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With Valentine's Day coming up, we've all been bombarded with messages about love, romance and sex for weeks already. Fortunately, this isn't another one. February may be synonymous with "relationships" but I think it's a great time to think about your relationship with yourself and different, yet still important kind of love: self-love. This is important whether you're single, coupled or something in between.
Many of our readers are working to lose weight and have battled body hatred for a long time. Many who have lost the weight expected that to change, only to later realize that body love isn't about being a certain size: It has to come from within, and you can have it no matter how you look if you just cultivate it. The truth is that we are all worthy of care, respect, love and confidence, and we can all take steps to "own" our bodies, move with confidence, dress with style, and not let fear of what others may think stop us from doing what we want to do, whether that's dancing at that upcoming wedding, joining that gym, wearing a swimsuit, or asking for that promotion.  
Exercise inspires that confidence at any size. While I listen to a wide variety of songs when I work out—some with embarrassing lyrics but great beat and others with inspiring messages—I really enjoy listening to workout songs that make me feel good about myself and my body. These encourage me to keep going with my workouts, and the whole thing becomes a virtuous cycle of love and health and fitness and confidence that feeds itself.
So what are these love-your-body songs? I've got 21 that'll make you feel strong, confident and sexy during (and long after) your next workout.

Aretha Franklin – Respect

Beyonce – Check On It

Black Eyed Peas – My Humps

Bodyrockers – I Like the Way You Move

Destiny's Child – Bootylicious

Fergie – Fergalicious

Fountains of Wayne – Stacy's Mom

India.Arie – Video

Justin Timberlake ft. Timbaland– SexyBack

LMFAO- Sexy and I Know It

Kim Carnes – Bette Davis Eyes

Katy Perry – Firework

Lady Gaga – Born This Way

MIKA – Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)

Missy Elliott – Work It

Peaches & Herb – Shake Your Groove Thing

P!nk – Perfect

Queen – Fat Bottomed Girls

Right Said Fred – I'm Too Sexy

RuPaul – Supermodel (You Better Work)

Sir Mix a Lot – Baby Got Back

Whitney Houston – I'm Every Woman

Do any of these songs boost your confidence? What songs make you feel strong and beautiful?

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  • 42
    For me, my top song for personal power is KMFDM's "Juke-Joint Jezebel". A close second is David Bowie's "Rebel Rebel". And the Cruxshadows' "Eurydice" makes me feel beautiful, not because of the lyrics, but because their singer Rogue danced with me to that song when he was moving through the crowd. "Lucretia My Reflection" by the Sisters of Mercy gives me strength. The Cure's "Close to Me" also makes me feel beautiful, but my favorite version is the "Closer" remix, which is a little slow for an aerobic workout. For the dance floor, though? Bring it on. - 2/10/2013   1:27:12 PM
  • 41
    lol Baby Got Back...those ladies do NOT have big behinds. I like the beat to it though. RESPECT that one comes in a faster or slower beat but the one I like by Aretha is "Rock Steady". Now that song can make you feel sexy if you need to lol. My playlist is full of The Jackson 5 songs. I have to listen to calmer lyrics. FINE is on one of my playlist. I was walking one day and the part where she screamed I screamed too lol and I was passing a church parking lot that also was a daycare. All I could do was laugh playing it off. Thanks for the list. - 2/10/2013   3:09:32 AM
  • 40
    I'm with "Self_Respect." Class it up, SP. If a song title requires "****" in it, it's simply not appropriate here. - 2/9/2013   9:29:08 PM
    Sir Mix-A-Lot? Really?? Talk about misogyny. I'm not a huge fan of most of these songs, but that one in particular just depresses me, not something that will inspire me. - 2/9/2013   5:16:33 PM
  • 38
    Rock That Body by Black Eyed Peas, Just Fine by Mary J Blige, Now That We've Found Love by Heavy D, Woo by Anthony Hamilton are all favorites of mine to power through a workout and boost my mood as well. Stronger by Kanye West also a good one working out though might not be to everyone's tastes. - 2/9/2013   2:05:46 PM
  • 37
    Haha! Thank you, these are good choices for 'lovey me' music :0)! - 2/8/2013   9:27:00 PM
  • 36
    I must be an Old School person. Don't recognize most of these groups or their music, except Aretha. And it depends on where I'm exercising what kind of music. Different beats and tempos for hikes in the dessert and other music for in town strolls.
    - 2/8/2013   11:32:08 AM
  • 35
    The only ones I really know are Respect and Betty Davis Eyes. I don't equate "feeling sexy" with feeling confident and strong. - 2/8/2013   9:44:16 AM
  • 34
    Love the songs....some of my favorites are on here. - 2/7/2013   9:20:46 PM
  • 33
    Like some, never heard of others - 2/7/2013   5:36:54 PM
  • 32
    I downloaded Sir Mix a Lot last week. Can't help but smile! - 2/7/2013   2:20:49 PM
  • 31
    Love the Big Girl song! Especially how the large lady dancers are so full of confidence and attitude; makes them look gorgeous. I need to learn to hold myself high like that. - 2/7/2013   1:08:24 PM
  • 30
    Love the list. Getting tired of my old songs which include Prince and Madonna- I am an 80's girl, but love good music from any decade. Thanks! - 2/7/2013   12:33:34 PM
  • 29
    GREAT LIST!! Love it! - 2/7/2013   12:03:04 PM
  • 28
    Bette Midler's "I'm Beautiful"--in college, my friends and I would drive all over the place blasting this song and dancing to it in the clubs. It had dozesn of dance remixes! Extended versions make for great workout grooves!

    Too wack, too smart, too fast, too fine,
    too loud, too tough, too too divine.
    I said you don't belong. You don't belong.
    Too loud, too big, too much to bear,
    too bold, too brash, too prone to swear.
    I heard that song for much too long.

    Ain't this my sun? Ain't this my moon?
    Ain't this my world to be who I choose?
    Ain't this my song? Ain't this my movie?
    Ain't this my world? I know I can do it.

    I'm not too short, I'm not too tall,
    I'm not too big, I'm not too small.
    Ooh, don't lemme start lovin' myself!
    Ooh, don't lemme start lovin' myself!
    I'm not too white, I'm not too black,
    I'm not too this, I'm not too that.
    Ooh, don't lemme start lovin' myself!
    Ooh, don't lemme start lovin' myself!
    - 2/7/2013   10:24:57 AM
  • 27
    What an awesome way to wake up! I was checking out the list and, before I knew, I was up and dancing, jumping and laughing...scared the bejeesus outta my dog! :) - 2/7/2013   10:22:02 AM
  • 26
    Ahhaha, now I have, 'my body's too bootylicious for ya babe' running through my head. Love them, have to add some to my playlist, some I already have! - 2/7/2013   10:01:35 AM
  • 123ELAINE456
    Queen and BodyRockers God Blessings to Everyone. Have a Wonderful Week. Take Care. - 2/7/2013   5:10:36 AM
  • 24
    Add "Woman's Got The Power" by Jennifer Holliday and a little Christina Aguilara & I'm there - 2/7/2013   12:24:29 AM
  • 23
    Love this list! - 2/6/2013   10:45:08 PM
  • 22
    This is a very good mix of songs that are appealing to a diverse group of people. Great job on someone finally mixing it up!!! - 2/6/2013   6:57:24 PM
  • 21
    Aretha Franklin - RESPECT Now that is a good song. - 2/6/2013   5:46:43 PM
  • 20
    Thanks for the suggestions! I was looking for some songs to mix it up a bit...will surely check these out. - 2/6/2013   12:39:05 PM
    This make a great playlist.....thanks. - 2/6/2013   11:53:59 AM
  • 18
    One of my faves is Bette Midler's "I'm Beautiful", off the Bathhouse Betty CD: "...I'm not too big, I'm not too small, I'm not too short, I'm not too tall, I'm beautiful, dammit!" - 2/6/2013   11:34:24 AM
  • 17
    These are some reallyg ood songs and I couldn't resist getting up and dancing this morning listening to my cardio dance in..WooHoo - 2/6/2013   11:28:04 AM
  • 16
    I LOVE these songs!! I first heard Big Girl on Just Dance and got the giggles dancing to it. But my all-time fave is Sexy & I Know It because it is super motivating with it's catchy beat and you can't help but feel good when the song goes, "I workOUT!" Also - most anything from Madonna's Confessions on a Dance Floor. :D - 2/6/2013   11:27:30 AM
  • 15
    Good songs. but have you ever worked out to lady gaga? good music..
    - 2/6/2013   11:03:17 AM
    These songs all have a great beat and are fast paced ... The perfect mix for a great workout... Regardless of the words. - 2/6/2013   10:50:25 AM
    You know, I love the Black Eyed Peas, but "my humps" doesn't do anything for me either. Never liked that song.

    So, umm, no Shakira or Madonna ? - 2/6/2013   10:48:35 AM
  • 12
    What? No Prince? :) I have Sexy M-F on my workout playlist (but have to listen with headphones so kiddos won't hear it!) Not exactly SFW, but very sexy. - 2/6/2013   10:40:07 AM
    WOW! - 2/6/2013   10:38:49 AM
    I had never seen Big Girl before. It's really wonderful. - 2/6/2013   10:02:22 AM
  • 9
    I think it is awe-inspiring that spark is putting out music to help women feel sexy and confident at any size. Anything that helps to motivate a woman to love herself and to get up and move no matter what her size is classy in my book. - 2/6/2013   9:54:42 AM
  • 8
    I love these and I have been looking for some new material for the ipod. My workout playlist also includes Abba - Dancing Queen, Shakira - Hips Don't Lie, and Outkast - I Like the Way You Move - 2/6/2013   9:35:01 AM
  • 7
    I also love Prince songs. My absolute favorite song is Tubthumping by Chumbawamba and I have to crank it up in the car. I'm sure the people around me think I'm nuts because I get to moving with that song - even in the driver's seat. :) - 2/6/2013   9:24:57 AM
  • 6
    Love that Mika is on here! Almost anything by him is a great workout song, but this one in particular! - 2/6/2013   8:59:52 AM
    Love seeing Cover Girl on there. Ru Paul also has several other songs that are great workout songs and great to make you feel good about you. I especially love one of the newest: Responsitrannity - 2/6/2013   8:14:30 AM
  • 4
    You made me look! Had to see what was mysogynistic about my humps lyrics... near as I can tell it's about a lady to whom men keep giving gifts bc they like her curves and tongue in cheek at that. - 2/6/2013   8:08:48 AM
  • 3
    Workout songs ... No! Songs to torture me ..... Yes! - 2/6/2013   8:04:05 AM
  • 2
    Some great options there - I've been looking for some 'feel good' songs. Also like "Bet you wish your girlfried was hot like me" and an oldie but goodie "Drift away" - gimme the beat boys and free my soul, I wanna get lost in your rock and roll and drift away.... - 2/6/2013   7:26:59 AM
  • 1
    Uh, seriously??? My Humps by the Black Eyed Peas. A bit misogynistic, wouldn't you say? Way to keep things classy SparkPeople! - 2/6/2013   7:03:10 AM

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