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55 Healthy Snacks Under 200 Calories

Spice Up Your Snacktime with These Ideas

Tired of eating the same old thing day after day? We've got you covered with 55 ideas to spice up your snack time! All of these treats are sure to please, no matter if you prefer sweet snacks, savory snacks, or a bit of both. And they're all under 200 calories, so you can easily fit them into your meal plan. Happy snacking!

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Melinda has a bachelorís degree in health promotion and education and is an ACE-Certified Personal Trainer. Before working as an editor for SparkPeople, she developed and taught health programs for several non-profit organizations. She enjoys writing, interval training, yoga, and cooking with friends.

Member Comments

  • Oatmeal and sugar. - 11/23/2014 8:08:29 PM
  • One of my favorite snacks is 2 Wasa crackers with a Laughing Cow cheese wedge - 200 calories. Yum - 11/16/2014 11:01:21 AM
  • The snack of 2 hard boiled eggs is almost 400 mg of cholesterol! I'M ok with that, but I think it says we're supposed to stay below 250. - 11/4/2014 8:42:08 AM
  • I like an oz of blue tortilla chips and salsa, 1/2 cup of cottage cheese with 1 TBS dill relish, or maybe carrot and celery with 2 TBS humus. An apple with 1 oz of cheese is a very good pickup, I vary the cheeses depending on my mood - 10/15/2014 9:18:50 AM
  • Wow some great ideas.

    Yesterday I had a
    Wasa Multi-Grain Crispbread, 1 serving ⊗ 60
    Laughing Cow Cream Cheese Spread (Garden Vegetable), 1 serving ⊗ 45

    It was very good and at 105 and next time I'll use 2 crisp breads and have 165 calories
    - 9/21/2014 10:22:31 AM
  • My favorite snack is a 1/2 serving of wheat thins with a 1/2 serving of extra sharp cheddar cheese. - 9/15/2014 7:35:48 AM
  • Love all snack ideas - great! - 9/13/2014 3:10:18 PM
  • My fav is Greek yogurt with a dollop of honey - 7/28/2014 10:57:49 AM
  • My favorite is Daisy low fat cottage cheese 1/2 cup with 1 tbsp cinnamon - 7/21/2014 8:46:59 AM
  • I will try some of these idea. Right now I eat tuna ( mixed with a couple tsps. of Hellman's low fat mayo and celery on 2 rye crisps, In place of the tuna I will eat bruschetta or lowfat
    Tyzakti.. - 7/18/2014 5:30:44 AM
  • These pictures look tempting. - 7/14/2014 5:29:47 AM
  • love these - 7/13/2014 4:33:55 AM
  • love these - 7/13/2014 4:33:55 AM
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  • I am trying to get back into the swing of things at SparkPeople. So glad that I stumbled upon this snacking article. I love to snack and not always good. I see there are more snacking articles that I can dive into and check out other low cal snacks. Thanks for this article! - 6/18/2014 11:39:08 AM

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