Rock What You Got

By , SparkPeople Blogger
You are a unique individual with something to add to this world! If you’re reading this and feeling badly about yourself and where you are this week in your healthy lifestyle journey, then this article is for you. I want to share with you some of the songs on my running playlist that motivate me to remember that I can do this, and in so doing, I hope that they motivate someone reading this to keep on going.  You are worth the effort!  Click on the orange links to go to YouTube to hear the specific songs with the words that speak to you.

I’m writing this for the beaten down who need to find their strength to rock the world.  I’m not afraid anymore to be the unique person that I am and to go out and stake my claim for a healthy life. I’m going all out to reach my goals and would like to see you do the same. I’m at a place now where I have no doubt that I can reach those goals. I didn’t start out that way, but staying faithful to the small steps advocated by SparkGuy Chris day in and day out has taught me that I can do this.

Are you all in? I’ve found that I have to be all in for life, and there are no shortcuts on this journey.  I know there will be days where you and I feel like we are breaking inside, but we have to get past that and move on.  Looking back into the past of regrets keeps us from moving forward to a better future.  I want to know how it feels at the front of the line. I'm tired of standing in the back, being afraid and doubting my capabilities.

By now you may think I’m crazy, but you like it. I am only one voice but I’m shouting out to everyone to remind you that there is a place for you to be you.  No one else can be the person that you can be. Exactly who you are is just enough. It’s time to be all that you can be. 

Once we accept that we are who we are and get about the business of getting healthy, that is the day we will truly start the journey. Don’t ever try to be someone else because you are perfect being you. Nothing can stop me when I have the attitude that I’m okay the way I am and I work from that point.   That is one of the things that I really love about SparkPeople: I have always felt accepted and supported no matter what point I was on in my journey.  Surrounded by people who wanted me to succeed has kept me coming back every day.  When we stand together, we can reach farther than when we try to go it on our own.

I realize now that I’m not what I once was and I’m free to be whatever I choose to be. I like how it feels to be positive this way and you will, too. I know life can be tough and depressing but you have to be stronger, remembering that you are taking a step in the right direction each time you take a step towards getting healthy.

 If you want it all, this is the time to get committed.  You can talk all you want, but until you take action you won’t progress.  Be a fighter and say goodbye to the liar in the mirror that says you can never change. Don’t stand around waiting for tomorrow, spinning your wheels and going through the motions. Remember, you are worth the effort.  Tell the liar in the mirror to shut up. You are beautiful!   Each day is a gift and it’s time to use them all to reach your goal.

By now I may be driving SparkCoach Nancy crazy since she’s the one who posts my articles and has to do all the links!  But hey, she runs marathons so I think she knows it’s going to be okay and she has the energy to get through this.  As I write this, I know she is counting down the days until she runs the New York Marathon, so you should check her page out for pictures from that event.  She’s on the right track and has kept off over 80 lbs in her healthy lifestyle journey.  She’s a great motivator in my life.

I’m having fun sharing my songs with you.  But this does have to come to an end, so as I close, I want to say there is no doubt that if I can do this, then you can too!    Drop the all or nothing mentality and take one day at a time.  Don’t throw your hands up and quit because you messed up one meal or one day. Don’t stop chasing your dreams!

If you’ve got a favorite song that motivates you, send me a message @michelenecleary on Twitter and let me know how you rock it out during your workout!  Now turn up the music, get out there, and move!