The Surprising Benefits of Nut Butter

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Nut butters have become popular in the health world in recent years—and for good reason! Nut butter is a great source of healthy fats, which are important for regulating your energy, mood, and even your weight. However, some nut butters also deliver a more unexpected benefit: They're great for your bones! Let's take a look at two of the most popular nut butters--almond butter and peanut butter. Between the two, which one should you choose for better bone health
The Winner: Almond Butter!

Almond butter wins by a landslide in this one. Compared with peanut butter, it contains more calcium, magnesium, manganese and phosphorus, which are all important minerals for building and maintaining strong bones. Check out the comparison below (per two tablespoons of both almond and peanut butter):

Mineral Almond Butter Peanut Butter
Calcium 86.4 mg (8% DV) 13.8 mg (1% DV)
Magnesium 97 mg (24% DV) 49.3 mg (12% DV)
Manganese 0.8 mg (38% DV) 0.5 mg (23% DV)
Phosphorus 167.4 mg (16% DV) 115 mg (11% DV)
For some great homemade almond butter recipes (and other recipes that use almond butter), click here!

Do you ever eat nut butters? What's your favorite?

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KHALIA2 8/2/2019
Thanks! Report
GEORGE815 7/2/2019
Thanks Report
LOSER05 4/21/2019
thanks. Report
Great Report
BABY_GIRL69 2/26/2019
Good info. Report
ARNETTELEE 12/2/2018
yum Report
PWILLOW1 11/30/2018
Thank you. I did not realize this. Report
EVILCECIL 10/13/2018
Almond butter is great. Report
SCIENCEFAN7 10/7/2018
Almond butter with red plum jam makes a great PB&J alternative! Report
BABY_GIRL69 9/2/2018
I haven't tried but I'm going to get up the nerve. I'm super picky & I have to buy something small. Report
I'm allergic to both peanuts and almonds, so I'm a cashew butter or sunflower seed butter kind of girl. Report
I tried almond butter once. It was so gritty it tasted like I had a mouth full of sand and I actually had to spit it out. Report
Thanks Report
This is something new for me to look into. Report
Great info! I have been eating peanut butter, but after reading this article I think I will change to Almond Butter. Thank you! Report
Thanks for the info Report
Nut butters are great! Report
thankyou for this wouldnt think of almond butter Report
I think they both have their place. Just like you would never eat only one type of veggie. Variety is key to a healthy diet Report
Oh, and I do LOVE crunchy almond butter!
I want to try cashew butter. Wish it wasn't so expensive Report
They left off protein and sugar for a reason. Peanuts have more protein and no sugar. Perhaps folks should test it for themselves and Peanuts have more of different nutrients than Almonds. Report
I love cashew butter Report
thanks for the comparison Report
I like Cashew butter much better than almond butter Report
I'm an almond butter girl but it is a real pain. I store it in the fridge and it's not smooth to spread. Report
The omega 6 in almonds can turn bad in your body,it may lower HDL and also lower LDL when too much is consumed. Foods with omega 3 including salmon,flaxseed and walnuts do not do this. I took a healthy heart assessment by my pharmacist to confirm this. I now eat walnuts and less almonds. I use a peanut butter with chocolate from Kraft that does not have the 3 times the sugar as Nutella does.No more sugar then their regular peanut butter. Report
Haven't tried almond butter, but LOVE almonds! I make my own peanut butter and have been itching to trying others. Guess almond butter's time has come! Report
I recently tried almond butter and liked it but generally go to all natural peanut butter (mainly due to cost). I may just start to buy almond butter more often though for those benefits. Report
I may be in the minority on this one, but I don't really care for almond butter. Maybe it's just all these years of habit...I've always been a peanut butter girl...of course, I now buy the natural kind (just ground peanuts). Maybe I'll give almond butter another try. Report
Walnuts & other nuts, like almonds, can help with improving cholesterol. I'd link to the Mayo clinic's site yet this site won't allow html tags. google it. you'll find the information. Report
Almond butter is a mainstay in my diet. Nice to know that it supports bone health. Report
Someone else has already pointed this out - but the differences between them are due to the fact that an almond is a 'nut' and a 'peanut' is a legume (albeit an oily one!). Report
Did you know that peanuts are not even nuts? They are legumes. HUGE difference. Almond and cashew butter all the way for me!!! Report
I also love Justin's maple almond butter, but it is so expensive. I eat it everyday, but I have to say it's doesn't even come close to getting to my calcium minimum. One of the issues I have with the percentages is that they are always for 2 Tbsp. I know that's the serving size on the package, but it's a ridiculous serving size. I would never eat that much nut butter at one time. I had been tracking my nut butter at 1 Tbsp., when I finally measured it, I was only eating 2 tsp. If I ate 2 Tbsp., my mouth would be stuck. Report
I just tried almond butter for the first time last week, and I love it. I got the organic brand with only roasted almonds in it, I think the next jar I buy, I will try to find one with sea salt added. Report
Pills? Who said anything about pills? This is about almonds in a creamy buttery paste! :D
I've been wanting to try it, but I'm a bit cautious. I know how I get with almonds (or nuts in general), I go over board easily. I guess I'll have to find a good way to portion it without going back for seconds, thirds, and fourths. Report
I find that I dont need as much almond butter on my cracker as I would with peanut butter. So, its a win win. :) Report
Did you now that milk has over 11 vitamines and minerals in it Pills do not come close to Real food Report
I enjoy Almond Butter and Sunflower Seed butter as well as all-natural Peanut Butter Report
I have always loved Almond butter never tried the other this is now a must find, thanks SPARK CHEERS! Report
Almond is my favorite but I like peanut butter too...and cashew. Tahini is good too...though not with jelly. Report
With all the favorable comments I see about almond butter, I guess I am going to have to try it! Report
I love almond butter, but you will also find that almond hazelnut butter is delicious. Hazelnut butter alone is a little bitter, but on some days I like that too:) Report
Cashew Butter is so awesome! I know it's not as "healthy" as almond butter, but it tastes so good! I tried making my own once and, after wasting $30 in cashews and ending up with a blender that will never be the same again, I learned that's its just best to make a trip to the store to buy an $8 jar. Report
Love Almond Butter, the best for me is MaraNatha, All Natural, No Stir Creamy. Love it on all fruits and it makes a great nut butter and jelly sandwich. A jar doesn't last me very long because I love it so much. Report
I had to start buying the single serve packets of Justin's Maple Almond butter because it's just too yummy. Need the portion control. It's best with Jazz apples. Report
I enjoy both almond and cashew butter!! Have to try making my own. Report
Justin's Chocolate Almond Butter...oh my, is that stuff awesome! Hooked my brother on to it. Whole Food's give's 10% off if you buy a case (or equivalent - 6 jars). Sometimes, you can get it on sale and then get the case discount. Great on apples & pears. I have to measure it out as I know I could eat a whole jar in a day if I didn't!
The Maple Almond Butter is also good. I spread that on an Atkins Oatmeal Fiber Square, zap it in the microwave to get it warm & drizzle w/ Joseph's sugar-free syrup and cinnamon.
Mmmm-mmm! Report