Dealing with Workout Interruptions

By , SparkPeople Blogger
The idea for this blog came to me while walking on the treadmill one morning.  Usually I squeeze in a workout before my kids get up, but on this particular morning, I'd decided to sleep in a little instead.  So after the kids got up and we started the day, I asked if they wanted to come downstairs with me and play while I walked.  My workouts these days are only 30 minutes long (that's about all I can handle with another baby due any day), so I figured they could keep themselves occupied for that long.  I didn't think about how the playing, activity, and questions about what I was doing could interrupt the quality of my workout. 
I used to hate when I'd get interrupted during the middle of a workout, or I scheduled a workout and something else got in the way.  Since having kids, I've had to learn to roll with the punches a little more.  There are times when someone gets up early and I have to cut my workout short.  Or I plan to head outdoors for a workout but that is postponed when my husband has to work late.  That time is part of the very limited "me" time I get during the day, so I value the quiet time just to myself.  Honestly, I don't really like sharing it with my kids or anyone else.  But there are times when a noisy workout with them running around is better than no workout at all. 
I'm a pretty structured person, so my workout routine is fairly well-established.  But it's easy to choose to cut my workout short if I get interrupted, especially if I've got some momentum going and I'm feeling good about how it's going.  It's also easy to choose to skip it completely if something gets in the way.   Can you relate?  As much as possible, I try to take my workouts outside.  I like the fresh air, but I also like the idea that no one can reach me for that short period of time. 
Whether its work, friends, family or something else that gets in the way, how do you handle those disruptions to your routine?  Do you block out your workout time on your calendar just like any other appointment?  Do you turn off your phone during your workout so you're sure not to be disturbed? 
What works for you?