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New music can be a fun and inexpensive way to boost your motivation to work out. If you need some new tunes, look no further. I recently polled my followers on Twitter and Facebook for the best new workout songs they added to their own playlists. There is a huge variety in genres here, from pop to hard rock to hip hop to country—something for everyone! Here are their suggestions.

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12 Stones – Bulletproof

Adele – Rumour Has It

Avril Lavigne – Smile

Awolnation – Sail

B.o.B. – Magic

Bjork – Army Of Me

Blake Shelton – Honey Bee

Chris Brown – Look At Me Now

Chris Tomlin – No Chains On Me

Head East – Never Been Any Reason

Hyuna – Bubble Pop

Jennifer Lopez – On the Floor

Kutless – To Know That You're Alive

Lady Gaga – Edge of Glory

Lady Gaga – Scheiße

LMFAO – Party Rock Anthem

Mandisa – Good Morning

Mohombi – Bumpy Ride

Paramore – That's What You Get

Paulina Rubio – Sexi Dance

P!nk – Perfect

P!nk – So What

Pitbull – Give Me Everything

Queen – Body Language

Relient K – I So Hate Consequences

Rob Thomas – Give Me The Meltdown

Rob Thomas – Her Diamonds

Superchick – Rock What Ya Got

Tell us below: What's the best new song you've added to your workout playlist lately?

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  • 86
    Thanks for sharing some fresh motivation! - 12/14/2017   1:00:37 PM
  • 85
    Excellent music resource...thanks. - 11/28/2017   2:55:56 PM
  • 84
    good music list thanks - 11/2/2017   12:35:34 AM
  • 83
    The right music makes working out easier. - 9/20/2017   7:21:17 AM
  • 82
    "Shut Up and Dance" is great during cardio! - 8/16/2017   12:21:28 PM
  • 81
    in future blog posts like this with links, could you also please put the "mix by" version that you linked to? In this article, the Pitbull Give Me Everything link doesn't work on Amazon any more. But when I find the album cover, it turns out the entire album is the same song over and over, different mixes, some slower than others. So I'm not sure which one you were thinking of. I've started an ongoing project to take a lot of these workout music blogs and set them up as public playlists on Spotify (msdrpepper) - I have a few started and not finished, and the last one I did finish was the SP Christian Workout Music play list (
    wS5 ). Thanks.

    So, I arbitrarily selected some mixes. The Lady Gaga song was kind of the same way - couldn't find the exact album cover to narrow down exactly which mix (wasn't one I was familiar with.).

    here's the playback link for this one on Spotify "SP2011 What We're Exercising To:"
    bd - 9/15/2015   12:31:28 PM
    "Haunted" by Matthew C. Shuman - Downloaded it off of Amazon!

    Love this upbeat dance track ... gets you up and moving and makes exercising so much more enjoyable! :) Good luck! - 3/31/2012   12:34:48 PM
  • 79
    Love the lists from Nicole... thank you and more please! I previewed those I was not familiar with and downloaded several. It would be great if you would include bpm as well. These lists help me keep my workout music fresh (I need the incentive!) as well as introducing music I wouldn't otherwise even try or know about. Again - thanks!! - 9/1/2011   8:37:21 AM
  • 78
    I'm enjoying Pitbull's Rain Over Me with Marc Anthony as a new addition to my list. - 7/31/2011   2:32:36 AM
  • 77
    I love to dance around the house to old jazz vocal standards. - 7/29/2011   12:38:22 PM
  • 76
    When I do my work outs, I listen to a lot of Broadway and Disney songs. My favorite is "I'll Make a Man out of You" from Mulan, it's so upeat and energetic. I also like "Requiem for a Tower," "Black Sheep" by Metric, and "Go Your Own Way" by Fleetwood Mac. - 7/28/2011   11:32:32 AM
  • 75
    Nicole thanks for the suggestions. I have heard most of these songs in spin or other exercise classes but at least now I know who is performing them! thanks! - 7/27/2011   5:26:51 PM
    I love to use the club hits and dance pop stations on slacker radio. All of the music on these stations have great beats and uptempo music to get you going without paying for music downloads and playlists. - 7/27/2011   11:57:43 AM
  • 73
    Gold Guns Girls-by Metric was great in our spinning class. Really got me going. - 7/25/2011   11:37:46 PM
    Thank you for the song suggestions. I'll have to give them a try. - 7/25/2011   11:44:54 AM
  • BJACK11
    These songs will keep you going if you play them right before your done---this will give you extra 20 minutes-- after your songs --Play I'm your boogie man--k C-- then Do you wanna go Party--Kc sunshine band-followed by working day and nite --M Jackson--and this song gets me really going H A P P Y R A D I O--its an old disco song--but its lively---try it and let me know how it works for you--i will post more later--Bjack11 - 7/25/2011   3:01:54 AM
  • 70
    Motivation by Kelly Rowland - 7/24/2011   7:28:25 PM
  • 69
    Loving: Bruno Mars, Just the Way You are, and (almost feel silly saying so, but) Kesha's Tik Tok. I had put the clean version on my playlist b/c my kid likes it, but was running yesterday and it came up in the rotation and for some reason it was like eating an energy bar! - 7/24/2011   4:24:22 PM
  • 68
    Pitbulls's New Song "Pause" for Zumba Fitness it is great. - 7/24/2011   1:49:55 PM
  • 67
    Where's the metal? I enjoy listening to Megadeath, Metallica (older albums), Pantera, Slipknot, Children of Bodom, and Arch Enemy to name a few :P The heavy beats help me to run better and hit harder in kick boxing. - 7/24/2011   10:30:10 AM
  • 66
    Relient K - 7/24/2011   9:15:32 AM
  • 65
    I usually like most of the songs on these lists, but I'm not too happy with your selection this time around. You actually included Lady Gaga's song Scheiße on this list? Seriously? I'm from Germany and this song kinda offends me...
    Plus she can't even speak the language and what she says doesn't even make any sense. I looked up the lyrics and finally understood what she's singing about but still... Definitely NOT something I'd want to work out to! - 7/24/2011   2:44:43 AM
  • 64
    My favorites are Just Dance (by Lady Gaga), Tik Tok (Ke$ha), Break My Stride (Matthew Wilder), Evacuate the Dance Floor (Cascada)...I like dance music. :) - 7/23/2011   10:53:24 PM
  • ATGHR10
    Thanks for the list!! - 7/23/2011   7:55:18 PM
  • 62
    I love trying new songs! Thanks for the list. - 7/23/2011   7:22:41 PM
    Joss Stone "Put Your Hands On Me," Lady Gaga "Money Honey" or "Boys Boys Boys," and Franz Ferdinand "Ulysses" are some I have to hear every day on my walks. - 7/23/2011   12:06:12 PM
  • 60
    I love Beyonce and I am an 80's girl, so 80's music gets me going too. - 7/23/2011   10:20:08 AM
  • JSC143
    To all my Christian music folks out there, check out Family Force 5.....good stuff! - 7/22/2011   11:08:34 PM
  • 58
    I love anything by Pitbull....especially his new album Planet Pit...HOT! - 7/22/2011   11:04:21 PM
    I love Katy Perry's California Girls or Firework and Pink's Raise Your Glass! These are great suggestions. I know I'll download a few this weekend. Thank you! - 7/22/2011   5:14:56 PM
  • 56
    If you go to PLAYLIST.COM and open an account (free) you can make a playlist for free with up to 200 songs!
    Just wanted to spread the word!
    Have a great day Sparkfriends!
    Janet - 7/22/2011   2:19:05 PM
  • 55
    LOVE these music lists. THANK YOU :O) - 7/22/2011   1:37:29 PM
  • 54
    I love working out to Christian music, so I love that Relient K, Superchick and Mandisa were included :)

    And I have to agree with another commenter that Group 1 Crew's CDs are full of great workout music. Especially their latest. - 7/22/2011   11:37:06 AM
  • 53
    Holy Crap, how could I have forgotten such a self-empowering feeling and awesome beat as "Army of Me"!!!! Thanks Coach!! - 7/22/2011   10:41:41 AM
    If you like heavy, Blood of the Nations by Accept has me going lately.

    Beyond that, any Iron Maiden CD keeps me motivated. - 7/22/2011   6:37:46 AM
    We No Speak Americano by Yolanda Be Cool.
    Totally awesome and I just can't stop moving when I play this song. - 7/21/2011   9:17:58 PM
  • 50
    Group 1 Crew's Outta Space Love CD have some great songs. My faves are Transcend and Manipulation. - 7/21/2011   8:30:24 PM
  • 49
    I like synthy-pop/rock for workouts. Like Robyn, Friendly Fires, Cut Copy, Futureheads, Basement Jaxx, Chromeo, Muscles and some 80s stuff like Billy Idol, Michael Jackson, New Order, Prince, etc. - 7/21/2011   6:47:05 PM
  • 48
    Some of today's artist just don't cut it for me.
    So I listen to The Beatles, Billy Joel,Phill Collins,
    Celine Dion. That is just some of the old stuf that
    is still good. - 7/21/2011   6:10:07 PM
  • 47
    I prefer Alive by Superchick but they have several good songs. I love me some TobyMac too... - 7/21/2011   4:51:33 PM
  • 46
    I prefer to Walk/Workout to Gospel....I love Mary, Mary's "I'm Walking", Donnie McClurkin "I'm Walking, The Winans "It's Time", Marvin Sapp's "Fresh Wind", etc. - 7/21/2011   3:48:24 PM
  • 45
    I love 'Rock What Ya Got' these days. It is the go to song to boost my energy. I heard it for the first time on Make It Or Break It and haven't wanted to get it out of my head since. I'm also loving We the Kings "Say You Like Me." - 7/21/2011   2:49:25 PM
  • 44
    I am loving Lloyd right now to work out to. His new CD goes hard! - 7/21/2011   11:04:41 AM
  • 43
    Makes me wish I had an iPod!! I only recognize a couple of names: Chris Tomlin and Blake Sheldon. Makes me feel really old!! LOL - 7/21/2011   10:44:39 AM
  • 42
    Some of the workout music I have on my ipod is:
    American Woman- Lenny Kravitz
    I'm Not Afraid- Eminem
    Awake & Alive- Skillet
    Enemy- 12 Stones
    The Game- Motorhead
    I Stand Alone- Godsmack
    Princes of the Universe- Queen
    Standup- Fireflight
    We are One- 12 Stones
    - 7/21/2011   10:27:20 AM
    I love lists like this (spark you should feature more of them!) I also love reading through the comments to see what people work out to. Some of it may not be my cup of tea, but I like finding new stuff this way :) :)

    I will say this though, nothing on this planet could get me to listen to Chris Brown - 7/21/2011   10:09:24 AM
  • 40
    One of my favorite new songs is by ADELE and it's called Rolling in the Deep. great song.
    - 7/21/2011   9:38:51 AM
  • 39
    I am on a big Lady Gaga kick right now! Fun music to work out to! - 7/21/2011   9:02:07 AM
  • 38
    to each his own, I guess. - 7/21/2011   8:41:27 AM
  • 37
    I just want to say I love these lists - would love to see one every month! - 7/21/2011   8:33:59 AM

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