12 Healthy Blackberry Recipes

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Picking blackberries is one of my all time favorite summer activities. It was my fresh blackberry pie that won my husband's heart when we were first dating. Fortunately for him, we bought a house that has blackberries growing abundantly in our back yard. I love harvesting them with my kids on warm summer afternoons. 

Blackberries are rich in antioxidants and are a good source of dietary fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K,  manganese  vitamin E, folate, potassium and copper. They are also are great as snacks or can serve as an exotic new ingredient in your regular cooking regimen. I’ve gathered our top blackberry SparkRecipes to help you get started. 

Blackberry Pie

PrairieHarpy's Spicy Blackberry Turkey Cutlets

Blackberry Cobbler

Blackberry Pudding Cake

Blackberry glazed pork medallions

Blackberry Breakfast Bars

Whole wheat blackberry bread with dark chocolate chips

Blackberry smoothie for 1

Whole-Grain Banana Pancakes with Blackberry Syrup 

Blackberry and Goat Cheese Salad

Chocolate blackberry trifle

Blackberry Sour Cream Pound Cake

What is your favorite blackberry recipe?

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ROBBIEY 5/29/2021
Nice Report
BONNIE1552 5/29/2021
Picked them when younger. Report
-POOKIE- 5/29/2021
I miss the huge bushes of them I grew up by, picking and eating in the sun! Report
CECELW 10/4/2020
I love blackberries. we have a blackberry bush right off from the house. It's fun to pick and eat Report
KATHYJO56 8/5/2020
Love anything with blackberries. Our are just now getting ready to eat Report
KATHYJO56 8/1/2020
I love anything made with blackberries Report
So enjoy articles, like this one, with lots of links! Thanks Report
I love blackberries and they are growing all over the back of my yard. Report
thanks Report
It's blackberry time here in the south. Report
Great ideas- thanks! Report
Love blackberries! Report
Nice list of recipes, but I don't know how you qualify them as healthy.
Way too many empty calories in my opinion, not that you can't enjoy them once in a while but they are not something you would be able to eat every day, my definition of healthy. Report
I too have just moved to a new house with a ton of blackberry plants. Right now with all the rain they are literally loaded with red berries. With any luck we will be picking them by July. I want to try my hand at low-sugar blackberry jam or jelly. I'm going to use frozen apple juice concentrate for most of the sweetness. My family loves jelly. I hope it works out. Report
I like recipes that are very, very simple --like blackberries with plain yogurt. Report
Here is the best recipe. Put blackberries in a bowl. Eat them one at a time. Better yet, find a good blackberry bush and pick them and eat them one at a time. Report
I have a blackberry tree in my yard and i fight the birds for them. I have made blackberry pie and cobbler from them and both tasted scrumptious. now i have other healthy ways to use them Report
My grandmother made blackberry cobbler which was delicious! Of course, she always had the grandchildren handy to go out and pick the berries. Naturally, we ate about as much as we brought home. Fortunately, her recipe is still being made by my cousin. Such good memories! Report
I'm rather disappointed - got excited at first - but looked at about half of the recipes - and saw a number include items w/ artificial sweeteners. I know some people have to have them - but I've done well reducing the amount of old fashioned sugar or honey. The artificial sweeteners make me nervous. Report
I love blackberries. I bought some at the Farmer's Market yesterday morning. Report
Blackberries are my favorite--thanks for all the ways to enjoy them! Report
Love blackberries! We grow tons of them, so I'm always looking for recipes. Thanks! Report
When i was growing up we had Boysenberry Plants (2 rows of them) in our black yard along with a lot of fruit trees. So I love berries very much. We try these recipes and Im sure I will like them too. God Bless You and Have a Wonderful Day and Week. Report
Oh, thank you for these recipes!! I get blackberries on sale and freeze them, but the texture is awful when I thaw them. I have been making cobbler since I didn't know what else to do with them. My absolute favorite fruit, my favorite pie... I grew up with blackberries growing wild around our place.

I sympathize with ACICEDA... I buy blackberries ONLY on sale and always buy a container or two to eat while I am prepping and freezing more!! I had to learn how to freeze them or I'd eat myself sick.
I love them too! I always forget about how great they are for us. I think I will go by the store today and get some! Report
I love blackberries. Why put them in a recipe, they are great all by themselves. Report
My husband loves blackberries. These recipe's sound yummy now only if he wouldn't eat the entire package before we could make one! LOL Report
I so love bkackberries! Think a trip to the farmers market is in order! Report
I planted some blackberries but haven't had a harvest yet. Hmmm, maybe it's time to plant more. Report
Oh, I love blackberries. I grew up in Illinois and they would grow wild along the roads there so we would pick them in the summer. My mother would make cobbler. Report
We just planted a blackberry bush in our backyard...can't wait to harvest some! Report
My favorite is just to put blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and strawberries in a bowl and pour 1 tbspoon of heavy whipping cream over the top of them. If I am feeling adventurous, I'll whip the cream (I'll whip more than a tbs and then have enough for my children)...but I like the cream not whipped too. The other day was my dh's birthday and I ate mixed berries over a small slice of angel food cake (while everyone else had the calorie and fat ridden regular birthday cake). My berry and angel food cake desert was really satisfying. Report
I love love love berries!!!! they are my favorite fruit I can still remember picking blackberries when i was a little girl and we still lived up north. My best summertime memories are berry picking, chasing lightening bugs and the smell of freshly cut grass! Report
I rarely get them but I generally just at them as they are. We have a lot of raspberry canes in our garden. Report
I love all the berries, and thank you for the recipes. Cant wait to try them all Report
I love blackberries! Thanks for all the recipes. Report
I love a blackberry and smoothly! Report
I love the straight off the vine! Report
Love blackberries! Can you believe I have only eaten them plain. Never in a recipe. Report