12 Equipment-Free Exercises for Holiday Travelers

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Now that the holiday season has arrived, many of us will be traveling to our destinations, whether to Grandma's house or a family vacation. This may require you to spend hours sitting for an extended period of time whether on a plane or in a car but this does not mean you must abandon your workout routine until you get home. By planning ahead you can still get in a great workout and still gain the benefits of exercise.

If you are stuck waiting at the airport, use this time to walk the terminal, after all you will be spending at least an hour on a plane, therefore squeezing in a few minutes of activity may help offset fatigue that many times accompanies traveling. When traveling by car, stopping every hour or two just to stretch your legs and do a brisk walk may help offset road fatigue therefore keeping you more alert.

As for resistance training, there are many equipment-free exercises one can do all in the comforts of your hotel room or even a few you can do at the airport while waiting. Remember the muscles do not know the difference between a dumbbell or your own body weight when it comes to muscle overload. As long as you are overloading the muscles you will achieve muscle strength and endurance.

As with the other Fitness Round-Ups do not feel the need to do all these exercises. Some moves are more advanced than others, so if the exercises are more than you can do at the moment, feel free to skip them and do the simpler moves. Remember, something always trumps nothing when it comes to our health and fitness.

Shoulders, Chest, Triceps

Wall Push Ups

Upper Back and Shoulders


Abs, Lower Back, Glutes and Hamstrings

Tuck and Extend

Core and Lower Body

One Leg Squat Floor and Reach Press

Upper Body and Back

Superman with Push-Ups

Quads and Hamstrings

Wall Sit

Hips, Thighs, Back and Glutes

Rear Leg Lift

One-leg Dipping Lunges

Core, Hips

Supine Bridging One Leg


Abdominal Curls Part 1

Abdominal Curls Part 2

Biceps, Triceps, Obliques and Hips

One Arm Side Push Ups



Do you have a favorite equipment free exercise? Would you be willing to do a few of these exercises to help you keep on track during this busy holiday season? What are some fitness ideas you use to pass time while waiting at the airport?

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At airport, I mostly walk, get 3-in-1 - able to stretch my legs, burn some calories and window shopping! I usually stretch my shoulders and arms but that's it, still too shy to do more than that in public, hehe Report
I don't know what half these things are! I haven't even heard of them. I've been doing wall pushups for years by advice from my dr., but most of the others, I just don't know. Report
I have several workout routines that don't use any equipment, just body weight resistance. I do something every day whether I'm at home or travelling. It's part of my simplification and down-sizing - and it makes it easier for me to actually do my strength training (no "can't get to the gym" excuses).

My basic cardio has always been walking - again, no gym, no equipment. Just get out there and walk. Report
Handy article, saved to favourites. Can retrieve on the go with my mobile tel! Report
Thanks for the great exercises. I see that you can also buy yoga exercises, on a deck of cards, one side is the picture, and the other has the instructions. They are also great for travelling. Report
Sorry for the double post :( Report
Thanks Nancy! This is going right to my favorites! Report
Some of these are my go-to moves even when I'm at the gym! Report
Yes - I'll be happy to do some of these.
I'm also going to ask my older son to go through some Karate stuff with me to remind me of the moves. Kata is a brilliant work out. Report
Thanks for this article! These are exercises I can do in my dorm room too. Report
Wonderful Report
excellent ideas -- also liked the in-flight alphabet-writing with feet! Report
I'm not likely to do anything in public, but, at home, I like to "direct" the music I'm listening to. I use broad arm movements with both arms. 4/4 goes in all directions, but the others can produce some fairly varied stretch as well. Report
You aren't going to find me at the airport getting into headstand unless I want to entertain mean-spirited children who might like to laugh at me—or traumatize the other kind, who get frightened easily ... (1) I am no show-off, (2) I have reason to be - I am BAD at most of the circus stuff in yoga.

But now is the time you can get creative: I can and will do pretend martial arts moves. And more tougher stuff like tricep dips and seated bent leg raises. Report
I have recently started "writing" the alphabet with my feet while in flight. Report
I sometimes do push-ups using a countertop instead of a wall. Report
I have resistance bands. I also have a Julian Michaels exercise program on my DS. It's simple, it's small but it works for me. I get a great work out too. I have other games too, so that's not the only reason I take the DS. Report
I like the skipping rope and another one i do is pack my resistance band. Lightweight, fits in my travel purse and is an awesome exercise tool. Report
You'll find me a big fan of push ups !! You can do them anywhere and they are extremely effective. If I'm out of town, I tend to climb a lot of stairs for leg work.
Amazing article! I am traveling tomorrow for the holiday season, so I will definitely be doing these workouts! I have no excuse not to. Report
This was awesome - thank you! Report
I do bicycle crunches and always bring my walking shoes. I also use the stairways in hotels for exercise, with permission of the staff. I like to bring my resistance bands too. Report
Excellent and very useful article, thanks. When I'm away from home for any length of time I always pack a skipping rope. Not equipment-free I know, but is light and easily stored. Report
YES, I would be more than willing to do these. Report