Piloxing in Action: 8 Moves to Try at Home

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Want to try Piloxing in the comfort of your own home before heading to a class? Below are some of the founder's favorite routines as demonstrated by Colette van Dyk, U.S. Master Trainer of Piloxing. Shoot for 10 to 20 repetitions of each exercise on each side.


A: Lift right leg up with foot at left knee, with hands in Boxing Guard position.

B: Lunge forward with right leg. Do a boxing jab with left arm.

C: Lunge forward with left leg. Do a boxing jab with right arm. Push back to start position.


A: Stand upright with feet together, legs bent and arms reaching out to the sides.

B: Keep left leg bent, right leg extended out and arms reaching out toward the side. Lean torso forward 45 degrees and keep core engaged.

C: Lift right leg toward right hand without compensating your body position. Lower right leg back to floor (with control) and repeat.


A: Stand with feet parallel and arms in Boxing Guard position.

B: Step right leg back crossing your left leg, rotate the torso and jab with right arm in the same direction as leg. Step back to the starting position.

C: Step left leg back crossing right leg, rotate torso and jab with left arm in the same direction as leg.


A: Lunge with right leg back, arms reaching out toward the side. 

B: Push off with right leg and lean forward 45 degrees, arms reaching forward.

C: Step into a side squat, arms extended toward ceiling. Repeat from start position.


A: Stand with right leg behind you, arms in Boxing Guard, fists turned with palms facing toward you. 

B: Pull up the right knee, simultaneously upper cut with left arm. Return foot to the floor.

C: Execute upper cut with right arm.


A: With right leg by left knee, rotate knee to side, arms reaching out to the side.

B: Extend right leg out, hold balance.

C: Fall onto right leg, shift your weight onto right leg and bend knee. Push back to start position and repeat.


A: Get down on all fours, with left forearm on floor and right hand on floor. Cross right knee behind left foot.

B: Lift right knee to side 90 degrees.

C: Extend right leg from knee straight out to the side. Return to start position.


A: Lie on back with legs up in a V position. Lift head off floor with elbows out to the side.

B: Crunch up and close elbows. Start beating legs and cross right leg in front of left. 

C: Stay up with torso crossing left leg over right leg. Cross legs four times, release crunch and repeat the movement.

Have you tried Piloxing, or would you like to? Let us know what you think of this hot hybrid workout!

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CKEYES1 6/8/2020
It's a little ambitious for me right now. Report
1CRAZYDOG 5/5/2020
Love the moves! Thanks Report
NANASUEH 4/19/2020
thanks Report
Looks interesting! Something new to try. Thank you. Report
ERIN_POSCH 11/16/2019
thanks for sharing Report
1CRAZYDOG 9/12/2019
Have tried this a few times. Need to alter it a bit w/my knee replacements, but it's a great work out. Report
Great exercises! Report
Great! Report
These are all beyond me but maybe could do some of the arm moves while just moving my foot forward. Report
WOW. Great moves. Report
Never heard of this but looks interesting. I would be interested in a class. Report
Interesting moves Report
Always looking for something that strengthens core and balance while also being fun and empowering! This is cool!! Thanks!! Report
Some of those moves look hard! And I'm not in terrible shape but sheesh! Report
Nothing like that around here. Report
Forward lunges are very bad for the knees. They put too much pressure on the knee joints. Backward lunges are better. Report
Haven't tried this one yet, but it has lots of great moves. Report
I've yet to try this--other than clicking on this article several times and thinking about looking for some Youtubes work along with Report
It looks like exercise to me. Why the name? Report
These exercises are very interested. Report
Going to look for some YouTube to workout along with.... Report
You are never too old to set another goal
or to dream a new dream.
- C. S. Lewis Report
I'd be interested in taking a class like this. Report
Sweet baby Jesus--I couldn't even SEE the article--I was too distracted by the middle-aged lady's FAKE boobs! That cleavage was really disturbing. Report
New to me! I’m not physically ready. Report
This is all new to me. Looks cool, though. Report
Interesting. I need a video to better follow this. Report
Reminds me of dating in my teens. Report
Interesting Report
Interesting and might try some but have to wait until I get more stable on my feet. Report
Nice moves. Some are quite challenging and not suitable for people with balance problems. Report
This is the first time I've heard of Piloxing. I'll try some of the moves. Report
I altered the Core Control sequence because the rhythm and flow of the progression didn't work as posted for me. I did a back lunge to the scale pose into chair pose with a releve. Did reps, switch sides. Then moved into a wide squat, with arms overhead (as pictured). Lift from squat, arms move into ballet 2nd position arms, then bring foot forward in low front battement with turn-out. Do reps, switch legs. Occasionally, I combine this with moves from Body by Simone's 20 minute Taylor Swift workout (youtube) or Petra Kolber's 10 minute Solution Blast Off Belly Fat DVD's segment "Dancer's Silhouette." Thanks for posting this! Report
I did some of those exercises in my Phys. Ed. class in high school - over 40 years ago. Back then, they were called calisthenics. Report
These moves look amazing, I have done some similar moves in cardio kickboxing routines...yet I can clearly see the Pilates influence. The level of fitness of the instructor is impressive...she exemplifies strength in stillness. The assumption that someone using spark would be incapable of doing these moves or routine is wrong. When I first began my journey, 60 pounds ago, this would not have been realistic or plausible. Knees replaced, some weight lost, and a desire to find my fit motivated me to jump out of my comfort zone to try new things...like this. Learning about fitness and nutrition have encouraged me to build strength, endurance, and focus specifically on core strength. These are key components at any age...yet clearly crucial as we grow older and thoughts of falling and mobility are genuine concerns. The suggestion to categorize workouts is a solid one, if modifications are not given. When I first began I modified EVERYTHING, yet I finished every workout I ever started. Build slowly and build your confidence as you exercise your strong...you will be amazed by what your body will learn to do. Report
Interesting, I'm always up for a challenge and will certainly try this type of exercise. Report
I won't try it. The impact on joints looks ridiculous for any of us with issues there. The balance, strength & mobility required to try these safely make it a poor choice to recommend to a mixed audience. It would be different if it were labeled for advanced exercisers. Report
I agree totally, ETHELMERZ, if they are as hard as they look!! I would try anything once, but I fear this would fall in the "once" category. Report
We chuckled at the photos during our lunch hour though, wonder what percentage of people here could/ would do these, probably not needing Spark people if they did these already..... Report
Maybe it's time for Spark to organize their articles & blogs into Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced, so they don't miss their target audience. Would make useful info easier to find, & ones that don't apply less laughable.

If I could do any of those moves, I wouldn't need Sparkpeople! LOL!
I've tried it now and like it a lot. Let me do some more at home and I may be ready for a class. Report
I absolutely love these challenging workout moves!
Remember folks there is nothing wrong with using modifications! The main thing is to get moving and to challenge your body! Report
Jeepers!! Very hard. I think I will talk a nap now. HAHAHA Report
No way! I have no desire to kill myself. Report
I got the Piloxing DvD at Amazon, figuring for $5 and some change, what's to lose? The moves in the video are a lot easier than this, not so complicated. It's very challenging, and sometimes I have to slow down, but that's most exercises. Start slow and at your own pace.

It didn't take all that much coordination, either since I'm a real klutz and can't do dance type moves or keep up with classes. Report
I love kickboxing but I am not the most coordinated of people and this seems like a recipe for a twisted knee or ankle. Report
Yeah, ain't gonna happen. Report
Great exercises. However, I am not able to do most of them. Thanks... Report