13 Super Salsa Recipes

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Though most of us think chips when you hear the word salsa, it's really quite a healthy, versatile condiment. Spoon fresh salsa over grilled meats, cooked whole wheat pasta, or even plain yogurt. And no one ever said your salsa had to be just tomatoes, onions, and peppers. You can make salsa with any combo of fruits, veggies, herbs, and spices.
Tips for making great salsa
  • Choose the freshest ingredients possible. 
  • To control the heat of the salsa, remove the inner ribs and seeds of all peppers.  Remember to wear gloves or wash your hands just as soon as you finish the task.
  • Use a meaty tomato for salsa such as Roma, grape, or cherry tomatoes.
  • You can make salsa in winter, too. Just use canned tomatoes.  Be sure to select a no-salt variety and drain the excess liquid before using.
  • If you are using a food processor to make your salsa, use the pulse mode.  If you process too much, your salsa will become gazpacho!
    • Chef Meg's general rule of thumb for a salsa ratio is: 2 parts main ingredient
    • 1 part contrasting ingredient
    • 1 part acid and/or herbs
  • For example, a traditional salsa contains tomatoes, peppers, onions, vinegar, and herbs.  The rule would be 2 parts tomato, 1 part peppers and onions, and one part vinegar with fresh herbs.
  • This isn't a time for exact measurements. Be creative. Salsa recipes are very forgiving, so adjust as needed!
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  Main Flavor(s) + Contrasting Flavor(s) + Acid + Herbs and spices
  diced mango diced red onions  lime juice and zest Ancho chili powder and fresh cilantro
  diced plums diced onion lime juice and zest fresh cilantro or basil
Spicy Cucumber  
  diced cucumber diced yellow tomatoes and jalapeno lime or lemon juice (optional) fresh cilantro
  chopped strawberries diced kiwi & other tropical fruit lime juice and zest poppy seeds
Two Bean  
  cannellini (white kidney) and black beans diced red onion and tomatoes lemon juice garlic and fresh parsley
  diced watermelon diced red onion lime or lemon juice (optional) basil and crumbled feta cheese (optional)
Peach and Veggies  
  diced peaches diced tomatoes, banana peppers and charred corn lime juice and zest  
  diced tomatoes and avocados diced red onion and bell peppers lime juice and zest fresh cilantro
  diced pineapple diced onion and jalapeno lime zest and juice fresh cilantro or mint
Salsa Verde  
  pureed tomatillos pureed onions and jalapeno lime juice and zest fresh cilantro
  diced jicama diced bell peppers lime juice and zest fresh cilantro
Crunchy Corn  
  fresh, frozen or canned corn diced bell peppers and onions lime juice and zest garlic
  fresh strawberries chopped oranges lime zest and juice fresh mint
What do you like in your salsa? 

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How do you like your salsa?

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CECELW 8/20/2020
I want to try the peach and veggie recipe Report
PATRICIA-CR 7/12/2020
Me encantan las salsas! Report
CHERYLHURT 5/28/2020
Excellent Report
thanks Report
Useful ideas Report
And I LOVE gazpacho, too! Report
thank you Report
Thanks! Am going to try all but one! Report
YUMMY recipes and good information! Report
None of these sounds to good to me, I don't like any kind of fruit in my salsa Report
Nice to know salsa doesn't have to only be green or red. Report
Thanks! Report
I like mine spicy! Report
Thanks for sharing! I like many of your ideas and will try some of them. Report
I love mine hot. My son made some, and called it, Rage, and I just loved it. I love spicy foods. Report
The avocado- tomato looks like what we call it Gazpacho. Report
Several of these sound wonderful. What is the white-with-black-seeds tropical fruit in the kiwi and poppy seed one? Report
These sound like they have to be eaten as soon as they are prepared. That means the ingredients would be VERY EXPENSIVE! I use salsa - only the hottest of the hot - which I buy ONLY when I find it on sale, 24 oz for $1.50. By using 1 tsp. at a time, and adding a little cayenne, I make a single jar last for a month or more, 3 to 5 cents a day, and that is an extravagance for me. I could never afford to prepare this kind of extra. It is hard enough to afford food. Sauces, gravies and dressings add to the cost of meals and are generally not necessary nutrients anyway. I always think I'm very lucky if I can get a single piece of fresh fruit out of the sale bin. This week, bananas are 38 cents a pound, so I will have one every day. I can't ever imagine finding those ingredients cheap enough to buy all at one time. Report
Oh my! This blog left my tongue watering! Can't wait to try these out. Report
They all sound so yummy! Report
Recently I made a three bean salad probably could be called a salsa,it was mild but very good ,gave some of it to my vegetarian neighbor.Will make some more soon. Report
Nice recipes. But too many of the pictures do NOT go with the ingredients! Please, whoever is in charge, take the time to match the picture with the recipe. Report
There are plenty of "I do not like spicy food" choices on this list. Try the Plum, Watermelon, or Strawberry Kiwi salsas. The great thing about making your own salsa is you decide what to put in it. If any of the others look interesting to you, but you don't like things that are too hot and spicy, just switch out the jalapenos or banana peppers for some sweet red, yellow, or orange peppers, or do without peppers all together. Experiment until you find a combination you like.

I love salsa! Not only can you use it as dip (I like to use cucumber slices instead of corn chips to cut back on the carbs), but you can pour it over chicken or other meats and bake it or grill it to give the meat fantastic flavor. Report
where is the "I DO NOT LIKE SPICY FOOD" choice??? Report
These look sooooo good. I can't wait to try them all! Report
YUMMY!!!! Mango salsa is my favorite. Report
The hotter the salsa, the better! Report
Salsa verde is the best!! YUM Report
mangoes in salsa - awesome! Report
i love salsa. Thanks for the tip on the dragon fruit. I certainly have seen it but have not purchased it so far. I will now! Report
I LOVE pineapple or papaya salsa - wonderful on fish, chicken, pork, or grilled vegs!!!

People who are allergic to poison sumac - be careful with mango, it's related. Some of us have severe reactions, so approach it carefully! Report
Looks delicious! Report
Awesome post - thanks for a great formula! Report
I am SO not a salsa eater. But I would be interested in the Strawberry-Kiwi one, but what would you put it on?

I usually wish cilantro had NEVER been discovered-my world would be a lot happier without having to dissect some dishes by removing all those little leaves &stems, ugh. Report
Would be nice if these were recipes accessible for adding to nutrition tracking Report
We make salsa rosa! Fresh tomatoes, jalipino, habinero, chillies, celantro, lime juice, red onions, salt free salsa mix by Epicure, and cerano peppers! Hot stuff! Report
theyall look so good i am not sure which one to try first! Report
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Amazing .... Can't Wait To Try At Least 3 Of These. They Look AweSome!! Report
Wow..didn't realize there are so many ways to make salsa. Love this! Report
I really don't care for salsa, although I know it has gotten popular. I had to remind my adult children that it had to be kept in the REFRIGERATOR after it was open. For some reason they thought it could be left out. Report
What a great blog, and just in time for summer yumminess! Thank you! Report
I love Salsa and this blog is wonderful!! Can't wait to try some of these. Thank you so much! Report
Another great article, Stepfanie!

I find formulas so helpful, as they allow me to be creative without "breaking" the dish. ;-D

For those of you who may be wondering, the white fruit in the Strawberry-Kiwi salsa photo is dragon fruit. It's a mildly sweet tropical fruit with tiny black seeds throughout (the mouth-feel is similar to kiwi, as the seeds are similar). When you buy it in the store (usually Asian markets, but increasingly in healthy food and regular grocery stores), it is about the size of a fist, a bright pink to red color, and has green-tipped "dragon scales" on the outside! Just cut in half and scoop out the flesh as you might with a kiwi. :) Report
Thanks! These ideas are great - though Tiburona's right - what's up with the vinegar?

If would be cool to know why some of the "acidic" choices were made. :-D Report
Traditional salsa usually has lime or lemon, not vinegar. Latino household here :) Report