Master Meatless Meals With These 10 Vegetarian Cookbooks

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Anyone else enjoy reading cookbooks for fun? I can't be the only one. I sometimes read them cover-to-cover like a good non-fiction novel. Words like, "macerate," "baste," "caramelize," "deglaze" and "julienne" make my mouth water as my fingers reach out for the chef's knife. There's something so special to me about creating something out of nothing—especially when that something is delicious.
Because there are plenty of cookbooks out there with fabulous, good-for-you recipes, it's easy to overlook the ones that are free of meat. However, adding a plant-based meal or two (or three) from time to time to your meal rotation can help lower your cholesterol and your risk for heart disease, among other benefits. That doesn't mean you have to become a vegetarian to enjoy meals without the meat, though—you can begin by replacing just one meal a week with a vegetarian option and go from there. After a few veggie-packed meals, you might even surprise yourself with how much you don't miss the meat and opt to go meatless more often.
To get you started, we've rounded up ten of our favorite vegetarian cookbooks we think you'll love.

1. "Vegetarian Cookbook for Beginners: The Essential Vegetarian Cookbook to Get Started" ($9.59)

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What better place to start than at the beginning? This vegetarian cookbook is specifically for veggie newbies who want to start eating more plant-based meals. Filled with 150 recipes, the cookbook shows you how to keep all the flavors and textures you love in a meal without the meat. Plus, it includes a 14-day plan if you want to extend your vegetarian cooking adventures.
2. "The Oh She Glows Cookbook: Over 100 Vegan Recipes to Glow from the Inside Out" ($16.65)

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What can a self-trained chef and photographer teach you about cooking vegan? It turns out, plenty! Angela Liddon's plant-based recipes and popular vegan blog have drawn thousands of followers from all corners of the world. Liddon discusses how her joyous relationship with whole, unprocessed foods makes her glow, both on the inside and the outside. Discover more than 100 recipes that run the gamut from classic dishes to new, inventive meals that are all as delicious as they are nutritious.  
3. "Plenty: Vibrant Vegetable Recipes from London's Ottolenghi" ($23.99)

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Yotam Ottolenghi
is a world-renowned chef, owner of five London delis and restaurants and a cookbook author whose cookbook, "Plenty," brings the joy of vegetable dishes to the kitchens of amateur chefs everywhere. Even though Ottolenghi isn't a vegetarian, his recipes for vegetable dishes are unique, innovative, delicious and widely applauded. Though you could find these dishes in a five-star restaurant, you can also learn to make them at home with the help of this best-selling cookbook.
4. "Love Real Food: More Than 100 Feel-Good Vegetarian Favorites to Delight the Senses and Nourish the Body" ($11.63)

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Kathryne Taylor, a popular vegetarian food blogger at Cookie + Kate, offers up 100 of her most popular recipes to the masses. Some recipes also come with substitution suggestions for special diets (gluten-free, vegan, egg-free, etc.), so each recipe can be adapted to your own healthy-living lifestyle. Recipes take you from breakfast to lunch, happy hour to dessert, and everything in between—there are even recipes for your favorite four-legged friend!
5. "Forks Over Knives: The Cookbook" ($14.58)

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This New York Times bestseller combines eating whole foods as part of a vegetarian diet into more than 300 mouth-watering recipes. Modeled after the Forks Over Knives movement, this cookbook walks you through the transition from a meat-based diet to a plant-based one through simple, easy-to-follow recipes. Recipes include Breakfast Quinoa with Apple Compote, Lucky Black-Eyed Pea Stew and Polenta Pizza with Tomatoes and Basil.
6. "The Essential Vegetable Cookbook: Simple and Satisfying Ways to Eat More Veggies" ($16.28)

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For those looking to add more vegetables to your life—either through vegetarian meals or by simply learning new ways to incorporate seasonal produce into your meals—"The Essential Vegetable Cookbook" is for you. Not only does this cookbook offer simple, delicious recipes, but it also gives an ingredients list and directions for how to prep the vegetables you'll be cooking. Arranged by season, the recipes also afford you the opportunity to take advantage of produce varieties during their peak growing times.
7. "The High-Protein Vegetarian Cookbook: Hearty Dishes that Even Carnivores Will Love" ($15.91)

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If you've been holding on to your meat because you're worried you'll be missing out on protein, worry no more. This cookbook promises to deliver all the protein you need to fuel your diet, without any of the meat you're looking to eliminate. Author Katie Parker is a vegetarian who lives with a meat-eater, so she knows how to satisfy even the pickiest carnivore's appetite through healthy, delicious and filling meals.
8. "The Moosewood Cookbook" ($19.99)

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Mollie Katzen inspired a generation with her simple, healthy, vegetarian recipes in this 1974 classic cookbook. Originally this book was illustrated, authored and published by Katzen in spiral-bound notebook to promote recipes she offered as a chef at the Moosewood Restaurant in Ithaca, New York. Now released as a special edition in honor of its 40th anniversary, you can revisit the recipes that made this collection one of the most popular vegetarian cookbooks of all time.
9. "Happy Herbivore Abroad: A Travelogue and Over 135 Fat-Free and Low-Fat Vegan Recipes from Around the World" ($14.50)

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This five-star-rated cookbook lets you travel alongside author Lindsay S. Nixon, a travel enthusiast who has lived in eight states and a Caribbean island and has traveled to nearly all 50 states plus 35 other stops abroad. Part travel diary, part cookbook, vegans and vegetarians alike will enjoy her internationally inspired, meat-free, plant-based, healthy recipes featuring everyday ingredients.
One reviewer wrote that "Happy Herbivore" is "Hands down the best cookbook for beginners or busy people. I have a family of five and some are vegan and some are not, yet our all-time favorite family recipes are from 'Happy Herbivore.' [...] An absolute home run for families looking to add some vegan meals for family meal times that all will love and eat."
10. "Minimalist Baker's Everyday Cooking: 101 Entirely Plant-Based, Mostly Gluten-Free, Easy and Delicious Recipes" ($23.79)

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Minimalist Baker
blogger Dana Shultz published her debut cookbook to showcase 101 all-new, simple, vegan recipes that can be made in 30 minutes or less, using 10 or fewer ingredients with one bowl or pot. Recipe options include sides, breakfasts, entrees and desserts, and come complete with colorful, vibrant photography. The cookbook offers pantry and equipment tips as well as step-by-step recipes with standard and metric measurements. Most recipes are gluten-free and all are vegan and delicious.
What's your favorite vegetarian or vegan cookbook?
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OLDSKOOL556 3/17/2021
Nice books! Thanks for sharing 👍 Report
PLCHAPPELL 1/24/2021
Interesting collection Report
REDROBIN47 12/7/2020
Some good ideas. Thank you. Report
RAPUNZEL53 12/4/2020
Great Report
“The Vegetarian Epicure” books by Anna Thomas
“Tassajara Cooking” by Edward Espe Brown
“The Tassajara Bread Book” by Edward Espe Brown
The Moosewood Collective cookbooks

The beauty of these books is that the recipes are easy to use and adapt. Report
I liked some of the recipes I made from More Quick-Fix Vegan by Robin Robertson so much I bought 3 more by her. My daughter had recommended her cookbooks. I love to read and collect cookbooks too. Thank you for the ideas! Report
All great suggestions. Report
The high protein one sounds good. Report
Mark Bittman did a vegetarian cook book called how to cook everything Vegetarian. I love it. Report
thanks Report
thanks Report
Awesome blog. Report
Great suggestions. Report
I have Happy Herbivore Abroad and Forks Over Knives. I'm always on the lookout for vegetarian cookbooks. Thanks for the list. Report
How to Cook Everything Vegetarian by Mark Bittman. Love his work. Report
How to Cook Everything Vegetarian by Mark Bittman. Love his work. Report
Interesting Report
I will never be a vegan but some of the foods look good an some good suggestions. I enjoy my meats too much. Report
Great ideas! Report
i have three of the cookbooks (including the original moosewood!), but they mainly stay on the bookshelf. at this point in my life i gather recipes online and save them to the recipe app "paprika" which has to be the world's best organizer for saving recipes, meal planning, and grocery shopping. Report
Thanks for the tips on the cookbooks. I just purchased the vegetarian cookbook for beginners and fork over knives. It’s nice to get tips on good ones cause there’s quite a few to choose from. Report
Thanks for the list but I usually go by recipes I have pinned or find some from a recipe book we got that is vegan and has way more recipes than that yet. I also look online too so I do not need them and i cannot afford them either. Report
thank you Report
Thank you, my library lets my order books from my home for pickup. Love the list just ordered what they had from your list. Report
Thanks for the informaion it is interested. Report
Some times I can go without meat but then it's mostly junk food involved. Need to get back to that meatless meal. Report
Our oldest daughter loves Kathryn Taylor's recipes in "Love Real Food," but she especially loves them because of the pictures of Cookie.
Our youngest daughter is vegan and loves "Oh She Glows."
I've made recipes from both and thoroughly enjoyed them. Report
Great. Report
As a veggie girl, I am always on the lookout for great recipes! Report
Great suggestions! Report
Thanks for these suggestions! I'm all about easy meal prep and had not heard of Minimalist Baker, so I will check her out. Report
Hmmm. my husband is a hard core carnivore. If i can figure out a way for him not to figure out he isn't eating meat, i'd be tempted to try some of these recipes Report
Meatless meals can be creative! Report
great looking books--good ideas! Report
We started with Meatless Monday and moved on from there. Now most of our meals are vegetarian. don't have a favorite cookbook; seem to find most recipes on line. Report
thank you Report
The Moosewood one looks interesting. Report
Thank you. Report
Thank you Report
Have a great day! Report
All the Moosewood cookbooks, I think I have them all, Molly Katzen Heart of the Plate is a wonderful book. The Greens cookbook. Debra Madison-Savory way, Anne Thomas the Vegetarian Epicure. I could go on..
I enjoy a meatless meal every now and then. These recipes can make it quite easy to do more. I've given up beef and pork a while ago and don't even miss it. Thanx, SparkFriend. Report
Great ideas! Report
I have the Love Real Food cookbook. It takes me awhile to prep the meals (probably because I am slow) but it is worth it. Easy to follow, gives alternatives to certain ingredients/health issues (gluten free, dairy free, quinoa instead of couscous, etc.) This is easily my favorite cookbook. Wish I could find one for baking. Report
Thanks for the helpful information. Report
thanks Report
Great info! Report