Fitness Secrets of Victoria's Secret Angels

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Did you tune in to watch the live Victoria's Secret Fashion Show last week? Either way, you've probably heard of the "Angels" who not only model lingerie, swimwear and clothing in catalogs and commercials, but also promote all sorts of the brand's products through a variety of outlets. A recent article talked about how some of the models prepare for the live TV event. Ever wondered what it takes to get the body of a supermodel (besides super genetics)?

According to an Associated Press article, many of the models do watch their diets leading up to the show (no surprise there), nixing foods like carbs and sugar. One model, 23-year-old Doutzen Kroes, "spends many extra minutes a day jumping rope," on top of her usual workout routine, according to the article.

Now, I don't believe in cutting out carbs and I probably wouldn't enjoy life very much without indulging in the occasional sugar-laced treat. But I DO think that Kroes is onto something when it comes to working out. Jumping rope is serious exercise, and it rivals even the most intense forms of cardio (like running and Spinning) when it comes to calorie burn. (Don't believe me? Try my 10-minute jump rope workout and find out for yourself!) Beyond that, sneaking in extra exercise throughout the day is something we could all do more of, and reap serious benefits from as a result.

Research shows that even 5-10 minutes of exercise improves cardiovascular health and weight control, and several mini workouts throughout the day can help you improve your health and fitness level as much as one long workout does. Even if you do workout regularly, adding a few mini fitness sessions when you would normally be sedentary can also help prevent weight gain, encourage fat loss, and reduce your risk of many lifestyle-related diseases that are exacerbated by spending too much time on your rear. Mini workouts don't have to involve jumping rope either. Stepfanie often squeezes in pushups, rebounding (on a mini trampoline), and stretches while she re-heats her lunch each day, for example, and I often do some Pilates exercises while watching TV at night myself.

While many celebs and models can fall prey to fad diet practices and unrealistic exercise routines (after all it is their job to look great), I think this is one tip we can all use. Need ideas? Most of SparkPeople's workout videos take less than 10 minutes to complete! I don't know about you, but now I'm a little more motivated to keep my jump rope nearby.

How many ways can you squeeze a mini workout into your day? How do you turn wasted time into active time?