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If you read many of my blogs here, or follow me on Facebook or Twitter, then you know how much I love finding and sharing great workout music. Why? We all know it and research even proves it: listening to fast paced and upbeat music makes working out more fun. It pushes you to work harder while making you feel like your workout isn't so hard. And in some cases, it can motivate and energize you to get out the door when you're thinking of skipping a workout. One of the best motivators for me is to constantly add new songs to my workout playlists so that my workouts always seem fresh and interesting.

Recently, we surveyed our members to find out what kind of music they like best, and we used those results to develop the first-ever SparkPeople workout mixes, created in partnership with Yes! Fitness Music.  I worked directly with the music experts as Yes! to develop five distinct music mixes to help motivate you through your workouts.

Here are 4 reasons why you should download these mixes today:
  1. Every song has been mixed to a specific tempo to help you work out at the right intensity. Since music speed affects your workout intensity, you're guaranteed to exercise at the right tempo with these non-stop mixes.
  2. You get a downloadable and printable booklet with each mix, which includes fitness and motivation tips. Every workout mix also includes a cardio workout I designed to accompany that specific playlist, too (more details below)! Please note that downloadable booklets are only available on iTunes purchases.
  3. For a limited time, you can download each mix for just $7.99. That price will increase in the future, so get yours for the low introductory price while you can! $7.99 isn't much to pay for a little extra motivation. Plus SparkPeople earns revenue from every purchase, so this is just one more of the ways you can show your support and help us keep the site free.
  4. These mixes feature songs you know and love—a combination of rock, pop, and hip hop from several decades—so that there's something for everyone to enjoy. And every song has "clean" lyrics, too.
Below, check out SparkPeople's workout mixes (including  links to preview and/or purchase your favorites from iTunes). ETA 9/26/11: Thanks to your suggestions and feedback, our mixes are now available from, too. To order from, click here.

Cardio Workout Mix
Designed to help you work out at the right pace during cardio. Purchase includes a bonus booklet with tips to get the most from your cardio routine, plus a 60-minute workout that I designed to work with any cardio machine in the gym!

Inspiration Mix
Designed to be lyrically-driven, you can listen to the uplifting songs on this mix when you need to find your motivation to get back on track, or when you need a boost during your workouts. Purchase includes a bonus booklet with motivation tips and inspirational quotations you can print and hang up.

Walking Workout Mix
The perfect walking companion, every song in this workout mix is set to the ideal pace for brisk walking! Purchase includes a bonus booklet with walking tips and a walking workout I designed to match up with the music.

Interval Workout Mix
This mix alternates between fast paced songs and slower paced songs so it's the perfect companion to your interval workouts. Purchase includes a bonus booklet with interval training tips and a cardio workout I designed to accompany the music.

Motivation Mix
This mix is full of get-up-and go songs that are fast paced and fun. When you listen to it, you won't be able to sit still! Purchase includes a bonus booklet with motivational tips and inspirational quotations you can print and display.

What do you think of the workout mixes? What other types of music would you like to see from SparkPeople?

ETA: Thanks to your suggestions and feedback, our mixes are now available from, too. To order from, click here.

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  • 93
    This is some good music to workout to. Thanks for putting it together. - 7/1/2017   9:18:12 AM
    I just purchased the Inspirational Mix and the Walking Mix and I am so happy I found them. I have been looking for weeks for some good upbeat music to keep me walking at a brisk pace. Most of the music choices are too rock, metal, rap, hip hop, etc for me. I am older (68) and am not really into today's style, and the music from "my day" is too slow. This is music with decent words that I can understand and the mix helps me to stay on beat. I, for one, appreciate it. I would like to know the bpm though. That helps. I would also like to see some 30 minute mixes, since that is what I usually do. Thank you for making these songs available. There are a lot of choices in the market for those who want the "real thing." - 10/7/2011   2:05:52 PM
  • 91
    If you want to find out the beats per minute of your favourite songs, go to this website: TAPS FOR BEATS PER MINUTE BPM All you do is tap a key on your keyboard for every beat and it tells you how many beats per second that song is. It's kind of fun :) - 9/15/2011   6:43:02 PM
  • 90
    Most of these songs are to soft, old or predictable to the point of over used. Sorry. Great idea but the end result needs more work.
    - 9/12/2011   7:20:32 PM
  • 89
    For those who want to know what tempo a song is -- just remember that 120 beats per minute is "march tempo", so just think of Stars and Stripes Forever or almost any Souza (or other) march and you can figure it out from there.
    - 8/29/2011   5:02:16 PM
  • 88
    Short and sweet (hopefully!)
    - Please post the BPM's of each tune
    -Would be SOOO cool if you could compile a list of original musicians with their BPM's
    - Sixty minutes is great, and so would be 30 minutes!!
    Thanks for all the great work! - 8/28/2011   6:16:58 PM
  • 87
    I know it is hard to please everyone and I don't expect anyone to do so all of the time. I did check out the walking remix and did not care for the selection. I don't mind that they are not original artist or that it is a remix. The songs did not seem uplifting enough. I much rather send a donation to keep the site free. I do click on your advertisements and THANK YOU for all the other SPARK you bring into our lives. - 8/27/2011   8:35:00 PM
  • 86
    TU, TU, TU!! Like others have commented, I prefer working out to the original songs (keep those playlists and suggestions coming pls!!!) BUT these offer a great alternative as well as a way to support SP. I am a walker so thanks for including us. - 8/27/2011   9:21:46 AM
  • 85
    Previewed the music and liked many of the tunes. However, I like to know what the tempo is when I am working out and will picked certain tempos for elliptical training and others for other cardio machines. I also like consistent tempos as opposed to changing tempos - unless I am doing interval training of course. If you could post the BPM for the songs it would certainly help those of us that keep up with that sort of thing. - 8/18/2011   9:39:28 AM
    For the MP3 users out there - the Apple ACC/MP4 format can be converted to MP3. Yes you'll need to download iTunes (free) and you'll need to download a converter (free or fee), but the ability to convert is available.

    This is not an endorsement -- you search for converters (they provide reviews as well.) A Google search will yield similar results too. - 8/17/2011   9:08:26 AM
  • 83
    This is awesome I cannot wait to buy! - 8/16/2011   10:28:18 PM
    Hate to be a Debbie Downer or post something negative, but thumbs down to the playlists. Re-makes using artists I've never heard of...sorta feels like imitation music. So rather than lose yourself in the music, you're focused on how things seem a little off. - 8/16/2011   8:26:18 PM
  • 81
    Good idea, but not so good end product. These are not the original songs, but are re-makes by unknown artists, and for that, they are WAY over priced! Frankly, I wouldn't download these if they were free. I'll stick to my own play lists, thank you. - 8/16/2011   5:12:06 PM
  • 80
    I don't have iTunes, but have a Sansa, 8gig. Liking the Inspirational tracks. Someone posted that you can download from itunes and then transfer to an mp3 player in Windows Media (thanks STUTLERTONI). Going to give it a shot. Not sure how to do it, but I will give it a go. - 8/16/2011   5:10:20 PM
  • 79
    I am excited to try this out while I run. What a rock CD is that in the works? - 8/16/2011   4:48:18 PM
  • 78
    Ok, I'm(TC - technology challenged )- don't have an ipod but I do have a droid that is currently having issues. Once they are resolved and I'm sure I have the phone I'm going to use long term - can I download these to that??? How??? I will welcome a personal sparkmail outlining what to do. In the meantime what I do is pull up Pandora and I have a "Waka waka" station - cause I first heard that at zumba class. It's hit or miss what I get, but it works to keep me moving. If I downloaded these - would it be less strain on my battery life than using Pandora? As I said modern technology challenged.
    - 8/16/2011   2:52:09 PM
  • 77
    I am so excited I am beside myself. I really believe music makes all the difference in a workout. I am SO downloading a couple of these... Thanks SP, you did it again!! - 8/16/2011   8:06:10 AM
  • 76
    I'm with DMP3107. That hokey remix beat is a total turnoff. The original songs that are of appropriate beat in their normal format are the best. The only ones I like written in the beat and designed for motivation: "Skinny Songs" at iTunes. Yum! - 8/15/2011   8:33:26 PM
    I used the cardio mix for my first 10k course. Although I had to repeat the album, it was a great motivator! Thanks sparkpeople! - 8/15/2011   9:47:03 AM
  • 74
    Thanks Coach Nicole and SparkPeople. I downloaded the Cardio Mix last week and have had two really great runs with it.

    As a note for some other posters. iTunes is free and the music can be transfered to Window Media Player after it is downloaded. I personally do not understand the hatred of iTunes, but I would think supporting SparkPeople for one album download would overrule what ever your hang ups are.

    Thanks again SparkPeople. Love the mix for when I'm running. - 8/15/2011   8:51:34 AM
  • 73
    Love the lists - would like to see versions offered for 30 minute routines as well. - 8/14/2011   12:35:35 PM
  • 72
    Love the lists - would like to see versions offered for 30 minute routines as well. - 8/14/2011   12:34:57 PM
  • 71
    great diea, but I don't have an IPOD or itunes, I use my android to listen to music while working out. - 8/14/2011   8:14:47 AM
  • 70
    Thank you!! This site is great!! It's what I've been looking for. Thank you again for posting it. - 8/13/2011   6:30:19 AM
  • 69
    Love the idea...don't love the iTunes angle. But like others have said, we can always download the songs from Amazon and put together our own playlist. Personally, I work out to the music that I like, regardless of bpm. So I really don't pay attention to bpm, anyway. - 8/12/2011   11:59:49 PM
  • 68
    I just downloaded the cardio mix & the inspiration mix...even if the songs are not my fav, a big thank you to spark & coach Nicole! I bought them partly because spark gets some of the proceeds. Just a small way to say thank you so much!!! So looking forward to tomorrow's workout now.
    Cheers - 8/12/2011   7:20:11 PM
  • 67
    Gonna pick up an iTunes card today and download these! Need some good mixes to get me going!!!! - 8/12/2011   11:59:17 AM
  • 66
    Would like to see music for ecstatic dance, sort of like what is on Live365's Chillout Beats; and it goes without saying, music for active yoga practices (such as Beth Shaw's hand-picked Sequoia Records' Yoga Moods; as well as Soul Food Music's YogaGroove series; which could also be used for ecstatic dance, as well)

    Really, the music has to be doubly inspiring for those who develop their own choreography and yoga sequencing ...

    Gone are the days that I used to practice cardio-yoga fusion-like, using the relatively lame piped-in grunge rock and hip hop from New York Sports Club (actually, that sort of worked too, but I know Spark can do much better than that!)

    Music is about lifting the spirit as well as releasing calories ... imho ... - 8/12/2011   11:49:07 AM
  • 65
    This isn't a complaint, just wanted to add another datapoint that the iTunes availability of this offer is a dealbreaker for me. I don't have iTunes, but I'd totally buy at least one, if not more, of the mixes if they were available for sell through Amazon Music (or other non-DRM music source which plays well with Android devices and Linux hosts.) And yes, I know I can build the mixes myself, but like others, I'd prefer to have a portion of the purchase go to support SparkPeople. - 8/12/2011   11:26:58 AM
    Here is another request for you to add another platform, other than iTunes. I'd love to buy at least one of these mixes. Yes, I know I could do it myself but then, I wouldn't be contributing to making SP financially successful. :-) - 8/12/2011   11:21:58 AM
  • 63
    I LOVE the idea of these mixes. However, I do not own an iPod, is there another option? I just got a Droid at Christmastime (but haven't learned how to put music on it yet). I'd love to find another way to get my ears ont his music to get me moving! Suggestions?
    - 8/12/2011   11:16:47 AM
  • 62
    I am going to check out the Motivational Music on iTunes! - 8/12/2011   10:58:58 AM
  • 61
    I'd love to see a rock mix... - 8/12/2011   10:55:01 AM
  • 60
    I love the song choices!

    My only concern is if the titles match the songs?! I want to buy some of the individual songs but then on the Motivational CD, it seems that some of the titles don't match the previewed song on iTunes...I don't want to buy the wrong song or I don't want to buy a song with the wrong title and then have to remember that "Good Vibrations" is really "Hot Blooded."

    Can this be looked into before I start clicking and spending money on the wrong songs?

    Thanks! - 8/12/2011   8:14:50 AM
  • 59
    I would need to know the BPM for each mix before I would consider buying... - 8/12/2011   6:39:02 AM
  • 58
    There are so many mixes, but I'm with others... using i-Tunes is really too limiting. But then our cell phones are Samsung and no SP apps for them, either.

    Mixes Ev (EVWINGS)
    made for herself for exercising while in cancer treatment:

    Native American
    Healing classical (Harps, flutes, etc)

    She said she'd remove my SP membership if I didn't tell just for fun or things to look forward to after treatment. And she's just the one who could, too!

    Show Songs
    Big Band Sounds

    And for all:

    For the Praise and Glory

    Her hubby,
    Bob - 8/11/2011   11:35:13 PM
  • 57
    Do I have to have Itunes to hear samples? - 8/11/2011   9:54:45 PM
  • 56
    I like the new take on the songs :) new mixed with the old. Great idea and thank you! - 8/11/2011   8:20:29 PM
  • 55
    I sampled all of them and there's not many songs that I recognize/like. And they're all remixes which I'm really not a big fan of. I love the idea and love that you included a 60 minute workout on the cardio mix, but the song choices are a bit of a miss for me. Maybe next time! - 8/11/2011   6:24:56 PM
  • 54
    I also do not use I-Tunes. I have found mixes that work for me that go back a lot of years. Heavy stuff I used to listen to as a teenager. I also don't like remixes. One of my favorite things to workout to is the soundtrack for the movie Mamma Mia :) - 8/11/2011   6:09:54 PM
    awesome - 8/11/2011   5:44:51 PM
  • 52
    I downloaded the Inspiration Mix. I'm pretty sure I'm going to love it!! Since I'd already worked out today, will be using it tomorrow for exercise for the first time. - 8/11/2011   5:31:53 PM
  • 51
    Love this idea and the price is right. BUT, I'm not an ipod user. My Mp3 uses RCAListen format, which is (sigh) not compatible with Apple Mp3 technology. Still a great idea! - 8/11/2011   5:28:55 PM
  • 50
    Great idea. Throw in a Country mix please. - 8/11/2011   3:43:59 PM
  • 49
    No thanks. I agree with someone else who said you should make a C25K program with music that NON-Ipod users can listen to. - 8/11/2011   3:01:31 PM
  • 48
    See my previous post. It will load on a zune. I can check my other 4 mp3 players too if anyone really wants me to. - 8/11/2011   2:03:31 PM
    Thanks just what I needed to keep me moving:) - 8/11/2011   1:05:23 PM
    This looks like it could really be fun!

    Thanks for the collections!

    Chris - 8/11/2011   1:05:10 PM
    Thank you Coach! These look great - I have a lot of the originals on my workout playlists already so I love your taste. I would really love to see a Spark C25K download with a similar variety of music. Would buy it in a heartbeat! Thanks again. - 8/11/2011   12:43:33 PM
    Great idea! I don't have itunes downloaded as I use the zune software. But I might consider downloading itunes just to get the mixes and the workout plans. - 8/11/2011   12:04:13 PM

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