Intro to the BOSU Ball

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What the heck is that half-ball shaped thing and why is everyone in the gym using it? Find out!

Member Comments

thank you for explaining the BOSU including the weight limit, I never looked into one before as I assumed I would weigh to much. Now I might try one. Report
What the heck? Just talk - no demo - I think most people know what a bosu is by now. I was looking for maybe something different I could try on it. Maybe she can't balance on it? Report
Great explanation and demonstration of the Bosu Ball. Report
I love the Bosu. It has been integral in my physical therapy. Report
Thanks for taking the time to explain what it is. Report
Wheres is the demonstration workout Report
I agree with other comments - I really wanted to see a demonstration of using the BOSU and not just hearing about it! Report
the BOSU was an excellent item during my recovery from a broken ankle and leg. Held on to a treadmill for balance and it took about two weeks for me to stand alone. I love it. You can do crunches and just relaxing and stretching your back muscles. Report
Thanks for info. I am not ready for the BOSU Report
was really looking for things to do on the BOSU. I already know what one is Report
I broke my left leg and ankle a few years ago and the BOSU helped me to regain my balance and helped strengthen my ankles. I did not walk for almost a year due to 4 surgeries and I use in after I was able to walk. Very lightly and easy made the pace with the bosu and stair climbing helped me regain all the strength in my leg and both ankles. I swear by it. Report
she just demo! Report
Cool I think I would like to try this. Report
I've used Bosu on me and others to strengthen weak knees and ankles. They are expensive though--so use the gym's. Just putting your foot on and stepping over with the other is a good starting point. Then various balance exercises standing with both feet or one. It takes a while to get 5 seconds straight. My knees have been so bad stairs hurt. This has helped a lot. Report
I wouldn't mind trying one! But Hey I have my Wii.. I can do everything I need on it! :) My balance has improved tremendously! ;) Report