Battle of the Breakfast Platters

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Who doesn't love lingering over a big breakfast or brunch with friends and family? The only problem is that large breakfasts often come with a truckload of calories from all those pancakes, bacon strips, and bottomless drink refills. Luckily, many restaurants that serve breakfast and brunch have developed healthier options so you can still enjoy all the pleasure of this fun morning meal while still staying within your calorie range for the day. IHOP and First Watch have both stepped up their healthy offerings and even devote special sections of their menus to healthier fare. Which lightened-up breakfast dish is lowest in calories: is it IHOP's Two-Egg Breakfast from their ''SIMPLE & FIT'' menu, which includes scrambled egg substitute, two strips of turkey bacon, whole wheat toast, and fresh fruit? Or is it the egg white, turkey, spinach, mushroom, and swiss cheese Power Wrap from the ''Healthier Side'' menu at First Watch?
The Winner: IHOP!
IHOP's Two-Egg Breakfast wins this round at 350 calories and 8 grams of fat. The First Watch Power Wrap clocks in at 478 calories and 11 grams of fat. If eggs aren't your thing, both IHOP and First Watch have plenty of healthy options to choose from, including fruit and yogurt parfaits, crepes, oatmeal combinations, and even pancakes, so you can have your breakfast or brunch and eat it, too. Happy brunching!

What's your favorite healthy breakfast or brunch meal?

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:) Report
PATRICIA-CR 5/14/2021
YUMMY! Report
DIVAGLOW 1/11/2021
Thanks Report
PATRICIAAK 12/31/2020
:) Report
PATRICIAAK 12/21/2020
:) Report
FISHGUT3 9/9/2020
thanks Report
thanks for sharing Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Thank You...……….. Report
So many unhealthful options Report
Love ihop Report
I love yogurt and nuts! Report
Thanks Report
Hmmmm, breakfast. I am now addicted to starting my days off with breakfast. Report
My favorite meal! Report
always during lent Report
winner, Report
Great to know! Report
Thank you for suggestions Report
Breakfast is a great way to start the day. I buy veggies and add them to my eggs. Report
Thanks for the info. Report
Great perspective on what one puts in their body. Report
Breakfast is my favorite meal. Report
I disagree. turkey Egg If I am going to eat bacon and eggs, I do not want something that only pretends to be bacon and eggs. Report
We recently had breakfast at IHOP. It was healthy and delicious Report
I love breakfast! I drink bulletproof coffee, eat 1 slice of Ezekiel sprouted grain bread (toasted) and a banana every morning! Report
2 eggs over easy, 1 piece of pepperidge farm whole grain wheat toast, 1 pat of butter with jam, 2 pieces of turkey bacon, 1 serving grits, 4 oz OJ and 2 cups of coffee. Sounds good about now! Report
turkey bacon, egg substitute - no thank you. My migraines make me just say no. Real eggs thank you. Canadian bacon (uncured) on an English muffin. Or a fruit and yogurt parfait. Or better yet good old oatmeal. Report
2 eggs over easy 3 strips bacon a serving of either 2 wheat toast-grits-1 biscuit-hash brown or homefries Report
Gooood to know, I love IHOP, tho I don't go out to breakfast often, I thoroughly enjoy when I get to. Report
I made this breakfast daily and I LOVE it - sounds way better than that egg substitute one too.
1 egg, 2 whites whipped up, use 1/2 for omelet with veggies or at least salsa inside and a sprinkle of the finely shredded cheese (or leave it out if you don't use that), then make buckwheat or gluten free pancakes (red mills gluten free pancake mix) with the rest of the eggs, and top with 3-4 oz dannon light n fit yogurt and fresh fruit! I've also added 2 turkey sausage - I'd add a photo but don't know how. so good if you have berries in the cakes too. Report
I usually don't eat breakfast out anymore and most commonly make an egg with low fat cheese and green enchilada sauce on a small tortilla. Otherwise it might be a one egg omelet with the low fat cheese and a few veggies that I might have. Report
I would far rather have the breakfast with my family/friends either here or at their house.
Then we can help each other, and have chatting time.
We can make things within each other's dietary requirements, and have chatting time.
We can each watch what each "I" is eating, for ourselves or for our loved ones, and have chatting time.
We can sit and have a few more cuppas, or water or whatever, and have chatting time.
And we can clear away together, and still have chatting time.

Why would anyone want to go out? Report
I used to LOVE b'fast out - now I can't stand it. I'll take my homemade pastured egg omelets w/ local, seasonal veggies over any of those places' food any day! Report
I have a large breakfast just once a week, on a Sunday, when I have the luxury of time. It is a leisurely affair which sets me up for the day and means that I'm kept going without anything more than water and maybe a piece of fruit until dinner time.... Report
I have only eaten at an IHOP once....and gotta say...that was more than enough...YUCK...Being Canadian I won't get many chances to look for a First WAtch either... Report
I love breakfast, but it is very difficult to be good when everyone else is being so bad. I do better when I cook a big breakfast at home, which means I cook a meal for everyone else and make my own. I eat egg substitute, which is made of egg whites and makes it easier to use than having to strain eggs in the morning. They are good once you get used to them. Report
Breakfast is my favorite meal! IHOP is a favorite place of mine to eat at for breakfast. Report
I raise my own chickens and eat a lot of free range chicken eggs. They are the best! Report
I love breakfast. Report
Sigh......I know there's nothing that can be done about this, of course - but I have this "pet peeve" kind of concern when restaurants NOT IN MY AREA are reviewed! It's quite surprising that I see this quite often as I live in A MAJOR METROPOLITAN area.....sigh.....just seems like a helluva waste to me :( I mean, really - WTH is "First Watch" anyhow? Report
Egg substitutes have less cholesterol than regular eggs, which is important to those of us that have borderline or high cholesterols. IHOP's veggie omelettes are wonderful, either way. The Simple & Fit choices also use low fat cheese. Report
Why would anyone want to eat "egg substitute," unless they had an allergy to eggs? SP is always telling us how nutritious real eggs are. Sigh. Report
I remember very fond memories of eating chocolate chip pancakes at IHOP on Sunday, after church.

As an adult, that place grosses me out. Report
I think maybe I have eaten at IHOP twice in my entrie life. So, I don't really know their menu choices. But if I were to go again, I probably would treat myself. But that's not likely to happen any time soon. Report
I have fond childhood memories of IHOP, but hadn't been there in the years since I became veg. I was pretty disappointed to find that there are VERY few herbivore-friendly items on the menu. Fruit cup and oatmeal are pretty much the only options. Sad. :( Report
My now favorite at IHOP is scrambled eggs, slice of bacon, toast & coffee. Better than my short stack, scrambled eggs, sausage & bacon. YIKES! Report
I miss menus with "healthy options" and the nutritional information on them. Report