Piloxing in Action: 8 Moves to Try at Home

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Want to try Piloxing in the comfort of your own home before heading to a class? Below are some of the founder's favorite routines as demonstrated by Colette van Dyk, U.S. Master Trainer of Piloxing. Shoot for 10 to 20 repetitions of each exercise on each side.


A: Lift right leg up with foot at left knee, with hands in Boxing Guard position.

B: Lunge forward with right leg. Do a boxing jab with left arm.

C: Lunge forward with left leg. Do a boxing jab with right arm. Push back to start position.


A: Stand upright with feet together, legs bent and arms reaching out to the sides.

B: Keep left leg bent, right leg extended out and arms reaching out toward the side. Lean torso forward 45 degrees and keep core engaged.

C: Lift right leg toward right hand without compensating your body position. Lower right leg back to floor (with control) and repeat.


A: Stand with feet parallel and arms in Boxing Guard position.

B: Step right leg back crossing your left leg, rotate the torso and jab with right arm in the same direction as leg. Step back to the starting position.

C: Step left leg back crossing right leg, rotate torso and jab with left arm in the same direction as leg.


A: Lunge with right leg back, arms reaching out toward the side. 

B: Push off with right leg and lean forward 45 degrees, arms reaching forward.

C: Step into a side squat, arms extended toward ceiling. Repeat from start position.


A: Stand with right leg behind you, arms in Boxing Guard, fists turned with palms facing toward you. 

B: Pull up the right knee, simultaneously upper cut with left arm. Return foot to the floor.

C: Execute upper cut with right arm.


A: With right leg by left knee, rotate knee to side, arms reaching out to the side.

B: Extend right leg out, hold balance.

C: Fall onto right leg, shift your weight onto right leg and bend knee. Push back to start position and repeat.


A: Get down on all fours, with left forearm on floor and right hand on floor. Cross right knee behind left foot.

B: Lift right knee to side 90 degrees.

C: Extend right leg from knee straight out to the side. Return to start position.


A: Lie on back with legs up in a V position. Lift head off floor with elbows out to the side.

B: Crunch up and close elbows. Start beating legs and cross right leg in front of left. 

C: Stay up with torso crossing left leg over right leg. Cross legs four times, release crunch and repeat the movement.

Have you tried Piloxing, or would you like to? Let us know what you think of this hot hybrid workout!