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If there's ever a time to wish for an extra hour (or six) in the day, it's during the holidays. In addition to our normal work, family, and home obligations, we have all those seasonal responsibilities. That can leave very little time for yourself--and lead to excess stress that can interfere with your ability to reach your goals. To help streamline your shopping experience this year--which means more "you" time for healthy habits--we're sharing some of our favorite healthy gifts of the season. We think anyone would love unwrapping one of these!

Monster Isport Freedom Headphones: We love everything about these headphones: Bluetooth, wireless, sweat-proof, no cord--great sound. They're perfect for working out and durable enough for everyday use.

Cuisinart Compact Portable Blending/Chopping System: This is such a great gift for the healthy foodie in your life. It makes smoothies and protein shakes easy to make and take on the go!

The Spark Activity Tracker: The Spark is the only wireless activity tracker that fully integrates with the FREE tools, content and community on You won't catch me without mine--I love that not only does it track my steps taken and calories burned, but it also knows exactly which type of exercise I did!
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Gaiam Toeless Grippy Yoga Socks: These "yoga" socks are not only great at preventing you from slipping in a hot studio, but they're also perfect for keeping your feet warm at the beginning of class. They're useful for yoga, Pilates, and barre classes, too.

Trigger Point Performance The Grid Revolutionary Foam Roller: It hurts so good to release sore muscles with this baby. Perfect for runners, crossfitters, and fitness enthusiasts of all kinds, the "grid" on this foam roller means extra torture--I mean relief!

The Just Bento Cookbook: Everyday Lunches To Go: Make lunchtime fun with this cute and fun cookbook by the creators of the Just Bento blog. Full of delicious recipes and practical bento-making tips, this cookbook is the perfect way to give lunchtime a healthy makeover.

Go! Go! Sports Girls Dolls: These are great toys that encourage activity and inspire fitness in girls. If you're trying to get the little ones in your life excited about healthy living, these dolls might be a great way to start.

Want more healthy gift ideas? Check out our Gifts for Health Geeks board on Pinterest. What's on your healthy wish list this year?

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    I agree with the sentiment the cost of these items.

    Also don't seem to fit with any of the male population that subscribe.

    But that' nothing new. - 12/6/2013   11:20:39 PM
  • 14
    There are some great ideas for gifts here in every price point. However, most of us are watching our money. I think $250 for headphones is excessive. Perhaps find headphones and other gifts at every price point to mention. Magazines are guilty of this also. - 12/6/2013   6:46:09 PM
    Absolutely love that I read this! I just ordered two go go dolls for my grand daughters! Perfect! Thank you! And, my husband is getting a Spark Activity Tracker whether he likes it or not! - 12/6/2013   11:32:50 AM
  • 12
    Gee - we "need" these 7 things? At full retail, that's $470! At today's prices, I can get them for "only" $418. Oh, I forgot; I stupidly didn't order the tracker a few day ago when I could have saved another $15, bringing the total down to a mere $403! And that's just the price for me (remember, I "need" these), except that I could give the runner doll to ONE of my granddaughters. Guess I'll have to be selfish this year, and buy gifts only for myself and that lucky granddaughter; everyone else will have to go without while I get what I "must have." Oh, and when I spend 1/3+ of my monthly Social Security on these items, I'm sure the utility company will understand when I don't pay my bill.

    C'mon, SparkPeople! Just because the site is free doesn't mean that your readers "must have" these seven items. The actual title of the blog was fine, but the headline on the Best of SparkPeople e-mail? Certainly not your best; more like a trashy tabloid thing! - 12/6/2013   9:36:40 AM
  • 11
    Can't afford anything right now,. But thinking about tracker. Will it clip and work anywhere? Not all my shows have laces. . - 12/6/2013   5:45:07 AM
  • 10
    Can't afford anything right now,. But thinking about tracker. Will it clip and work anywhere? Not all my shows have laces. . How will it kn - 12/6/2013   5:44:59 AM
  • 9
    I know I want the spark tracker but first I need to know what exactly do I need to do everyday to get my legs alright and moving. I also have a problem with my back, my legs and the sciatic nerve on my left side. I need to find who can help me with this problems I have seen a few Drs. pain management . Orthopedic etc. Sometimes I know I seat too long because I am afraid of the pain but I also know that seating is not the answer. I know I need to regulate my time and move accordingly. I need to be more aware and create a design as to how much , how long when and what intensity I can take as I try to improve my health when it comes to moving. So far I don't see an improvement on my legs, at the contrary it's getting more difficult for me to walk. - 12/5/2013   9:31:41 PM
  • 8
    those headphones are awesome... but $250?! Santa's not made of money! - 12/5/2013   6:09:47 PM
  • 7
    I have seen those yoga socks...have put them on my wishlist!! Need them wireless headphones! LOVE my SP tracker. - 12/5/2013   3:45:50 PM
  • 6
    I love the wireless headphones and the spark activity tracker! - 12/5/2013   2:28:17 PM
  • 5
    Love the Go, Go Sports Girls Dolls! I'm going to check them out for my granddaughters. - 12/5/2013   1:16:11 PM
  • 4
    Spendy headphones! Not sure I love anyone $250 Christmas present-worth. :p - 12/5/2013   12:38:08 PM
  • 3
    Awesome list! I sure could use those headphones.. ;) - 12/5/2013   10:15:15 AM
    I will purchase the spark tracker - 12/5/2013   10:08:23 AM
    Great blog. Need the spark tracker. - 12/5/2013   5:33:45 AM

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