Ooh La La! 7 Nights of (Fit) French Food


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While a trip to Paris might not in be the budget, a few French-themed meals likely are. Put some Edith Piaf on the stereo, pour a glass of wine, and whip of one of these dinners worthy of a fancy bistro--but with less fat and fewer calories. (And this meal plan comes just in time for Bastille Day tomorrow!)

Click here or on the image to view the whole calendar at full size, save, download, or print it! You can also share it on Facebook or Twitter. We think it's quite "pinnable" for all you Pinterest addicts out there.
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  • 24
    Love french food. - 8/9/2017   6:51:49 AM
    The PDF isn't working on Chrome or Firefox. Firefox reports that the file has errors. Please fix it! Merci beaucoup! - RCJG - 8/6/2016   12:34:59 PM
    I love the theme based menu - would have loved a vegetarian recipe thrown in though ;/ - 1/7/2015   1:26:07 PM
  • 21
    As a french, I would totally add a great recipe of Pot-au-feu, which is a very healthy dish, with lots of veggies.
    These recipes are great ! - 11/7/2013   3:41:45 PM
  • 20
    When I last visited France, I enjoyed local cuisine seeking out prix fix meals, rather than wasting calories on American chains. - 7/16/2012   10:43:41 PM
  • 19
    Love the country (from the UK so next door essentially) but hate the cuisine! I'm a vegetarian and always find it impossible to eat there! The only dish I can have here is ratouille, which is okay dish but nothing brilliant. - 7/16/2012   2:49:10 PM
    I had not thought about having a french night at home. Thank you for the idea. - 7/15/2012   4:45:36 PM
    Vive la France, et vive la cuisine francaise! - 7/14/2012   9:46:23 PM
  • 16
    Haven't been to Paris, but have been to Montreal Quebec Canada. - 7/14/2012   3:50:25 PM
  • 15
    I like your theme-based menu. Very appropriate and very smart! Thanks. - 7/14/2012   10:30:04 AM
    I loved this idea. Next weeks menu is already planned, so I wanted to add these to the week following, but the add to the menu planner only went to 7/21. - 7/14/2012   8:48:47 AM
  • 13
    If you'd like to travel, going to Paris isn't in your budget, but Winnipeg, MB, Canada is, then come during the summer and visit Folkarama. A great way to visit not just Paris, but other places you'd love to visit but may not able to afford to go (or don't have time). Many cultures, food, dancing, etc all in a 2 week span.

    There is a Brazilian, Caribbean, Chilean, Japanese, Russian, Irish, Greek, and many more to check out. I've gone a few times, you can check it out with your family, or there is a bus tour. Get to check out 3 pavilians in one night. - 7/14/2012   8:12:04 AM
  • 12
    the recipes seem ok, but do you have the recipe for what i guess sandwich
    the lady in the Picture is eating? Because that sandwich looks really, really good. - 7/14/2012   5:29:36 AM
  • 11
    Yum!!! - 7/14/2012   1:40:12 AM
  • 10
    If you're in southeast Wisconsin, get to Milwaukee for the Bastille Days celebration this weekend! - 7/14/2012   12:27:11 AM
  • 9
    In the article it said... "Click here or on the image to view the whole calendar at full size, save, download, or print it! You can also share it on Facebook or Twitter. We think it's quite "pinnable" for all you Pinterest addicts out there."

    I couldn't find a "pin" button after clicking on the calendar. :-( - 7/13/2012   10:18:30 PM
  • 8
    sorry for the double post - 7/13/2012   10:11:19 PM
  • 7
    Sorry too much GARLIC for me (food allergies). - 7/13/2012   10:02:32 PM
  • 6
    Sorry too much GARLIC for me (food allergies). - 7/13/2012   10:02:30 PM
  • 5
    My favorite vacation was in Paris. - 7/13/2012   7:34:36 PM
    my favorite city and cuisine - 7/13/2012   6:40:41 PM
    Clever idea! Cheaper (and much less of hassle) than travelling. This could/should become a trend. - 7/13/2012   4:23:17 PM
    What a great idea ! Maybe a person can't afford to travel to Paris to enjoy the food, so why not create a little bit of Paris, Rome or Madrid here with some local recipes ?
    I would include a nice crepe recipe ! - 7/13/2012   3:40:11 PM

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