Fitness Secrets of Victoria's Secret Angels

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Did you tune in to watch the live Victoria's Secret Fashion Show last week? Either way, you've probably heard of the "Angels" who not only model lingerie, swimwear and clothing in catalogs and commercials, but also promote all sorts of the brand's products through a variety of outlets. A recent article talked about how some of the models prepare for the live TV event. Ever wondered what it takes to get the body of a supermodel (besides super genetics)?

According to an Associated Press article, many of the models do watch their diets leading up to the show (no surprise there), nixing foods like carbs and sugar. One model, 23-year-old Doutzen Kroes, "spends many extra minutes a day jumping rope," on top of her usual workout routine, according to the article.

Now, I don't believe in cutting out carbs and I probably wouldn't enjoy life very much without indulging in the occasional sugar-laced treat. But I DO think that Kroes is onto something when it comes to working out. Jumping rope is serious exercise, and it rivals even the most intense forms of cardio (like running and Spinning) when it comes to calorie burn. (Don't believe me? Try my 10-minute jump rope workout and find out for yourself!) Beyond that, sneaking in extra exercise throughout the day is something we could all do more of, and reap serious benefits from as a result.

Research shows that even 5-10 minutes of exercise improves cardiovascular health and weight control, and several mini workouts throughout the day can help you improve your health and fitness level as much as one long workout does. Even if you do workout regularly, adding a few mini fitness sessions when you would normally be sedentary can also help prevent weight gain, encourage fat loss, and reduce your risk of many lifestyle-related diseases that are exacerbated by spending too much time on your rear. Mini workouts don't have to involve jumping rope either. Stepfanie often squeezes in pushups, rebounding (on a mini trampoline), and stretches while she re-heats her lunch each day, for example, and I often do some Pilates exercises while watching TV at night myself.

While many celebs and models can fall prey to fad diet practices and unrealistic exercise routines (after all it is their job to look great), I think this is one tip we can all use. Need ideas? Most of SparkPeople's workout videos take less than 10 minutes to complete! I don't know about you, but now I'm a little more motivated to keep my jump rope nearby.

How many ways can you squeeze a mini workout into your day? How do you turn wasted time into active time?

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PATRICIAAK 6/29/2020
:) Report
I love to walk! Report
I haven't jumped in a while. Time to get back to it! Report
I have been conscious of increasing movement throughout the day. -- At my last dr. visit, the nurse questioned if I actually exercised since I said I spread movement throughout the day?! -- She said if there wasn't an appointed time each day to "take a walk", then it was doubtful that I was in fact "exercising". Report
I've been trying to hula hoop for 20 min during our evening relaxation time. Makes a great addition to my 30 min of walking! Report
I've started slipping in some abs whilst I'm watching tv in the evenings. I also have dumbbells at home, so I'm going to start doing some strength training too. Thanks for the reminder that little bits of exercise all do add up Report
I have a jump rope but I haven't used it in a couple of years. Due to my left hip but I believe I can jump some now. Report
I wonder if you burn more calories with a weighted jump rope. I've seen them at super stores, but I didn't realize just how powerful they could be! Report
I have tried to jump rope, I was pretty good as a kid (of course, now I'm 50), but couldn't past 2 or 3 jumps! I have a jump rope from a sports store, but it is too long and I can't figure out how to shorten it. I'm about 5'2". SO, I went to the toy department and bought a very pretty pink "jeweled" princess jump rope and it works better. But I am still at 2 or 3 consecutive jumps. Fortunately, I have a private backyard where only my dogs have to watch any bouncing. I think its time for me to try the jump rope again! If is good enough for "Vicky's girls, well... Report
I haven't jumped rope in a while due to my size but it is a good workout. Report
Stretch or do strength exercises while watching the Olympics! The athletes are a true inspiration. Report
I started jump roping in feb 2007 and it has helped me to loose 20 lbs. It's a great cardio workout. :) Report
I did the linked 10 minute jump rope workout without a rope, it was challenging and fun, I've bookmarked it for use again.
I definitely need a sports bra ;) Report
I thrive on the mini-workouts. I even do them at work! I really should get a jump rope!! I use to be so good at it when I was a kid =) Report
I love doing mini-workouts, they are a great way to break your boredom. Whenever I find myself bored and about to reach for the tv remote, I do a quick 5-10 minute cardio activity. 9 times out of 10 I feel much better and am no longer bored. Report
I agree that jumping rope is like the best cardio exercise there is. It is defintely strenuous on the body at first, but with constant work you can jump for up to 30 minutes without getting too tired. Great for cutting. Report
I have a rebounder and love to jump several times a day, a few minutes here and there. Also, I have started doing several of my strength training exercises while I am at work. Some of my co-workers think I have gone crazy, but I don't care. The results are all that matter! Report
I have recently learned and understood the concept of mini exercises. They do work. I am trying to incorporate it more regularly into my day. Report
I agree that jumping rope is serious business, but promoting Victoria Secret Models on this site is quite an oxymoron... Report
I don't think we should be promoting people like Victoria Secret because they are the skinny, airbrushed models we are trying to avoid implanting into our visual memory.
When it comes to jumprope, I love double dutch and would love to find people my age who would love to get back into it! Report
Jumping rope is part of my weekly boxing class, and boy is it hard. I had to buy a sports bra so that I won't lose an eye ! LOL Report
Coach Nicole, I so want to jump rope! I was trying to check out that workout. Hopefully I can view it. I'll definitely try. I need to buy me a jump rope. Do you recommend a certain type of rope. I know they have cheap ones, but they're probably really CHEAP in quality and my kill me! LOL Report
Having a MINI-Trampoline to jump on makes much more sense than doing jump rope. Report
Jumping rope is a great way to burn calories and it doesn't really require a rope. Use your imagination and you can "jump rope" anywhere in your house. Pretend you're twirling the rope around and jump anyway. It's great for those of us more coordination challenged people, no tangling in the rope and you never have to stop because you didn't jump at the right time! Report
I'm all for 10-minute workout breaks, staying active, monitoring your nutrition, etc., but I'm a little disappointed that the Victoria's Secret models are being used as an example to emulate. IMHO, they represent a very false standard for women.

Do only thin, beautiful, young women wear undergarments? Report
I love the 10 Minute Solution workout series. I have a couple of the videos already and plan to add more to my collection. The workouts are quick so I can squeeze one or two in even on a busy day.

I try to find ways to fit in a little exercise. I do squats and lunges while watching TV, wall pushups while waiting for food to heat, ab and butt squeezes in the car and dance in place while doing dishes. It all adds up. Report
Strange that I should be reading this now.....I just finished a 10 minute rope jumping session. This has always been my fav 10-min exercise routine when I am not in a mood for longer sessions. Report
my big thing to get extra exercise in is by walking the kids to school or we will rides the bikes to school and then I will ride my bike back down after school to pick them back up...(as long as the weather is good)
Other wise I will try to do some lunges during slowtimes at work. or do a little dance to a good song if I can.
my biggest pet peeve of models is the ones that say they dont diet or workout. "I eat pizza everyday" it really makes me want to hit things.. lol Report
my biggest pet peeve of models is the ones that say they dont diet or workout. "I eat pizza everyday" it really makes me want to hit things.. lol Report
This is more of a recent thing, but I started opting to walk to do my errands instead of drive. :):):) Report
I stretch or do abs while watching TV at night, or at the office during the day I go up and down 4 flights of stairs. Report
Hmmm. Now I'd like to purchase a jumprope! I squeeze in mini workouts on my breaks and/or lunch at work often by going for walks. Or I'll at my desk every so often and do side twists or hip flexor exercises. Anything to keep moving and get the blood flowing! Report
I use to love jumping rope, but with two artifical knees and and rebuilt foot those days are over. But boy would I love to be able to do that again and I would not care if my boobs bounced. Have to exercise other ways. :-) Report
Great Idea about jump roping. I was a pretty good double dutch jumper in my younger day. I never thought of it as an exercise. I am willing to give it a try.... Report
I've never been very good with jumping rope, so it isn't really a cardio exercise for me (jump, tangle feet in rope, pause, untangle feet, repeat until too frustrated to continue). I have a mini trampoline I've been using a couple times a week. Now that my morning routine has changed a bit, I'm using the first half hour after I wake up to squeeze in a half hour workout. Report
Try skipping, it really gets the heart rate up and it's fun! =) Report
It is so worth doing exercise even for just 10 minutes. It's good to know these folks don't spend 4 hours at the gym every day to look good. I think it is important to do something reasonable that you like and can fit into your life. Report
I do the Swimsuit Bootcamp Workouts Day 2 or 4 (or both!) when I have a spare 10 minutes during the work day. Report
I get a 30 minute lunch break so after eatting my lunch I take off walking fast(outside) around the store I work at.. BUT I also do this on my 15 minute break,which I do the same thing. If the weather is bad I walk around the inside of the store.Not as fast but I keep moving. Best thing is others are doing the same.. Report
I really enjoy jumping rope when I'm rushed for time. Its tough. I can't do any of moves other than up and down with both feet or running, but its kind of fun. Report
A coworker and I (we have desk jobs) walk around our office building at least once a day, but we try for twice. We walk up and down the stairs between laps. Each walk is about 10-15 minutes, in addition to my daily work outs. I would say it has definitely helped to burn more cal throughout the day...not to mention a nice break from the office. Report
SPOOKIEDO, I won't jump rope outside either - but I have space for it in my kitchen and in my basement. You might have space somewhere inside your house for it. Report
I do have a jump rope somewhere in the garage. I plan to give the 10-minute jump rope cardio workout a try this weekend. Wish me luck! Report
This may sound crazy...but when I'm in the movie theater the seats move slightly...I tighten my abs and do some crunches while I'm waiting for the movie to start. Report
My best secret is when I am waiting in a doctor's examination room. I used to sit, bored and tired - now I march in place while waiting for my turn to see the doctor. Yesterday I managed to get in 34 aerobic minutes this way! Report
I lift weights or use resistance bands while watching television. I also have a small portable stationary bike contraption that I use while sitting at my desk.

I learned the hard way how important it is to stretch after exercise. I am currently rehabbing a strained achilles tendon. As my computer time is my wasted time each day, I now make myself wait until after my workout to get online. While I am getting caught up with my reading, I do all my stretching. Believe me, I can already feel a difference in how much more completely I recover after each workout! Report
I haven't jumped rope since I was in school. I've thought about it, but didn't want the neighbors to see me. (A woman's breast bounce and to me it's embarrassing, so maybe after I loose a little more weight. It seems I always loose weight in my breast area first. Report