Intro to the BOSU Ball

What the heck is that half-ball shaped thing and why is everyone in the gym using it? Find out!

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The video would have been more beneficial for me if she had shown how to use the BOSU ball.
The next addition to my home gym.
I have one that i use almost like a trampoline to get more fitness steps. It's a fun way to change up exercises as well!
I need to see it used!
I've never tried this before
Very good introduction for those who aren't aware of the BOSU. It's another tool that can add diversity and interest to your workout routine. I tend to bore easily and love to mix things up.
NO demonstration. Why not?
thank you for explaining the BOSU including the weight limit, I never looked into one before as I assumed I would weigh to much. Now I might try one.
What the heck? Just talk - no demo - I think most people know what a bosu is by now. I was looking for maybe something different I could try on it. Maybe she can't balance on it?
Great explanation and demonstration of the Bosu Ball.
I love the Bosu. It has been integral in my physical therapy.
Thanks for taking the time to explain what it is.
Wheres is the demonstration workout
I agree with other comments - I really wanted to see a demonstration of using the BOSU and not just hearing about it!
the BOSU was an excellent item during my recovery from a broken ankle and leg. Held on to a treadmill for balance and it took about two weeks for me to stand alone. I love it. You can do crunches and just relaxing and stretching your back muscles.