A Full-Body, Abs-Burning Bosu Ball Workout for Beginners

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Maybe you've seen it in the gym and thought to yourself, "Why would someone slice an exercise ball in half?" Perhaps you've seen people precariously perched atop one, their gaze fixed ahead as they focus on balancing. Whatever your experience, the Bosu has become a fixture in many gyms and, when used correctly, can offer a unique burn for every muscle group. 

Due to its design, the Bosu ball creates a balance challenge for the body, whether it's sitting with the flat sound down or with the dome side on the ground. As with a traditional exercise ball, you are forced to engage your core and legs in order to perform many moves, making it a versatile and challenging piece of equipment.

When you're ready to feel an abdominal burn like you've never felt before, start with this full-body workout from our friends at Fix.com. Pick a few moves here and there, or dive right in and try the whole workout from start to finish. Aim for one to two sets and eight to 12 repetitions for each strength move. For cardio, start with 20 to 30 seconds for each exercise, working up from there as your endurance improves over time.

If you are a first-timer, take a few minutes to review some safety tips before you get started and be sure to always start slow, especially when performing balance-based movements. 

Infographic courtesy of FIX.com.

Have you ever worked out with a BOSU? Love it or hate it?

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MSROZZIE 2/25/2020
Good need-to-know information! Report
NANASUEH 2/25/2020
thanks Report
NEPTUNE1939 2/25/2020
ty Report
KOALA_BEAR 12/3/2019
They have these at my physical therapy office but at this point my core needs work on a more stable surface. A body ball is too advanced. Report
Thanks for sharing. I gotta get a Bosu ball!!! Report
Will definitely try these... Report
Bosu exercises are fun as well as challenging. Report
Thank you Report
These exercises on the BOSU are spot on! Report
In physical therapy for hip issues. Therapist had me do lunges on bosu ball. Tweeked my knee. I think I'm the only one who gets hurt while in PT! But I had the best therapist and still like the bosu ball. Report
Absolutely Report
Thanks for the great article! :) Report
great. Report
Great Article..................Thank You. Report
Use it at physical therapy to help with balance and strength training. Lots of fun once you find balance. Report
I had sciatica. Come to find out the nerve was pinched because I have no fluid between my L1-3. My personal trainer had me do some of the core exercises on the Bosu. No more back pain. Report
It looks so cool! I'm thinking, though, that it would become another gimmick I give to Goodwill in two years . . lol. Report
I can see myself at the ER trying to explain my broken nose, hip and ankle Report
Not a bosu ball fan Report
thanks for great article Report
Some seem BOSU optional Report
So many of these can be modified for disabilities. Report
Wondering if one of those spiky seat cushions would work with the squats? Report
Thank you Report
thank you Report
thank you Report
Thanks. Report
Thanks! Report
great pictures! Report
I'm not sure I see the benefits above doing the same exercises without a BOSU - the burpees, for example. Is it easier with the BOSU, better for beginners? More challenging, useful to up the game? Same with the planks, lunges, etc. I'd like to see some research on results and a comparison between a specific exercise with and without a BOSU. The article reads more like an info ad or commercial. Report
I've always like the BOSU. Thanks for the tips / exercises / suggestions to try! Report
Absolutely Report
I do some of the exercises without the BOSU ball however, it would be very helpful with the mountain climbers. Good info Report
Thanks for the info. Been thinking of getting one. Report
Interesting Report
Awesome moves! Thank you. Report
will be doing this...thanks! Report
thank you Report
Just looks like regular excerises that someone added an expensive gimmick Report
Thanks, but every one of those you can do with out the BOSU. Report
Thanks. Report
Seems like BOSU optional Report
Have worked with one before... not EVERY exercise shown, so now have some new ideas. As for love versus hate? I have mixed feelings! Report
great information-I always wondered the different ways to use one Report
good info Report
I may have to treat myself to one of these Report