12 Great Breakfast Recipes Ready to Go

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Wondering what to eat for breakfast on the mornings you're running late and need something to eat on the go? We've rounded up some healthy and delicious breakfast recipes that are quick, easy and ready to go!

Spinach Quiche to Go

Grab & Go Cottage Cheese Crunch

On the go breakfast cookies

Oatmeal On-the-Go Bars

Easy Breakfast TO GO!

Low Fat Dark Chocolate Muffins

Breakfast Smoothie

Breakfast on the Go

Burrito on the Go!

Oatmeal Berry Breakfast Shake

Applesauce Oatmeal Muffins

Toasted Whole Wheat Breakfast Wrap

Which of these recipes will you be trying? Do you have other favorite breakfast recipes that are ready to go?

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DIVAGLOW 3/15/2021
I'm going to try some of these. Thanks! Report
GMACAMI 11/30/2020
interesting article and comments Report
I rotate protein powder or tofu smoothies; date bran muffin & hard boiled egg; egg & veggie burritos; oatmeal w/ PB & applesauce; polenta w/ marinara & cheese; pulled pork quesadilla; omelette biscuit sandwich; yogurt & graham crackers; matzah brie; machaca wrap; ham & rice sushi; ham & pineapple empanadas; pasties; hash brown casserole; meatloaf; Shepard's pie. Some of these are leftovers from supper but others can be meal prepped in advance. Smoked kippers, crackers & a can of V8 or thermos of borscht; herring & mini bagel; pizza; tomato stuffed w/ tuna or egg salad; chilaquiles; toasted ham or fried egg sandwich; beanie wienie; chicken w/ corn & bean salsa burrito; jicama & hummus; veggie stix & bean dip; steak & potatoes; tamales. I also have eaten soup for breakfast especially when weather is cold in morning like chicken veg w/ rice cakes or lentil w/ pumpkin bread. Report
Some useful recipes here Report
Thanks for the great article! :) Report
Yogurt with nuts. Report
Some great ideas Report
Thanks! Lots of great ideas! Report
thanks Report
Breakfast to go is a must for me! Report
Thanks! Report
So many good things! Report
The grab and go cottage cheese crunch tasted great and was a nice change. I will be trying the applesauce oatmeal muffins. Report
Awesome, new breakfast ideas. Thank you for sharing! Report
I'll be trying the Grab & Go Cottage Cheese Crunch as well as the Applesauce Oatmeal Muffins. Report
I've tried the Applesauce Oatmeal Muffins. Have to watch the hubby or he'll eat 4 or 5 when they're finished. I'm planning to try the Burrito on the Go and the Cottage Cheese Crunch, too, as soon as peaches are in season and I can get good organic ones. Report
Now semi retired. I am on the go more doing thing and sometimes don't have time. These are get. I make them some the night before so I can grab and go, instead of eating out all the time. My husband and I play golf so I am always loading up our bags with good eats. Thanks for These! Report
I can't have eggs but I would sure try the others. Report
The Spinach Quiche To Go recipe is simply fabulous! I added some turkey ham, onions and mushrooms and it is simply perfect. I bike to work and leave really early in the morning (thus, the need for grabbing and going) so by the time I get to work, I am STARVING and I need some protein. These little quiches fit the bill so perfectly, I cannot effuse enough about them! Report
Can't eat spinach but will try the bars and muffins. make a batch and serve to friends as well. they like sweets of any kind...i won't have to tell them they're good for them...otherwise...you know they won't touch them. :-) Report
The mini quiches sound good, I will try those.
I like my breakfast quesadilla over the burrito - I think mine is a little easier - warm a wrap in a large skillet - both sides and sprinkle a quarter cup low fat cheese I like monteray jack. In another skillet spray w/ olive oil pam and saute some of your favorite veggies. Add 1/2 cup egg beaters and cook until set. Place the egg mixture on top of half the the tortilla and fold over. Cut into quarters and go. The cheese acts like the "glue" that holds it together. You have your protein, a serving of veggies and depending upon the brand of tortillas you can have a complex carb as well. This holds me for a couple of hours. Report
These are some fabulous inventions! I love how creative these are! I will definitely be trying these recipes! Report
I may try the spinach quiche and the whole wheat breakfast wrap. Report
I will be trying the spinach quiche and also the egg/sausage in the bag idea. Report
I have got to try the Spinach Quiche, sounds fantastic! Report
I have tried a few of these and I love them. Today I am having my old standby egg cooked in microwave on a 100 calorie whole grain sandwich thin and a piece of ff cheese with a little spray butter... hmmm Report
Have added Grab & Go Cottage Cheese Crunch, On the go breakfast cookies and Low Fat Dark Chocolate Muffins to my recipe list to try.

the three oatmeal recipes look like they could be decent. Breakfast is probably my favorite meal/time of day :) Report
I like all these ideas! To make it even easier, I have been making my eggs in a mug in the microwave. 30 seconds at a time, and be careful not to overcook, they explode! Be sure to cover them, but it is really easy and quick and I have time to do other things, like make my tea, pack my lunch, etc. Report
I want to try some of the breakfast bar/cookie type items. I know my kids will like them. I think I'll even send some to my daughter in college. Report
Going to try several (already have one other) but can't wait to try the spinach quiche. Sounds yummy and easy. Report
Thanks! These are all great sounding recipes! Can't wait to try them! Report
This is great! Thanks so much! I was having a terrible time trying to find varied ways to encourage myself to eat breakfast.

This is absolutely fantastic, thanks again! Report
ALWAYS eat breakfast!! Got to fuel my body!! ;-)
I eat home made steel cut oatmeal with blueberries & almonds sweetened with a little sugar free maple syrup! Report
Breakfast Smoothie sound great! I have yogurt and a banana every morning anyway. Report
I have to bookmark this page. I like all the different recipes for breakfast. I can't wait to make them. Report
Ya' can't beat a muffin in the morning. Going to try the Applesauce Oatmeal Muffins - they sound great! Report
Love the idea of the spinach quiche--not too many ingredients and I can make several servings ahead of time! THANKS!!! Report
I think I'll try the Spinach Quiche! Sounds yummy!!! Report
These recipes sound great--can't wait to try them. Report
No. I have grapefruit or an apple for breakfast, as I'm not a breakfast eater. I might have some string cheese as well. I drink lots of green tea for breakfast. Report
Wow. Great idea...especially the Quiche and the Cottage Cheese cup.
Cheers to us all.
I eat oatmeal everyday, but some of these sound very good so I will have to try them. Report
I like the breakfast smoothie minus the orange juice. I would crunch ice and add more yogurt or throw in milk instead of orange juice. I usually make smoothies for breakfast but when I'm low on cash, I just have a yogurt (if there is no time to make a proper breakfast).

FREECLOUD, it appears in the comment section of the recipe that people have asked if the oatmeal is instant or raw, if it is cooked or uncooked and there isn't an answer. I would imagine that it is raw oatmeal uncooked. There is a comment from the one who submitted the recipe that it has no sodium and instant oatmeal has sodium. I cannot imagine making a smoothie from cooked lumpy oatmeal, so I assume it's raw. Report
My favorite is something I make on Sunday nights -- Irish oatmeal with a whole lot of strawberries or blueberries thrown in. You can make a batch, portion it out, and then reheat in the microwave as needed. Report
Spinach Quiche, here I come! Report
The chocolate muffins ARE awesome. Tip: before soaking the oats grind them up in a food processor so they more like flour. It smooths out the consistency of the muffins A LOT! Report
I love breakfast and wanted an easy healthy way to make quiche. This looks easy and far less expensive than prepared quiche. Report
I'd like to try the Oatmeal Berry Shake but the recipe doesn't specify if the oatmeal is dry or cooked. I've never used oatmeal in a shake before....anyone tried this or know if the oats are supposed to be cooked first? Report