Add Some Whimsy With These 10 Adorable Garden Tools

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Gardening season upon us. Whether you want to start your first herb garden or expand on the number of veggies you grow this year, now is the time to take stock of your tools and accessories and see what you need. And there's no reason why you have to settle for typical hardware store gear. It's easy these days to find cute gardening tools, hats, stools and more. Here are just a few of our favorites:

Apollo Precision Tools Garden Set
This basic garden tool set includes a trowel, narrow trowel and a rake with a pretty pink handles that will make you look forward to getting your hands dirty. It also includes knee pads, gloves and shears. $1 from each purchase goes to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.
Soft Jersey Garden Gloves If you'd rather not get your hands dirty while you're working in the soil, these gardening gloves will keep them clean and provide extra grip. They come in a set of three so you'll always have a pair on hand when you need them.

Terra Collection Kneeling Pad
Protect your knees from the hard ground with this pretty kneeling pad. The pad is 16-inches long by 7.5-inches wide so it provides plenty of surface for either kneeling or sitting.

Sloggers Women's Rain and Garden Shoes
These sturdy, waterproof garden shoes come in a range of colors and patterns including polka dot and leopard print. The heavy-duty sole is designed to provide extra traction in mud and water.

Picnic at Ascot Garden Tote and Tools Set
Keep all your gardening gear organized with this flower-patterned tote. It features 5 exterior pockets with elastic cord to keep tools in place.

Garden Rocker Seat
This contoured gardening stool adjusts from 11-to 14-inches tall so you can pick the perfect height for you. And the curved base allows you to swivel in any direction.

Paisley Floppy Sun Hat
Protect your face and shoulders from the sun with this cute hat. The machine-washable fabric blocks 95% of UVA and UVB rays.

Biodegradable Herb Markers
These illustrated markers will help you keep track of your herb garden. You can
write details about your plants on the back and track their growth with the ruler printed along the side. The nine-piece set includes markers for basil, dill, cilantro, parsley, mint, sage, oregano, thyme and rosemary.

Haws Practican Watering Can
Originally designed in 1886, the Practican is just as useful today as it was then. This lightweight plastic version holds 1.6 gallons of water. 

Bella Leaf Print Garden Apron 
Keep everything from your mobile phone to your favorite trowel handy with this leaf-print garden apron.

Children's Small Garden Tools Set
For the little gardeners in your life, this small garden tool set is perfect for tiny hands that love to play in the dirt.

What is your favorite piece of gardening equipment?

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CECELW 8/1/2020
Fun. But not sure how practicable Report
MIDDLTEACH 4/20/2020
Fun gadgets. I'm sure some of them would make gardening more enticing. Report
Thanks Report
The garden seats looks were great . I also used that stack and it is very useful for exercise. Report
Who needs these overpriced and largely unnecessary doo-dads? I buy my implements at Ollie's and Big Lots.
You can buy a pack of ten rubberized utility gloves at the flea market for five bucks! Report
The seat is $36,88 at amazon Report
Does anyone know how much that gardner rocker seat is? I currently only have access to the internet at work & all shopping sites are blocked... Report
These look like so much fun! I will be out looking for them Thanks Report
Everyone talks about how much they love gardening but I just don't like it at all...I do like fresh veggies and pretty flowers. Last summer we grew some lettuce and tomatoes. Maybe we will do something similar this year. Report
My favorite garden tool is called The Cobra. It is a rounded hook that has a rubber handle. It is great for weeding--which I always have abundant opportunities to do. Report
I won't be gardening, but I'd love to own these pretty items. Report
nice Report
Very cute gardening stuff !! Report
Thanks for sharing. Report
I like the sloggers and the rocker seat, but I need that gardening can, too. Report
I want to use my designators for growing to last years. Report
I love the sloggers and the rocker garden seat. Thanks. Report
The Garden Rocker seat looks great. Have to get one. Report
Thanks for sharing. Report
You forgot the Stainless steel bulb planter. It works great for making holes for the basil plants I get at Trader Joe's that has 6 plugs per pot and my tulip and iris bulbs. Report
The rocker is a lifesaver. I highly recommend it. Report
The Corona ergonomic Weeder from Ace Hardware. Quite a versatile tool! Report
Kneelers are most essential for me! I use a stack of two when gardening. They're mighty nice for certain exercises, too. Report
My new favorites are the cultivator, trowel and pruning shears from Pampered Chef. But I also love my Craftsman shovel. Report