The Top 100 Running Songs of All Time


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As a runner, I often turn to music to keep me entertained and motivated during my training runs and races. I love discovering new running songs (even if "new" only means "new to me"), listening to them, and sharing them with others via my blog posts and Facebook page.

I recently asked people to share their favorite running songs, then created a list of 100 titles, new and old, that keep us on our feet and on pace. List in hand, I asked members of, America's #1 weight loss and fitness website, to vote on their favorites, too.

Find out which song took the tittle of best running song, whether your favorite made the list, and how you can download a brand new 60-minute running mix of the top 12 songs (as voted on by runners like you)!

No. 1 Running Song of All Time:

Pink – Raise Your Glass

Watch it on YouTube.

No. 2:
Survivor – Eye Of The Tiger

Watch it on YouTube.

No. 3:
Adele – Rolling In The Deep

Watch it on YouTube.

No. 4:
Maroon 5 – Moves Like Jagger

Watch it on YouTube.

No. 5:
LMFAO – Party Rock Anthem

Watch it on YouTube.

No. 6:
Journey – Don't Stop Believin'

Watch it on YouTube.

No. 7:
Kelly Clarkson – Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)

Watch it on YouTube.

No. 8:
Black Eyed Peas – Pump It

Watch it on YouTube.

No. 9:
Bon Jovi – Livin' On A Prayer

Watch it on YouTube.

No. 10:
Outkast – Hey Ya!

Watch it on YouTube.

No. 11:
Eminem – Lose Yourself

Watch it on YouTube.

No. 12:
Kenny Loggins – Footloose

Watch it on YouTube.

Download SparkPeople's 142-160 BPM 60-minute continuous running remix of the 12 most popular running songs of all time for $7.99 on iTunes, or for $6.99 on Amazon!

Here are the rest of the 100, ranked in order of your votes:

13     Lady Gaga -- ''Bad Romance''
14     The Black Eyed Peas -- ''Let's Get It Started''
15     Ricky Martin -- ''Livin' La Vida Loca''
16     Van Halen -- ''Jump''
17     Bonnie Tyler -- ''I Need A Hero''
18     Jennifer Lopez -- ''On The Floor''
19     Blondie -- ''Call Me''
20     C+C Music Factory -- ''Gonna Make You Sweat''
21     Pitbull -- ''Give Me Everything''
22     Britney Spears -- ''Toxic''
23     Taio Cruz -- ''Dynamite''
24     The Go Go's -- ''We Got The Beat''
25     Katrina & The Waves -- ''Walking On Sunshine''
26     Foster the People -- ''Pumped Up Kicks''
27     Elton John -- ''I'm Still Standing''
28     Rick Springfield -- ''Jessie's Girl''
29     Billy Joel -- ''We Didn't Start The Fire''
30     Ram Jam -- ''Black Betty''
31     Blink 182 -- ''All The Small Things''
32     MC Hammer -- ''U Can't Touch This''
33     Soft Cell -- ''Tainted Love''
34     Duran Duran -- ''Hungry Like The Wolf''
35     ACDC -- ''Thunder Struck''
36     Queen -- ''We Are The Champions''
37     Madonna -- ''4 Minutes''
38     Rihanna -- ''Only Girl In The World''
39     Avril Lavigne -- ''Girlfriend''
40     Far East Movement -- ''Like A G6''
41     Devo -- ''Whip It''
42     Ke$ha -- ''Your Love Is My Drug''
43     Slumdog Millionaire Theme -- ''Jai Ho''
44     The Clash -- ''Should I Stay Or Should I Go''
45     Gorillaz -- ''Feel Good Inc.''
46     ZZ Top -- ''Legs''
47     Nirvana -- ''Smells Like Teen Spirit''
48     Neon Trees -- ''Animal''
49     Motley Crue -- ''Kick Start My Heart''
50     Britney Spears -- ''Til The World Ends''
51     The Verve -- ''Bittersweet Symphony''
52     ABBA -- ''Waterloo''
53     Billy Idol -- ''Cradle Of Love''
54     Aretha Franklin -- ''Think''
55     Shakira -- ''Waka Waka''
56     Tommy Tutone -- ''867-5309''
57     Pat Benatar -- ''All Fired Up''
58     M.I.A. -- ''Paper Planes''
59     Loverboy -- ''Working For The Weekend''
60     Jordin Sparks -- ''Battlefield''
61     Bill Conti -- ''Gonna Fly Now (Rocky's Theme)''
62     Elvis Presley -- ''Jailhouse Rock''
63     Tom Petty -- ''Now I'm Free (Free Fallin')''
64     Katy Perry -- ''Waking Up In Vegas''
65     Scandal -- ''Goodbye To You''
66     Prince -- ''When Doves Cry''
67     The Killers -- ''Human''
68     Aerosmith -- ''I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing''
69     Gwen Stefani -- ''The Sweet Escape''
70     Wiz Khalifa -- ''Black And Yellow''
71     KISS -- ''I Was Made For Loving You''
72     Madonna -- ''Like A Prayer''
73     Michael Sembello -- ''Maniac''
74     Frankie Goes To Hollywood -- ''Relax''
75     The Cars -- ''Shake It Up''
76     ABBA -- ''Lay All Your Love On Me''
77     U2 -- ''Pride (In The Name Of Love)''
78     Leanne Rimes -- ''Can't Fight The Moonlight''
79     Culture Club -- ''Do You Really Want To Hurt Me''
80     Flock of Seagulls -- ''Ran (So Far Away)''
81     Fall Out Boy -- ''Thks Fr Th Mmrs''
82     Judas Priest -- ''Johnny B. Good''
83     Pink Floyd -- ''Learning To Fly''
84     Janet Jackson -- ''All For You''
85     The Police -- ''Do Do Do Da Da Da''
86     Venga Boys -- ''We Like To Party''
87     Arctic Monkeys -- ''I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor''
88     The Doobie Brothers -- ''Long Train Running''
89     Daft Punk -- ''One More Time''
90     Keri Hilson -- ''Pretty Girl Rock''
91     Chris Brown -- ''Turn Up The Music''
92     Miley Cyrus -- ''Can't Be Tamed''
93     Hank Williams Jr. -- ''Born To Boogie''
94     Rihanna -- ''Rehab''
95     Jason Derulo -- ''Ridin' Solo''
96     Willow Smith -- ''Whip My Hair''
97     Aerosmith -- ''Jaded''
98     Hall & Oates -- ''Private Eyes''
99     Stevie Wonder -- ''Sir Duke''
100   Rod Stewart -- ''Young Turks''

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Did any of your favorites make the list? What are your favorite running songs right now?

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  • NEHAYS418
    Just pointing it out because they are great songs. It is Free Fallin' not now I'm free(free fallin) and it is I Ran (So Far Away) by A Flock of Seagulls. - 8/10/2013   10:17:38 AM
    Most of the Burlesque soundtrack keeps me going! - 7/23/2013   3:27:32 PM
  • 173
    Not many heavy alternative metal fans here, I see. How about some Black Veil Brides, Breathe Carolina or A7X? Throw in some Sleeping With Sirens and Pierce the Veil, and I'm good to go! - 7/16/2013   5:13:08 PM
    I like!!! - 7/3/2013   9:15:04 AM
    oh - 6/25/2013   10:34:54 PM
  • MARISA1972
    My list have I gotta feeling (Black Eyed Peas), Sympathy for the Devil (Rolling Stones) and Into the groove (Madonna). Those are my Top 3 ! - 6/14/2013   5:46:57 PM
  • 169
    How about runaway by Bon jovi ? - 6/13/2013   7:42:07 AM
    Most of this is not my style of music, I'd prefer U2, Bruce Springstein, Bob Seger, CCR, Elvis, Sugarland and Band Perry for a slight country edge,,, agree with another post some of these are so overplayed. - 6/9/2013   3:49:38 PM
    I realize this list is highly subjective depending on musical tastes, but no MJ??! Come on. "Workin' Day and Night" is one of the best workout songs ever! I will forgive you for including some Foster the People, though. Also, "No One Lives Forever" by Oingo Boingo!

    And I'm with SweetPeaMars, music scores are fantastic to run to. A great score in the background can make you feel so powerful when you need it most. I used to run to "Duel of the Fates" all the time! I think I currently have the "Twin Peaks" soundtrack loaded...just to lose myself in. :)
    - 6/5/2013   3:27:11 PM
    "Burn It Down" - AWOLnation
    "I Love It" - IconaPop
    "We Come Running" - Youngblood Hawke - 6/5/2013   2:25:22 PM
    You should really create a spotify list of these songs. - 5/28/2013   9:10:27 PM
  • 164
    Remember the Name by Fort Minor and Firework by Katy Perry are both motivators for me - 5/8/2013   12:22:25 PM
  • MICHI525
    I was surprised to see I already have many of these songs on my iPod. I think any music you live is great workout music. - 5/8/2013   3:56:13 AM
  • 162
    I am 73 yrs. old and how about QUEEN that really motivated me to walk faster.See if you can it on the alist. please - 5/8/2013   1:50:53 AM
  • 161
    Try by Pink! - 5/7/2013   8:37:38 PM
  • JEMME5
    I was actually rather surprised by this list! I already have quite a few of these songs on my iPod and at least six of the top 12 are on my regular running playlist. My 19-year old son turned me onto a great running song called "Runner's High". You can find it on iTunes and YouTube. - 5/7/2013   7:14:17 PM
  • 159
    I've heard of 3 and one was by someone else. I am not very up to date on this kind of songs. - 5/7/2013   12:07:00 PM
    Definitely any Linkin Park and Fall Out Boy's The Phoenix and Light em up. :-) - 5/7/2013   12:00:11 PM
  • 157
    I listen to a variety of music. I just turn on Jango on my cell phone and get at it! - 5/7/2013   9:35:29 AM
  • 156
    The catalyst - linkin park
    my songs know what you did in the dark - fallout boy
    machine head --Bush
    Prove you wrong -Crossfade
    The second coming - Juelz santana.
    and the list continues..........................
    .. - 5/7/2013   8:59:09 AM
  • 155
    Days Go By - Dirty Vegas
    Trampled under Foot - Led Zepplin

    These are a few of the songs that definitely get me moving. - 5/7/2013   6:30:37 AM
  • 154
    and again, another recycled blog where no points can be accessed....
    hmmmm....maybe we need new bloggers.... because I thought the point of blogging was to give new information - 5/7/2013   4:55:06 AM
    Christina Aguilera - Candyman
    Simon & Garfunkel - Cecilia
    Chris Brown - Beautiful People
    Kanye West - Love Lockdown
    Flashdance Soundtrack
    Usher - More
    Daft Punk, David Guetta, Swedish House Mafia - 5/7/2013   4:40:13 AM
  • PARROTT1973
    go check out the song one day ( reggae) - 5/6/2013   9:53:11 PM
  • PARROTT1973
    go check out the song one day ( reggae) - 5/6/2013   9:52:00 PM
  • 150
    I want to say thank you for creating the list and the download. No it is not all my taste but it is good for you to have done it. What I did realise listening to the top 12 is how different taste really is and how much age, culture, country of origin and dare I say it (even race) affects your preferences. When I am running I prefer reggae and calypso (yes I am revealing my age, race, culture and region of origin) but I do think that a number of the songs on the list are excellent for keeping you moving when you run. Kudos to you!. If you are now starting out and are looking for a playlist and these sounds float your boat then try the download. It is value for the money. Thanks also for reminding me about Outcast, Pink and Adele. I will get those for my playlist. - 5/6/2013   5:42:05 PM
  • 149
    I’ve looked at quite a few of these running playlist suggestions, and there’s a whole genre of music that no one ever mentions – maybe I’m the only one who listens to film scores, but just in case there’s anyone else out there interested in film scores, this is what I’m currently listening to….and, if not, I’ll just go back into my corner and enjoy my music. Lol. =)

    My library consists of about 90% film, video game, and anime scores. Michael Giacchino's album, "Alias: Season One," was the first album that I recognized could actually get me in the mood to WANT to workout/run. Some other albums that currently help to keep me focused and motivated during my workouts/runs are Gears of War, Halo Reach, Crysis 2, and Call of Duty (to name a few). - 5/6/2013   2:18:13 PM
  • 148
    kind of old school but the Rocky IV sound track has always made me move :) - 5/6/2013   1:03:28 PM
  • 147
    yuck, I hear these songs at the gym and everywhere constantly and just want to stab my ears out. - 4/7/2013   12:40:08 PM
  • 146
    Most of these songs are way overplayed. I few of them I can't stand. "Eye of the Tiger" has to be one of the worst songs ever written. Some of the older groups I like made the list, but none of the current ones. I guess there's a reason why I prefer the natural outdoor sounds when I run rather than stuff my ears with earbuds and music. - 4/2/2013   7:32:33 AM
  • 145
    Definitely a few goodies on your list. Some of these songs bring back really fun memories for me.

    Disappointed to see some pretty poor role models (like Chris Brown) represented on here... - 3/16/2013   9:47:03 AM
    Too many songs that are over played or just completely outdated pop. The second I saw #1 was the most annoying Pink song I've ever heard I knew not to expect much. - 3/14/2013   2:36:00 AM
  • 143
    Dear God, this list is awful. :/ Whoa. - 3/4/2013   2:34:38 PM
    most of what I listen to are 80s hair bands, Rob/White Zombie and metal(especially Avenged Sevenfold and Five Finger Death Punch!) - 2/25/2013   1:14:15 AM
  • 141
    I may like the suggestions better than the list. - 2/20/2013   2:10:41 PM
  • 140
    Great List, I love the variety! - 2/16/2013   10:03:25 AM
  • 139
    Thank you for creating this list. I'm a music junky, I have more than 25,000 music files so a little help with grouping some songs together is very helpful. - 2/10/2013   6:51:39 PM
  • 138
    Thank you, SP, this is a great list! - 2/10/2013   7:50:53 AM
  • 137
    When running I tend to go for the metal or hard rock category. My go to running songs are:

    Van Halen - Right Now
    Eminem - Lose Yourself (on the list)
    Iron Maiden - Run to the Hills
    Iron Maiden - The Trooper
    Metallica - Enter Sandman
    Metallica - Master of Puppets
    Metallica - Fuel
    Ozzy Ozbourne - Crazy Train
    Ozzy Ozbourne - Paranoid

    These are just a few of my faves. I usually use the dance or pop music for power walking or elliptical training.
    These are just a few - 2/10/2013   1:57:08 AM
  • 136
    Out of the top 12 listed I like 3 of them to run to lol I listen to a lot of David Guetta! - 2/4/2013   4:31:22 PM
  • 135
    Also, "Right Round"- Flo Rida; "So What"- Pink - 1/31/2013   12:43:22 PM
  • 134
    They forgot some of the best songs for running songs of all time: "Push It"- Salt N' Pepa; "The Power"- Snap; "Stronger"- Kanye West; "Feels Good"- Tone Tony Toni!; "Whiskey in a jar" -Metallica; "Rub you the Right Way"- Johnny Gill; "Good Morning"- Mandisa; "Until The Whole World Hears"- Casting Crowns; "God's Not Dead"- Newsboys

    I think whoever made this list was definitely a child of the 80's and not much of a fan of Hip Hop. :) Still several good songs on the list. A few I never thought to use! - 1/31/2013   12:35:19 PM
  • 133
    Wow! There are some pretty good songs on here! Surprise, surprise! - 1/24/2013   8:11:08 AM
  • 132
    95% of this music i just couldn't do on a regular day, much less when i'm trying to run! just a personal taste thing though. i'm more along the lines of @janderso9980's picks!! :) - 1/17/2013   7:58:21 AM
    Y'all are the best. Been wanting to add to my playlist. Especially since I just started training for my first 5k. - 1/15/2013   11:38:28 PM
  • 130
    Try Dragonforce - Through the Fire and Flames or some NOFX, Rancid or Dropkick Murphys. I would agree with some other sparkers that some classic rock songs would work well. Although a few of the top 100 could be on my playlist, I think most would be too slow for me. If it works for you that's what matters. - 1/15/2013   8:00:41 AM
  • 129
    My top 3 favorites are:
    The Cult- She Sells Sanctuary
    Slade- Run Runaway
    Beastie Boys- Sabotage (I'm with Lori2770 on that one!)

    But, I do agree it totally depends on your mood. My daughter uses my iTunes account, so one day One Direction popped into the mix...and I actually enjoyed bouncing along to it. *hangs head in shame* Lol! Maybe it was because they were telling me all about "what makes me beautiful"? *Da dum...ching!* Thank you folks, I'll be here all week! ;) - 12/27/2012   8:30:34 AM
  • 128
    "Love Long Distance" by The Gossip. That whole album is great for working out! - 12/20/2012   3:38:39 PM
  • JANDERSO9980
    I’m also a big music fan and always enjoy seeing running music lists. If anyone is serious about their running or want to run faster, not many on this "Top 100" list would help. Some might even have you unconsciously slowing down to the beat of the song. If you have not ever looked into matching the bpm (beats per minute) of a song to your pace, you'll find there's a lot of scientific research that's been done on it's benefits. I've put a few of my favorites w/ bpms below and I hope you'll check out the 10 different playlists I've put together specifically for running (and some for working out). There is over 60 hrs of running music w/ carefully selected songs that are inspirational, about running, or at least are fun w/ great beat (no "19th Nervous Breakdown", "Loser", "Blister in the Sun", etc.) I tend to stay away from Top 40 songs, but all the songs I include could be "pop" if radio stations were more inclusive of different bands. Check it out at:

    Some favs:

    Tick Tick Boom - The Hives (137)
    This Year - The Mountain Goats (140)
    Lloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken - Camera Obscura (145)
    The Way We Get By - Spoon (152)
    Take a Minute - K'naan (156)
    Joker and the Thief - Wolfmother (158)
    Niagara Falls - Harlem Shakes (159)
    Slight Figure of Speech - The Avett Brothers (165)
    Come Together - Beatles (167)
    Salute Your Solution - Raconteurs (165)
    Jigsaw Falling Into Place - Radiohead (167)
    Australia - The Shins (171)
    It's Okay - The Kings (165)
    Getting Down - The Kills (150)
    Trashcan - Delta Spirit (166)
    Penny on the Train Track - Ben Kweller (140)
    What Do All the People Know - The Monroes (143)
    Lust for Life - Girls (152)
    Ali in the Jungle – The Hours (142)
    Wolf Like Me - TV on the Radio (177)
    Sydney (I’ll Come Running) – Brett Dennen (165)
    Ten-Twenty-Ten – Generationals (172)
    Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots – The Flaming Lips (156)
    Street Boy – Rodriguez (180) (btw…gotta see the movie “Searching for Sugarman”)
    - 11/16/2012   5:37:25 PM
  • MADRI002
    Most of these songs are kinda slow for me. I like faster paced songs that motivate me to run faster. The speed I run is directly correlated to the pace of the music I am listening to. - 10/23/2012   11:27:48 PM

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