A Guide to Growing Your Own Living Salad Garden

By , SparkPeople Blogger
A refreshing summer salad starts with turning a bit of dirt right in your own backyard. There’s nothing more satisfying than a hearty, healthy bowl of greens and veggies handpicked from your own garden or back porch planter box. Whether it's a backyard barbecue at the neighbors, picnic or a perfectly grilled steak in need of a side, summer presents many opportunities to enjoy a fresh salad.

Luckily, the steps to establish your own garden filled with salad ingredients are simple: Use a raised or elevated bed to hold your potting soil. Tuck in baby vegetable plants and make sure they get plenty of sunshine and water. Apply a layer of mulch to the bed to help it retain moisture. Keep the soil nutrient-rich with natural fertilizers and you’ll be on your way to growing bountiful salads in a small amount of space! Follow this helpful infographic to get started today.

Infographic courtesy of The Home Depot

Even in the heat of summer, you can cultivate a healthy salad garden that will feed you and your family through the season. With the right care and planning, you can enjoy tomatoes, greens, herbs, peppers and more at your table nearly every day. Get started with a container or raised bed garden today and soon you’ll be enjoying the healthy fruits (err…veggies!) of your labor. 

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