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My friend, Caitlin, often shares heartwarming links and stories. She's a blogger-turned-author and motivational speaker. Last Friday she shared this one. Whoa. I loved it!

Having been born without arms or legs, Nick Vujicic suffered bullying, depression and loneliness. Instead of letting this get him down, he fought back--by doing things people said he never could and inspiring others in the process. The Australia native earned a college degree and moved to the US, where he operates the nonprofit Attitude is Altitude. He's also recently engaged.

From Attitude is Altitude: "Imagine being born without arms. No arms to wrap around someone, no hands to experience touch, or to hold another hand with. Or what about being born without legs? Having no ability to dance, walk, run, or even stand on two feet. Now put both of those scenarios together: no arms and no legs. What would you do? How would that effect (sic) your everyday life?"

Watch Nick's inspiration video now:

One of the best quotes: "It's a lie to think that you're not good enough. It's a lie to think that you're not worthy."

Did Nick's story move you? What lesson did you learn?

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  • 46
    What an inspiration!! THANK YOU NICK! - 8/29/2011   10:02:19 PM
  • MIMI049
    Wow! Nick is such an inspiration in so many ways. God Bless Nick and his wonderful attitude! - 8/18/2011   3:58:15 PM
  • 44
    Wow. Nick is sharing a wonderful message and example. Hope everyone can share this with someone. - 8/14/2011   10:49:35 AM
  • 43
    What a powerful video and empowering message. He is truly inspirational. - 8/13/2011   9:37:24 AM
  • 42
    I have seen him a couple of times speak on the 'Hour of Power' program and he is fantastic. The attitude he promotes gives you the personal tools for you to follow. Thus you will have the tool to success. Very well spoken man!! - 8/11/2011   11:52:37 PM
    What a remarkable testimonial! After watching this video, it's not hard to feel a little ashamed about myself. However, it inspires me so deeply to reflect and strive to be much much better to myself and to others around me than I have been! Nick is definitely a gift from God! He's truly an amazing human being!!!! - 8/11/2011   7:01:10 PM
  • 40
    loved this video! shared it with my kids too. - 8/11/2011   1:51:36 PM
  • IAM_HIS2
    What a life touching story and a gift to all of us. I am haring this with my daughter who struggle about being different because she does not have a limb. - 8/10/2011   9:48:32 AM
  • 38
    He is a truly amazing human being.
    - 8/10/2011   8:56:29 AM
  • 37
    Oh do my problems seem small now..Thank you... - 8/10/2011   8:28:36 AM
  • 36
    Oh my god, I cried so much! What a lovely man and for being such a great motivational speaker. I often get down in the dumps or moody about things but I know I shouldn't. Videos like this remind me to not get bogged down by the small things and be grateful for what I have. I have a lovely family who will always love and support me. I have my health and feel much fitter now then when I weighed 60lbs+ heavier and couldn't go up stairs without getting puffed out. I may not have a job and often feel lost what to do with my life but I'm optimistic about my possbilities for the future and try to not get depressed. Thanks for this great link - I really needed this right now! - 8/10/2011   7:00:48 AM
  • 35
    Nick, you are the man! - 8/9/2011   11:46:07 PM
  • 34
    I am truly humbled and ashamed of myself for not thinking that I cannot do certain things because of the age or weight I am. How foolish I have been. - 8/9/2011   9:49:48 PM
    I saw this young man on tv a few years back when I was going through a bad time in my life. Did i fel ashamed after listening to him and what he had been through and overcame his diablilities. - 8/9/2011   7:48:55 PM
  • 32
    I'm pretty sure he lives a more active lifestyle than I do! That's humbling. I love his positivity and sense of humor.

    Also, am I the only person who thinks he's totally hot? - 8/9/2011   6:55:58 PM
    WOW - very inspiring and thought provoking. He really made me count my blessings and do an attitude check! - 8/9/2011   6:04:55 PM
  • 30
    I have seen several of Nick's videos and he is so awesome! I am a huge fan and so inspired by him! - 8/9/2011   5:00:15 PM
    Very motivating to see, what can be obstacles, being mastered in someone's life. A real eye-opener for us. - 8/9/2011   4:21:32 PM
  • 28
    Such an awesome, awesome man!!! - 8/9/2011   4:13:10 PM
  • 27
    I'm a huge fan of Nick Vujicic, he's an incredible human being. He just recently announced his engagement. You can find him on Facebook. Just do a search on FB under his name and join his fan page. His announcement is there.
    One more thing, go to YouTube and search for The Butterfly Circus. You'll be glad you did (no, I'm not giving away the surprise!) - 8/9/2011   1:37:56 PM
  • 26
    Very Interesting, he Make's my day I love it, My Husband Name is Nick also.
    Great Inspiration. - 8/9/2011   12:45:28 PM
  • TME4ME
    WOW is all I can say. How amazing is he? - 8/9/2011   12:07:18 PM
    What a way to start my morning! Wow! Thank-you so much for sharing this. I never heard of him before. And his message is just what I needed today.

    - 8/9/2011   11:43:38 AM
  • 23
    Interesting. - 8/9/2011   11:26:19 AM
  • 22
    Every time I see him, I practically burst into tears. I try and hold back, but most of the time they come pouring out. He is such an inspiration! - 8/9/2011   11:13:52 AM
  • 21
    What a lesson! This man definitely made lemonade out of lemons.! - 8/9/2011   11:03:21 AM
  • 20
    WOW! He is an amazing individual. Brought me to tears and I hope that he continues to talk to young people and reminding them that they are beautiful and worthy.

    Lianne - 8/9/2011   10:18:13 AM
    Very inspirational. Never give up in life.

    yddetbear - 8/9/2011   9:11:20 AM
  • LHUP7546
    Oh, boy! The next time I am tempted to have a pity party, I will remember NIck. What a great outlook he has! - 8/9/2011   8:55:54 AM
  • 17
    Thank you SP for sharing Nick's story. I had seen him on tv some time ago. He is simply amazing. I am grateful. - 8/9/2011   7:55:50 AM
  • 16
    I believe the next time I am feeling down, discouraged or sorry for myself for whatever the reason may be, I will be thinking about Nick Vujicic....Donna - 8/9/2011   5:47:03 AM
  • 15
    Wow! What an incredible man! He is truly an inspiration. - 8/9/2011   5:13:10 AM
  • 14
    Wow! Thank you for sharing! I found even the short video very moving and inspirational. - 8/9/2011   4:12:47 AM
    It is hard to smile when you are experiencing one of life storms. And hearing and seeing Nick do so, despite life's hardships is inspiring. I was deeply moved watching this. Amazing. - 8/9/2011   1:30:42 AM
  • BGBEAR624
    This video brought me to tears. He is a true inspiration!! - 8/9/2011   1:23:24 AM
  • 11
    I was fortunate to see him in person at my church this past February. An amazing young man. You can't help but think your problems are so small. In fact he doesn't think of his missing limbs as a handicap but an opportunity. - 8/9/2011   12:39:37 AM
  • 10
    He spoke at our church last year. Made me cry! - 8/9/2011   12:08:04 AM
  • 9
    Very touching and inspirational. It makes you thankful for what you have... - 8/8/2011   11:11:43 PM
  • 8
    Wow, unbelievable. What an inspiration. I envy his outlook on life. - 8/8/2011   10:50:31 PM
    I need not aspire to be "perfect" -- whatever that might mean -- but I need to be the best that I can with who I am and what I have. And I need not denigrate you to make myself seem better, but I do need to help you to be the best that you can be with who you are and what you have. The courage of my self-acceptance feeds the roots of our compassion. - 8/8/2011   10:27:30 PM
  • 6
    I've seen him on tv many times and each time I'm more fascinated than the last time I saw him. How dare we who are able-bodied not make the most out of life !!! - 8/8/2011   9:49:10 PM
    Nick' story was such an uplifting and amazing story! I love his quote that it is a lie to think you are not good enough and worthy! I just love his perspective on life. His attitude is a good attitude to have. Like my grandma always says that someone is always going through more than you are and she cannot be more right. We all must appreciate life and what life hands us more and choose to deal with our problems, trials and tribulations more positively and not take everything on. God bless Nick for reminding me of that reinterating that again for me. - 8/8/2011   8:22:41 PM
  • 4
    We have some of Nick's videos on DVD. I saw him the first time on God tube. He is such a motivation! - 8/8/2011   8:01:54 PM
  • 3
    Thank you Nick for spreading your message. We are all perfect, just the way we are. - 8/8/2011   7:10:01 PM
    Nick, is a perfect example of knowing, believing, and to love self. May God continues to bless him in everything he attempt to do. - 8/8/2011   6:42:47 PM
  • 1
    What an amazing person and story!! A great inspiration. - 8/8/2011   6:37:14 PM

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