Sexy Workout Songs that Celebrate You

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With Valentine's Day coming up, we've all been bombarded with messages about love, romance and sex for weeks already. Fortunately, this isn't another one. February may be synonymous with "relationships" but I think it's a great time to think about your relationship with yourself and different, yet still important kind of love: self-love. This is important whether you're single, coupled or something in between.
Many of our readers are working to lose weight and have battled body hatred for a long time. Many who have lost the weight expected that to change, only to later realize that body love isn't about being a certain size: It has to come from within, and you can have it no matter how you look if you just cultivate it. The truth is that we are all worthy of care, respect, love and confidence, and we can all take steps to "own" our bodies, move with confidence, dress with style, and not let fear of what others may think stop us from doing what we want to do, whether that's dancing at that upcoming wedding, joining that gym, wearing a swimsuit, or asking for that promotion.  
Exercise inspires that confidence at any size. While I listen to a wide variety of songs when I work out—some with embarrassing lyrics but great beat and others with inspiring messages—I really enjoy listening to workout songs that make me feel good about myself and my body. These encourage me to keep going with my workouts, and the whole thing becomes a virtuous cycle of love and health and fitness and confidence that feeds itself.
So what are these love-your-body songs? I've got 21 that'll make you feel strong, confident and sexy during (and long after) your next workout.

Aretha Franklin – Respect

Beyonce – Check On It

Black Eyed Peas – My Humps

Bodyrockers – I Like the Way You Move

Destiny's Child – Bootylicious

Fergie – Fergalicious

Fountains of Wayne – Stacy's Mom

India.Arie – Video

Justin Timberlake ft. Timbaland– SexyBack

LMFAO- Sexy and I Know It

Kim Carnes – Bette Davis Eyes

Katy Perry – Firework

Lady Gaga – Born This Way

MIKA – Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)

Missy Elliott – Work It

Peaches & Herb – Shake Your Groove Thing

P!nk – Perfect

Queen – Fat Bottomed Girls

Right Said Fred – I'm Too Sexy

RuPaul – Supermodel (You Better Work)

Sir Mix a Lot – Baby Got Back

Whitney Houston – I'm Every Woman

Do any of these songs boost your confidence? What songs make you feel strong and beautiful?

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MT2021 4/17/2021
Yes, TY Report
ELRIDDICK 2/1/2021
Thanks for sharing Report
Great song list! Report
LJBOWSER1 9/9/2020
I’ve found the Spotify playlist of walking music that most of these songs plus many others that make we want to walk more but it’s a good thing I walk on country roads because if someone drove by and saw me bopping along they might be worried about my sanity 😃 Report
Let’s dance, SparkFriends Report
If these won't make you wanna work out, nothing will, SparkFriends. Report
Interesting song list but nothing I recognize
thanks Report
Great songs! Report
Great songs! Report
Great songs! Report
Great songs! Report
Listening to music will definitely play a major role to get inspired and do more pushup and pull ups as well. There are many more apps that provide music and movies but beetv app ( /) is the one and only app I use. Report
Of course, this list isn’t limiting anyone. They are suggestions and ideas. Some of these comments are so petty and miss the point and reason. I love music and working out to it. I’m not in a bubble where I only listen to one or two types of music. Expand your horizons and get to moving, SparkFriends. Report
I am familiar with most of these songs, and don't care for many of them. Report
Something seems to be wrong with this page--it is LONG and BLANK. perhaps some type of content isn't displaying? Report
A bit "girly" for me. You need a list of "Kick ass and conquer the world "songs. Patton's theme, Colonel Boogie March, Theme from Hawaii Five-O, Perry Mason Theme, etc Report
I'm on this road for the rest of my life. - Dennis Banks (Ojibwa) ~ #Commit 4/24/18 Report
I am so old! I did not recognize a single one of these songs! Report
... like this has more diversity... Report
Great songs! Report
great songs always give me energy. Report
Kellie Pickler - Red High Heels; Tough
Shania Twain - Man! I Feel Like a Woman
Gretchen Wilson - Redneck Woman
Martina McBride - When God Fearing Women Get the Blues; Independence Day
Miranda Lambert - Gun Powder and Lead

Some are funny, some are serious, but they all make me feel empowered and they have a good beat/tempo.
I don't use a lot of "separate" music for workouts -- usually use what is already on video/dvd -- But when my husband does the exercise bike he picks out a radio station or something on that order.
When I would work out with my then preteen daughter, I would have thought a lot of these songs were inappropriate/offensive. For me, they do not get more appropriate as we get older. The videos make it harder, too.
I understand about the rap and beat of the music being really helpful. One thing I have done, that worked, was to turn down the volume to almost off for what I would consider an offensive lyric(s) and workout with the beat being modeled by the leader-- better if I could just find the music Report
A lot of these songs don't float my boat, but I have it up on Spotify if there is any interest. At least I can select the ones I felt were a more positive outlook and put them on my private playlists. Enjoy. The link:

oh and I counted 22 - which is what the Spotify list shows.

Most of the stuff on this list makes me want to stab myself in the ear with a pencil. Repeatedly.
The fact that it's mush-mouthed, auto-tuned noise notwithstanding, what in the name of all that is holy is "empowering" or inspirational about a pack of screeching, talentless harpies who achieve fame by shaking their bits at people?
I just don't get it. Report
I would add very few of these to my playlist. Most are not promoting self-worth, but "I am worthwhile if a man finds me sexy". But I have added (after seeing here) to my "consider buying" list:

Houston, Whitney I’m Every Woman

I would add here:
Amy Grant- Welcome Yourself
When did the word sexy become an everyday word? I associate sexy with the bedroom, not out in the general public. If someone other than my husband says I'm sexy, I wonder what's on their tiny little minds. Report
What, no All About That Base?? Report
Nice play list. But i count it 22 you said 21!
Excellent Thank you very much. Report
This list is fun! I can see where it could get you moving. Some of my favorites are:
* P!nk (pretty much anything) - Get the party started, Perfect, So What, Lady Marmalade, Fun House
*MKTO- Bad Girls
* Bruno Mars- Locked out of Heaven, Just the Way You Are, Uptown Funk
* Christina Aguilera- Dirrty, Fighter, Show Me How You Burlesque,
* DJ Khaled- All I do Is Win
* Rihanna- Pon de Replay, Don't Stop the Music
* Alicia Keys- Girl on Fire,
* Kelly Clarkson- Stronger, Since You've Been Gone
*Meghan Trainor- All about that Bass, Future Husband, Lips are Moving
* Elle King- Exes & Ohs
* Tamar Braxton- Hot Sugar
* Rock Mafia- Fly or Die

And so much more! And what's good about this post, as is that a lot of people will do what I did, and anyone can make lots of different playlists! :)
There's a few on here I'd add. One song I really love is a Dolly Parton song "You'd better get to living" I love that song! Report
"Physical" -- an oldie. Olivia, the best. Report
"My Humps"..................... seriously? Report
I like the idea of these songs - I have one song on my playlist which usually I would avoid like the plague but every time I hear it I can't help but move, and if I'm already moving it just makes me lift my level a bit - it is FLAUNT IT by TV ROCK - I can't post a link here at work but I think it sort of fits with the theme of these suggestions as it just makes me feel good about me Report
I have to admit that although Sir Mix a Lot – Baby Got Back is very insulting for women, I love working out to it :) Report
These songs are not my thing...Aretha Franklin and Queen might be old school, but I think that they are the best on the list. Report
I so love I like the way you move by the body rockers these are great songs thank you . some of these are already on my playlist !!!! Report
YOU FORGOT ONE!!! Bruno Mars - Just the way you are!
God's blessings are just being here every day Report
I adore Pink, but I don't think Perfect is a great workout song. Maybe it is just me. It isn't a song that I want to get up and move to. It's much too reflective for that. Don't get me wrong, it is a great song and very personal to me. I think for this particular list Raise Your Glass would have been better. Or maybe So What. Report
what about some real American music - there is a bit to much RnB here too Report
Play lists are a personal thing... from the list I chose "Video" to add to my workout list but the rest were not songs I enjoy or motivate me. Report
You are not alone AJCUNDIFF (comment #47). I agree 100% with each of your ideas. If the songs are anything like the pictures, I will not like them. However, I agree with the comment someone made that "Respect" is a good song for the list. Report
" I am woman" helen ready.
Not my songs! But I'm 74. Give me "the first time ever I saw your face" or "Bobby McGee." Report
I like "Poeple Like Us" by Kelly Clarkson. Also "Girl From the Gutter" by Kina. Report
Maybe it's just me but I think all of the people bashing this playlist just aren't getting the point. The videos are on there for a reference to the song. Why would you work out while watching music videos unless you were trying to learn how to dance like them. The songs are trying to boost your self confidence by saying hey you may not be perfect, you maybe a big girl, or have a big butt, or a fat bottom, but you are just too bootylicious to worry about such things as the so called unattainable 1%. Why would anyone want to be that size anyway. Really? I want to be healthy but a healthy size for one person is not always a healthy size for everyone. Like Gaga says You Were Born This Way. Just because you gained a few or a few hundred doesn't mean you have to weigh 90 lbs or look emaciated. Beyonce has some meat on her bones. That's what she feels is sexy for her. Adele has an amazing voice (I know she isn't on this playlist but some of her songs are on mine) but she is a big girl and she is beautiful. We should celebrate the music and not look so hard at the person behind the music. No one is perfect even if they think they are or even if you think they are. I was not disappointed by this playlist at all but I am a little disappointed in the close-mindedness of some of the posters on here. Report
I love the song "Who Says", by Selena Gomez. I think it's a great one for the young girls to listen to these days. Report
I live to Dance !!! Report