35 Girl Power Anthems to Energize Your Next Workout

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Girls just want to have fun—and get fit! We all know that amazing feeling of euphoria and accomplishment that comes after a workout, and how much the body and mind benefit from a heart-pounding sweat session. But when you're feeling tired, burned out or just plain uninspired, the memory of the last time you killed it at the gym may not be quite enough to motivate you to get off the couch and get moving.

When you can't talk yourself into a workout, try singing instead. For centuries, people have been using music as mental fuel for exercise. Research shows that an up-tempo beat not only makes exercise more enjoyable, but can also enhance performance. If your aim is to get more out of your gym session—or simply muster the motivation to clean out the garage—try getting your groove on.

You don't have to be on the heels of a nasty breakup to appreciate a fun, feisty (albeit somewhat angry) "girl power" anthem. We polled some music fans for their favorite sweat-inducing, heart-pumping feminist tracks. Turns out, as women we don’t simply roar—we run, walk, lift and otherwise kick butt.
1. Ariana Grande, Problem – Amazon  iTunes
2. Beyonce, Run the World (Girls)  Amazon  iTunes

3. Beyonce, Single Ladies – Amazon  iTunes
4. Britney Spears, Stronger  Amazon  iTunes
5. Carl Carlton, She’s a Bad Mama Jama – Amazon  iTunes
6. Chaka Khan, I’m Every Woman  Amazon  iTunes

7. Cher, BelieveAmazon  iTunes
8. Christina Aguilera, FighterAmazon  iTunes
9. Christina Aguilea and Various Artists, Lady MarmaladeAmazon  iTunes
10. Crystal Waters, 100% Pure LoveAmazon  iTunes
11. Cyndi Lauper, Girls Just Want to Have FunAmazon  iTunes

12. Des'Ree, You Gotta Be – Amazon  iTunes
13. Destiny's Child, Independent WomanAmazon  iTunes
14. Destiny's Child, Survivor – Amazon  iTunes
15. Dixie Chicks, Wide Open SpacesAmazon  iTunes

16. Ellie Goulding, BurnAmazon  iTunes
17. Fifth Harmony, That’s My GirlAmazon  iTunes
18. Florence + the Machine, Dog Days Are OverAmazon  iTunes
19. Garbage, Only Happy When It RainsAmazon  iTunes
20. Gloria Gaynor, I Will Survive – Amazon  iTunes
21. Gwen Stefani, Hollaback GirlAmazon  iTunes
22. Katy Perry, Roar – Amazon  iTunes

23. Katy Perry, Firework – Amazon  iTunes
24. Kelly Clarkson, Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) – Amazon  iTunes
25. Kelly Clarkson, InvincibleAmazon  iTunes
26. Madonna, Express YourselfAmazon  iTunes
27. Mandisa, Overcomer – Amazon  iTunes
28. Marina and the Diamonds, How to Be a HeartbreakerAmazon  iTunes
29. Missy Elliott, Get Ur Freak OnAmazon  iTunes
30. P!nk, Just Like a PillAmazon  iTunes

31. Rachel Platten, Fight SongAmazon  iTunes
32. Robyn, Dancing on My OwnAmazon  iTunes
33. Selena Gomez, Like a ChampionAmazon  iTunes
34. Sheryl Crow, Soak up the SunAmazon  iTunes

35. Sia, The GreatestAmazon  iTunes
Which of these girl power anthems are destined for your workout playlist? Would you add any others to the list?
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ELRIDDICK 6/30/2021
Thanks for sharing Report
RAPUNZEL53 4/17/2021
Thanks Report
CKEYES1 1/27/2021
Lady Marmalade Report
Thanks! Report
Great lists! Report
FIT_MAMAD 1/6/2021
Some of my favorites here! Notably missing is Good as Hell by Lizzo and Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys. Others on my list are Aint Your Mama by JLo, and Just a Girl by No Doubt. Report
PATRICIA-CR 11/21/2020
Great choices! Report
Quite a list Report
Thanks for the great article! :) Report
thanks Report
Thanks for sharing! Report
Woman by Kesha Report
Adding this to my Spotify! :) Report
Good play list. Thank you for sharing. Report
Solid play list. Report
Thank you for sharing. Great article. Report
I would add:
The Ropes "Kill Her Off"
Britney Spears "Stronger" and "Piece of Me"
Kellie Pickler "Tough"
Demi Lovato "Confident"
JaneDear Girls "Merry Go Round" and "Wildflower"
The Runaways "Cherry Bomb"
Lorde "Yellow Flicker Beat"
Bjork "Army of Me"
I have so many... I'll stop now though! Report
good songs thanks Report
I already have Mandisa's "Overcomer" on my upbeat worship mix...which is my exercise/housecleaning playlist! Report
Great list! Thank you! Report
awesome list, I'm going to add "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" to my play list. Report
These are great and especially Pink Report
I love Pink's music...most of it I should say Report
really useful list Report
Most of these I've never heard. I tend to listen to Jazz and Blues. Report
DEFINITELY Sheryl Crow's "Soak Up the Sun." That's one of my all-time "No Excuses" songs. Report
I'll have to look into some of these to add to my collection! Report
Great choices!! Report
Fun blog. I read a couple of posts on your blog. I'll just say, there's whiners every where. Hopefully, by now you've learned how to ignore them. Report
I really love Wide Open Spaces, by the Dixie Chicks!

One issue that I'm concerned about on this site is that I never see models for your articles that I can relate to as an overweight woman. I think you are doing all of us a disservice by not showing more variety in your models. It isn't very nice of you, but rather very cruel. Report
awesome Report
Yay!!! Report
Jump by the Poynter Sisters. Report
I see four that I would even consider.. Report
Fantastic list! I am still a bit old school though -Gloria Gaynor's song still gets me every time I hear it! Report
thanks Report
great list
Music to sweat to. Report
Love these songs Report
12. Des'Ree, You Gotta Be, from this list would do it for me! Report
Love this list Report
Awesome! Report
Awesome songs Report
Just what I need to get my summer swinging! Report
lots of great songs there Report
Love the playlist! Report
Great list Report
Thanks for the great playlist! :) Report
Woo hoo! Rock on. Report