Save $$ on Your Super Bowl Party

By , SparkPeople Blogger
When you're entertaining, you always want to make sure you have enough food on hand. But no one wants to waste food either. How can you determine how much food to buy for a party?

We'll show you exactly how much food you'll need for your Super Bowl party.

Cocktail Party: 10-12 appetizers per person

Dinner Party: 5 appetizers per person

How many varieties?
  • <50 people: 8 types of appetizers
  • >50 people: 6 types
  • 15-20 people: 4-5 types
  • >15 people: 3 types

    Meat or fish: 6 ounces

    Rice, grains: 1/4 cup per person

    Potatoes: 2/3 cup per person

    Vegetables: 1/2 cup per person

    Beans: 1/4 cup as a side dish

    Pasta: 1/2 cup per person

    Green Salad: 1 cup per person

  • 1 slice cake, tart or pastry
  • 1/2 cup pudding or mousse
  • 1/2 cup ice cream
  • 2 Tablespoons whipped cream or chocolate sauce

    While we're on the subject of Super Bowl parties, find out how to slim down your favorites! (78 calorie Mozzarella Stick, anyone? How about Low-Fat Poppers or Boneless Wings?)

    Do you have any money-saving party-planning tips?

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    I agree everyone should have something they should bring and offer what you had in mind..

    It is something fun and everyone should have a part in it. also we are not rich and you are sharing your home with others. it is only fair to split everything up.

    Thanks for the ideas.. Report
    I like the Cosco info Report
    Good info . you have many helpful tips. THANKS Report
    Good info. you have many helpful ideas/tips to share THANKS Report
    Sounds good. Report
    Our party will be small so just oven baked fries, veggie with homemade dips, and some air popped popcorn sprinkled with nutritional yeast. Report
    I always make alot of food during superbowl parties. But my children love my hot wings. I have to put a limit on how many I eat. Report
    As a teacher, I have to point out that your less than and greater than signs are reversed (I put them in to help but they were refused as html code) but I think people can figure out what you mean -- thanks for the helpful tips -- I always always always make too much food. Report
    That was very helpful. I have a sweet 16 coming up and well when you have to feed them all, feed them well. Report
    Great tips! They will definitely come in handy. Most of our parties are pot-lucks, but it's good to know how much to plan for.

    One small thing, you have your "greater than" and "less than" symbols backwards... I can't type them in to explain, because I get an "html" error, but the symbol on the keyboard above the comma means "less than" and the oneabove the period means "greater than". Report
    TOTALPRAISE2 Very Helpful Material. Report
    These are all great ideas. Thanks Report
    We have lots of gathering that include food, and naturally we have tried every type of service. We like the potluck buffet style party the best. Easier on everyone. And I really appreciate this post, since I have always worried... "Am I fixing enough?" Thanks for the info! Report
    Thank you - Very helpful!!!!! Report
    I don't watch the Super Bowl but this info is helpful for other types of parties. Thanks for sharing. Report
    I was just talking about having a Superbowl party. This is a big help. Report
    This is a great guide...Thank you! Report
    Nice post Stephanie! Good idea and good guideline. Our big party is a July 4th cookout, and most everyone agrees to bring something. I like Tazzie's idea, and will implement that this year. Last year..Bf just told people to 'bring something'..I ended up with 4 macaroni salads! We supply the meat and most of the beer..I usually make some other stuff, but as budgets have tightened, we have started asking the friends to pitch in more. Report
    I hate being on a tight budget for a serious party.

    When I have a choice I over-cook on purpose. That way I know everyone is well fed, even if they are late or more people show up than expected. PlusÖ those of us who slaved to cook a bunch of dishes, and had to set-up and clean-up and then wash a bunch of dishes, donít have to cook for a day or two.

    Still this is a good list and I saved it incase I want to find it later.

    Pot-luck is always good, especially when you can assign categories so you get a good variety.
    Thanks, nice tips. Report
    I always make to much food for parties! I never want anyone to leave thinking there wasn't anything to eat. I know I go way over board but I just can't help it. Report
    I'm planning a Superbowl party and I'm making it super easy and fairly cheap by setting up a make your own sandwich buffet line. Include some healthier chips and dips, and allow some beers/soda and you get a very casual party that won't take a lot of time or money (and is fairly calorie conscious). My guests are bringing dessert so not too sure how healthy that will be lol. Report
    Steph... you da BEST! I really could have used this 6 months ago, but better late than never!
    I also tell people to bring their own alcohol. No matter what I would get, it would never please everyone, I was spending too much on stuff I couldn't use & there woudl always be left over SO... BYOB! Saves $$ & headache!

    I've also found that if I buy appetizers & foods that *I* like, I don't mind having the left overs around as much. I love food (pretty much all of it!) so this isn't too hard to do!

    But the best idea is doing a pot luck. Everyone brings a little bit of something so that everyone can try a little bit of everything. Report
    If you belong to Costco consider buying there. Great prices, and everything is returnable, including liquor. So it is not a problem if you overbuy. This saves $$$. You still have to watch the calories. Report
    A Money & Calorie Saving Tip for Host & Guests:

    Guests A-F = Appetizers
    G-L = Rice or Grains
    M-S = Vegies
    T- Z = Desserts

    We supply the Meats & Tableware

    It can be adjusted after you make the guest list & see how many fit in each category. Report
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