21 Fast-Paced Workout Songs You'll Love

By , SparkPeople Blogger
It's been far too long since I've shared some new music ideas for you to update your workout playlists, but reading the New York Times Well blog recently reminded me just how important music is during exercise. Recapping several studies about music's affects on exercise intensity and perceived exertion, one in particular caught my eye. In a small study, male college students pedaled stationary bicycles while listening to popular music that the researchers secretly either slowed down or sped up at random, without the knowledge of the participants. When the music was faster, they pedaled faster, liked the music better, and elevated their heart rates more, yet perceived their workouts as less intense than they actually were. When the music slowed down, exactly the opposite happened.

We all know that some good booty-shaking tunes can make our workouts more fun, which is why I prefer to go for beat and music tempo over "motivation" factor, like how the song makes me feel or whether the actual lyrics are particularly inspiring.

If you want to boost the intensity of your workouts and make them feel easier at the same time, try update your workout playlist with one of these upbeat workout songs.

Black Eyed Peas – Rock That Body

Matchbox Twenty – How Far We've Come

Junior Senior – Move Your Feet

Michael Jackson – Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough

The Sounds – Dance with Me

Madonna – Sorry

KT Tunstall – Suddenly I See

Journey – Any Way You Want It

Jimmy Eat World – Pain

Gnarls Barkley – Smiley Faces

Erasure – A Little Respect

Sean Paul – Temperature

Jennifer Lopez – Let's Get Loud

Alien Ant Farm – Smooth Criminal

Johnny Cash – I've Been Everywhere

OK Go – Here It Goes Again

Beyonce – Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)

Rihanna – Please Don't Stop the Music

The Offspring – You're Gonna Go Far, Kid

Rancid – Time Bomb

Outkast – Hey Ya

What are your favorite upbeat workout songs? Do you agree that great music can make your workouts feel easier?

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Some of these artists I wouldn't even buy their albums. No offense. Report
ROBBIEY 9/28/2020
thanks Report
Interesting list. I even knew some of them. Report
KOALA_BEAR 6/30/2020
I like anything I can sing along to so that's mostly Motown & 70s rock but for walking & hula it might include John Philip Sousa band marches or show tunes. When dancing or working out in my home, I include European (think Austrian, Russian & polka) or Mediterranean (Greek, Iraeli) folk music & bluegrass. I wish I knew more global artists like African or Caribbean as my taste & mood can be eclectic. Report
CECELW 6/19/2020
I love some of these songs Report
RYCGIRL 5/18/2020
good one! Report
WONDERGALE 2/26/2020
Great! Report
Many of these suggested genres, like Christian, Classical Music, etc I have playlists on my Spotify lists. You can look for me on Spotify but I'm not connected through the Facebook so it's harder. My direct Spotify link is on my main SparkPage, I believe, toward the bottom of the "Info" section. Many (if not most) of the "playlist" type articles here on SparkPeople I have already copied the songs in the original article, plus, if I could find them, the songs that people suggested. Just post a note on my page comment section or send SparkMail etc if you want my Spotify member link or look for my notes in the comments section in the various articles, where I generally post the link to the Spotify playlist itself (would have to copy and then remove the spaces between the various components of the ULR address, because SparkPeople will not let me put a clickable link in the comment section.

Okay, well, so I just realized I did not already have this one listed. It's here now:

http:// open.spotify.com/ playlist/ 34aH0jtNZxx3amb5PjHlX6?si=nshhINtWQ

Copy all of the link from http to the ending ...8Biw above, open a tab, and then go delete the spaces after the forward slashes. Report
Thanks for the great article! :) Report
Some of the songs I have heard, many I have not. Report
Thanks Report
Great song list! Thanks! Report
Great information Report
Great list! Thanks! Report
Always looking for good workout music. Report
Great suggestions- thank you! Always looking for good music to run to :) Report
Nice list, but load a “Tiesto” trance station on your Pandora and you’ll be huffing and puffing from the first note!!! It’s great for jumping rope. Report
thanks Report
Great list thanks! Report
thanks... Report
Thanks. Report
Just about anything by Queen Report
Maermart: I LOVE I like to move it from Madagascar too!! Report
Nice mix. Report
Great list! Thank you!!! Report
I love hip hop and funk, but Erasure's "Respect" always puts a smile on my face. Glad you included it. Report
Great music, it can make a big difference in a workout. Report
What a great list of songs Report
Good songs! Report
Great playlist! Report
Great list! Will have to add a few songs to my list Report
Love the workout list! Report
Love to workout to music Report
Beach boys and bee gees! Report
Love me some Journey.... Report
Find activities that you love doing and you'll enjoy exercising. Report
I like the Rock my Run App. Free (with ads). It has a lot of different types of music and give the beats per minute average of the playlist. It's a good way to try out different songs I never heard before. Report
Sorry not my kind of music at all. I do not really care for some of these artists. The only one I really liked was Johnny Cash. Others I could not get to play at all. maybe it is okay for some but i prefer old rock, old country and gospel, contemporary Christian or Christian rap. Unlike some I cannot ignore the words and concentrate on the beat. Report
Anthem and One Girl Revolution (Battle Remix) by Superchic(k). Report
Salt & Pepa - Push It (oldie but goodies, ALWAYS wants to make me shake it) Report
There are some good suggestions in the comment section. Report
I noticed that, as usual, no Christian music is on here. Skillet and Toby Mac are great fast-paced artists. Report
Uhm.........Bassnectar anyone? Try it, you'll like it.

And, uh, Knife Party - Bonfire.

I like this list, especially the songs in the comments so far. I usually play these at the start or near the end of a workout.
Pendulum - Crush
Prodigy - Omen
Project Pitchfork - En Garde
The Offspring - Staring at the Sun
The White Strips - Fell in Love with a Girl Report
Pantera- Walk.Cowboys from Hell. I'm Broken. Great high-energy choices Report
Good list! Report
Disappointed, was hoping to add some to my workout YouTube playlist and the language in some I looked up is not child friendly. Report