtually all parts of the body. Report
I have come to LOVE doing TRX workouts! I was very intimidated to try it, but the trainers helped me tremendously and showed me modifications when I needed to make adjustments. It gives me an AWESOME workout! Report
The TRX is fantastic but also expensive. I bought a high end WOSS trainer for about 1/4 of the price of TRX, and it is superb quality and is made in the USA. Report
TRX is a great workout. Report
TRX is great. I have been using trx for 1 year. It is great.
Also i keep the trx plan
trxworkout.blogspot.com Report
I'm 72 years old, 25 lbs overweight, not in very good shape, but DO (believe it or not!) exercise regularly. I have recently been doing some TRX training with a certified trainer and it can definitely be modified for the beginner and I love it! I have surprised myself. Report
I have a love-hate relationship with the TRX. I love the results, but hate doing the exercises. Believe me they are harder than it looks. Report
My daughter gave me one this summer that she and her husband had purchased but never used. She gave me a quick demo of the basics, and I think it can definitely be used by beginners with the proper modifications. I would like to find a trainer or a good video, however, to get me started. I have not used it as much as I'd like. I don't live where there is a gym with this equipment! Report
yes when ever i go to the gym. Report
Please forgive me for my ignorance by you stated in this blog entry that TRX is NOT recommended for beginners. However, in another blog by Nicole Nichols there is a video by the founder of the TRX and he says its ok for all levels of fitness. Just curious.

I'm always looking for new workouts, and our gym used to offer TRX classes. They still have some of the equipment, but I'd need to find the right trainer for me. I'm all in for a combo strength/cardio workout! The more the merrier! Report
My gym offers TRX classes for free as a part of their total program. I tried it last year and it was way too hard for me! I could hardly get into one position before the instructor changed to a different one...I got tangled up in the ropes/ handles and everyone had a good laugh---good naturedly, but still, way out of my league! Maybe I need to try again! Report
My son is a certified personal trainer with a degree in Exercise Science. His gym used the Woss Trainer, which is very similar. I offered to buy him a TRX for his birthday and he told me not to spend the extra as Woss is one - third the price. I have one, too, and love it. Report
I would have to disagree that TRX is not for beginners. It is for everyone! I would not recommend a beginner try it on their own without being shown proper form but TRX is for everyone from the senior citizen to improve balance and mobility to the elite athlete wanting to improve their performance. Report
Love the TRX!! My trainer incorporates it into my circuits and I love that he does. It does take some getting used to as some of the movements can be a little scary (you get convinced you are going to fall, etc) but completely worth it if you can break that little mental barrier. I'm certainly not an advanced user but it just takes small movements to bring the exercise to my level. I would definitely recommend getting some assistance by a qualified trainer at first, just to ensure your safety. My muscles never adapt so they're always getting worked. As somebody else mentioned, you feel it for a few days afterwards. It's AWESOME!! Report
Would love to try it but it's just too expensive for me. Report
My personal trainer introduced me to it at the gym, and now I use it several times a week to strength and HITT. It can be for beginners- you just need to modify the movements, like you can with many other workouts. Don't be afraid to try something new and if you go to a gym, ask to be shown how to use them. Report
I do TRX Twice a week with Tabatas and It is the Most FAST and EFFECTIVE Workout I have found for sculpting and strengthening...You get your Strength/cardio all in one shot...and I am done and out of the gym after 25 minutes...but I feel it for 2 days...Yeah...it's that good of a workout! Report
I love TRX and it is TOTALLY for beginners! Change your angle and it gets easy, change again and it's hard! This piece of equipment is the best thing ever!!! Report
My trainer has me do several exercises with the TRX, and they're great! I would consider myself a beginner, but the exercises are well within my abilities. I don't do any of the exercises where my feet are in the handles, because I would definitely consider that advanced, but everything else is a go! Report
I've never tried it, but would like to. . It looks like good challenging exercises. Report
I would really like to do this. Never did it. Report
Been using a TRX at home for a year now and I still think it's great. Recommended by my chiropractor as an affordable and safer alternative to free weights. I absolutely agree and, while there are certainly potential dangers with either, the TRX is less risky. As with everything, get expert advice if you're not sure what to do. Personally, I found the written guide and video were sufficient. Report
My gym started it last spring. One of the trainers told me that there were several women 'my age' in the beginner's class and she thought it would be 'fun!' It's NOT for the over 60 crowd unless you have tremendous ability, lol....I would finally get into one position and the instructor would be 2 more exercises past me! I did it once, was proud of myself for sticking to it, and never went back. But both my sons love it! Report
I used TRX with my trainer 2 or more years ago, and ended up with a shoulder injury. I prefer free weights and body weight. Report
can't believe this has been around this long. My gym just started TRX classes this month. I'd love to be able to do - I'll have to work towards it. But it's way down on my bucket list, I am still on the bosu, swiss ball and balance board. Report
Thank you and I hope you will post more TRX moves in the future. The sheer cost of the equipment forces me to keep using it, and my muscles really let me know about it. I take it on trips because lots of motels and hotels have poor or no fitness rooms. Report
I love TRX! I disagree that it's not for beginers just need to work at your level. Using less advanced and increase basic. Started with a trainer and have my own at home now great strength and HITT workout!! Report
It looks like something that I would be interested in doing. I like to try new fitness routines, although I usually just revert back to my running on the treadmill which I love. I will check with our local gym to see if TRX is available. Report
TRX looked like fun at my local gym, so I tried it. Having fibro and doing trx, didn't work out real good for me. I would suggest it to normal people in a exercise rut though. Report
I tried it when a trainer introduced me to 2-3 exercises to try with it. It is NOT for me. It showed up a muscle group that completely failed when a certain exercise was attempted. -- She was quite surprised to see what happened. Report