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9 Ideas After Meeting Your Weight Loss Goal

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Congratulations on reaching some or all of your weight loss goals! It’s a great foundation that will help you for the rest of your life. Of course, fitness is a steppingstone. And steppingstones are meant for stepping up, aren’t they? So how can you use your recent success to reach other goals in life? Here are some ideas...

Let your career soar
In a tight economy, good fitness and health are exactly what you need. More confidence, more energy and more brain power for quick thinking will help whether you’re in a job you love or need the courage to move on. From making a presentation to handling conflict to job interviews, the difference will show. Think of a professional challenge that excites you and take the first step today.

Be a hero to your kids
Nobody is the perfect parent. But you’ve moved a little closer by getting in shape. Instead of collapsing at the end of a hard day or week, you might now be more up for helping with homework or playing a game. And just imagine the fun to be had with more spirited family activities like bike riding, canoeing or sledding. The more you interact with your kids, the less they can interact with the TV. What a great example you’ve set!

Lasso that financial beast
Usually, when one part of life is out of control, the rest gets thrown into chaos too. Thankfully, the reverse is also true. By regaining control of your weight and health habits, you’re gaining discipline and focus that can help you deal with finances. Whether you’re getting out of debt or saving for retirement, your new goal-setting and tracking skills and tools can make a mountain look like a molehill.

Develop a new talent
Painting, dancing, a musical instrument – things that almost everyone wants to learn, but almost no one does anything about. With SparkPeople, you’ve learned that building momentum is the key to overcoming doubt and fear. Hopefully, you’ve also learned that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Time to go for it! This is a perfect goal for another two-week, daily-action Fast Break.

Wow your spouse
You can’t help but feel more romantic when you feel better about yourself and more confident. The positive attitude from weight loss has a real effect on those closest to you. Remember the SparkPeople concept that small things over time make a huge difference? Use it to consistently show your spouse how you feel with small gestures. It will quickly become a regular – and welcome – habit.
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