Festive Football Food Accessories

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Whether you're having a get together to watch the big game, a Super Bowl bash or a party for your kid's football team, there are tons of great themed accessories available to help bring your appetizers to life.

Fun Football Party Ideas

Set the stage for the perfect celebration with this plastic Game Day Tablecloth (54-by-108 inches), which can easily be trimmed to fit any rectangular table. 


If you're a baker, this football-shaped pan from Wilton is the perfect tool for making a festive cake. Be sure to spray the pan well with nonstick cooking spray and let the cake cool completely before removing to get the best results. Try it with this chocolate cake recipe.

If a cake sounds too ambitious, you can still bake up a football-themed treat with these cookie cutters. The set of four includes a jersey, a football, a pennant and a helmet. Try the cutters with this recipe for cinnamon cookies.

You can use this stadium-shaped chip and dip set to serve a delicous dip with sliced veggies or crackers.

Even if you don't want to bake cupcakes, you can use these football toppers to hold small sandwiches together or to decorate these meatloaf "cupcakes."

These football-themed cupcake wrappers are also perfect for dishing up small servings of nuts or other snacks.

You can use this dramatic cardboard football-stadium to display everything from cupcakes to small appetizers like these deviled eggs.

Want your cheese tray to look even more special, serve it on this football-shaped bamboo cutting board.

Use these pennant picks to make one-bite caprese skewers with cherry tomatoes and small balls of fresh mozzarella.

Punch up your party punch with this football-shaped ice mold. It will melt more slowly than regular chunks of ice. You can also freeze fruit juice instead of water to keep the punch from losing flavor. 

What do you do to make football parties fun and healthy?