20 Classic Rock Songs to Power You Through Your Next Workout

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From running to spinning to yoga, every workout has its own natural rhythm. Whether it's marked by footfalls on pavement, pedal strokes or a pattern of inhales and exhales, the cadence helps us stay tune with our bodies, our breath and our heartbeat. Most likely, this is why music is such a common—and, for many, essential—exercise companion. The beat keeps time with our movements, engages our minds and makes each workout seem a little less like work.
When it comes to exercise playlists, there are the more obvious ones, like Latin-inspired Zumba soundtracks, energizing girl power anthems and motivating running songs. But when you're looking for a little dose of nostalgia, why not add some classic rock to your repertoire? We compiled a list of our favorite songs from the 60s and 70s, so you can reminisce about the good old days while you get your sweat on.
1. ZZ Top, "Sharp Dressed Man" – Amazon  iTunes

2. Heart, "Barracuda" – Amazon  iTunes

3. Queen, "Fat Bottomed Girls"Amazon  iTunes

4. Tom Petty, "Won't Back Down"Amazon  iTunes

5. Foghat, "Slow Ride"Amazon  iTunes

6. Aerosmith, "Walk This Way"Amazon  iTunes

7. Free, "All Right Now"Amazon  iTunes

8. Bruce Springsteen, "Born to Run" – Amazon  iTunes

9. Creedence Clearwater Revival, "Fortunate Son" Amazon  iTunes

10. Rolling Stones, "Start Me Up" Amazon  iTunes

11. Lynyrd Skynyrd, "Sweet Home Alabama" Amazon  iTunes

12. Dire Straits, "Walk of Life"Amazon  iTunes

13. Journey, "Don't Stop Believin'"Amazon  iTunes

14. Steve Miller, "Fly Like an Eagle"Amazon  iTunes

15. The Doors, "Light My Fire" – Amazon  iTunes

16. Eagles, "Already Gone"Amazon  

17. Fleetwood Mac, "Go Your Own Way"Amazon  iTunes

18. Led Zeppelin, "Rock and Roll" Amazon  iTunes

19. Survivor, "Eye of the Tiger" – Amazon  iTunes

20. The Who, "My Generation" – Amazon  iTunes

Which classic rock songs would you add to the list?

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Great list...I would also add David Lee Roth...Just A Gigolo...and how about Queen's We are champions....I think everyone on here is a champion....Don't you agree? Report
SUNSET09 12/26/2020
Journey and Phil Collins, SparkFriends. “We Built this City” Report
CECELW 12/24/2020
I haven't heard these guys sing for many years Report
LEANJEAN6 9/28/2020
an amazing list Report
GIRLG33KISCHIC 8/12/2020
Bon Jovi, Queen, AC/DC, Van Halen and Guns N Roses to name a few more. Report
Great list! Report
I have some of these on my play list all ready. Good variety. Report
Good play list. Thank you. Report
Great playlist, in fact I think you borrowed mine! Report
Thank you for this article. We could definitely use some rock in our playlist Report
I'd Add in of course Chariots of Fire
I believe I can fly Report
A great selection....I have several by Zepplin I listen to a lot. Strong fast beats with some excellent drums make for a great workout. Report
Love Rock and Roll All Night by Kiss too! Report
I need "Boogie Wonderland" in order to do anything in the kitchen. Report
We must be from the same generation! Love all these songs! Report
My kind of music Report
This is my jam! I listened to some of these last night. I also played some BB King. My library is very eclectic. Report
My taste in workout music runs more to late '70s-'80s "hair" bands. I would add:
Autograph -- "Turn Up the Radio"
David Lee Roth -- "Just Like Paradise"
Foreigner -- "Feels Like the First Time"
Guns 'n' Roses -- "Sweet Child of Mine"
Night Ranger -- "Rock in America"
Ratt -- "Round And Round"
Sammy Hagar -- "Can't Drive 55"
Tesla -- "Hang Tough"
Van Halen -- "Dreams", "Right Now", "Top of the World
ZZ Top -- "Legs"

@CHRIS3874: Pink Floyd is great, but very few of their songs have the driving beat most people look for in cardio workout music; rather, they are better suited to pursuits that are, shall we say, considerably less kinetic?!! Report
Now THIS is an awesome playlist! Report
All fabulous ones! Report
I like Green Grass and High Tides by the Outlaws -- it's lonnnnng and allows you to really focus on breathing, form, etc.. In a different mood, I'm all for One Night in Bangkok from Chess Report
Rock on!!!! Report
All are great! Report
Thanks for the great list! :) Report
Wonderful nostalgia! Report
Music and exercise goes together....Rock on! Report
I really appreciate this because usually I can’t stand what is normally considered workout music. It would be even better if organized by intensity...from warm up to aerobic intensity then back to cool down. Report
I was on board until I got to Journey. *groan* Aren't we over them yet? *lol*
I'm totally going to have Slow Ride stuck in my head tonight, though. ;) Report
Great list! Report
Love these, must haves! Report
Love the list! Report
Love the playlist! Report
The right music can be a huge workout motivator. Report
A list of my all time favorites!!! Report
Add “Born to be Wild”-Steppenwolf
“Bang a Gong (get it on)”- T.Rex
“Takin’ Care of Business”- Bachman-Turner Overdrive
when I saw "classic rock" I wondered if it would really be classic or more modernized. . . but it is a great selection! Report
each song is a winner! Report
Too bad I couldn't listen to any of them. You tube anyone? Or is this just another advertisement to get us to spend money? Report
Sweet list! Report
Great list. Report
I love this music, 71 years old and Rock and Roll never forgets. Smile Report
As an older man and can't run due to health, I really like the quiet music, don't even have to know the words, the music brings out peace for me. Report
Paint It Black by the Stones is a good motivator, Stand Back by Stevie Nicks & Flashdance Report
Just did a workout with every one of these songs...excellent workout and great options Report
Thank you , love it. Report
Great ones...there are others but a great list of classics that will give you a great workout Report
Layla (original version) has become my go-to song for almost everything. It gets me through some pretty mind-numbing stuff at work. And I work out to it all the time. Report
I love every one! Report
Best rock and roll ever was this era Report