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When you're following a healthy eating plan, especially if you're still getting used to it, you may feel more hungry than you're used to feeling. And as you add in more exercise to your life, your calorie needs can increase over time. So how can you manage hunger and energy levels throughout the day and still stay on track--by planning for healthy snacks and making sure they're available whenever you need them. Research shows that small meals spaced evenly throughout the day can help control blood sugar and may even help lower cholesterol.

Discover tons of great snack ideas for all your healthy-eating needs:

30 Days of Healthy Snacks – This calendar offers 30 days of delicious snack ideas.

13 Carb-Controlled Snacks
– If you have diabetes or are watching your carbs, these are great snack ideas for you.

20 Nifty, Nutritious Snacks for Kids – Growing children need lots of nutritious choices throughout the day. Here are 20 that are good enough for you to eat, too.

25 After School Snack Ideas
—Here are even more snacks that are great for everyone from kindergartners to teenagers.

55 Healthy Snacks Under 200 Calories—If you're going to be snacking more than once a day, you need to keep a close eye on the calorie-count to make sure you stay within your range. Here are 55 ideas that won't take you off plan.

Fast & Filling 100 Calorie Snacks—Watch this short video to get great ideas for small snacks that will keep you feeling full.

Movie Theater Snack Attack—It's hard not to want to snack when you go to the movies, but know what you're getting into and plan ahead to prevent overdoing it on calories and fat.

Portable Snacking Tips and Ideas
—When you're on the go, it can be tempting to rely on fast-food when you get hungry. Instead, use these portable snack ideas to stay healthy no matter where you go.

Snacking Healthy
—Learn the difference between healthy planned snacking and grazing, which can derail your eating plan.

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Member Comments

    Thanks for sharing
  • some great suggestions and I will be checking out the links for the different suggestions as well. Thanks
  • Love the skating idea, my fiance and I have done that before and it was so much fun. After a while you get the hang of it.
  • Good - thanks for sharing.
  • I eat six small meals per day and it works well for me. I feel better and am never hungry.
  • 215UNDER
    I've started my sparks back in 2010 at 215 and as of today i am 185. I still want to loose 20-30 more pounds but i'm stuck. I have been out of the truck for 4 months and that's how i managed to loose all that weight, but i'm going back in the truck and worried i won't have the time or energy to work out the 6 days i have been!! any words of encouragement??
  • I usually go grocery shopping when I have a bit of free time, so I will bag things up into "serving sizes" (usually slightly smaller than the stated serving size on the package) immediately when I come home. You can do it with almost anything, takes only a few minutes and saves a considerable amount of money & packaging waste compared to pre-packed "individual serving" items. It's helped save my butt several times -- as a fitness instructor I sometimes need a little extra something to get through consecutive classes, and it ESPECIALLY helps when you're running out the door and can grab one serving instead of the whole package.
  • I have mixed feelings about a lot of snacking. If you eat a healthy breakfast you don't really need a snack before lunch. I may gave a yogurt or something around 4 or so but then nothing after dinner.

    I'm afraid that people who graze all day are underestimating their food intake.
  • The research on the importance of snacking, or small, frequent meals has long been called into question by peer-reviewed scientific studies. Spikes in the metabolic rate are directly proportional to calories burned, so the math says that it doesn't matter whether you have 6 small meals or one large one. In fact, sensitivity to insulin improves the longer you don't eat, and the "starvation mode" myth about holding onto fat if you skip breakfast is just that. Up to 36-hour fasts can be maintained without adverse effect. As for satiety, an increase in protein when fed can fight off feelings of hunger for many hours, provided that a person is hydrated properly. Just thought I'd put this out there, since fitness can be reached many ways, and effective tools should not be ruled out with old fitness myths and half-truths.
  • Thank you for the article, because my mom told me some of the items on this list I couldn't have, I print the article out and will carry it in my food journal.
  • Thank you for this article, it was really helpful.

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