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One of my favorite times of day to run is in the early morning before the rest of the world wakes. It’s quiet and gives me time to think before the craziness of my day begins. I prefer to run when the sun is already up, but at certain times of the year, that becomes more difficult. When I do head out in the dark, my first priority is safety. Although I never assume that cars can see me, I try to make myself as visible as possible.
I hear of too many runners, walkers and bikers out with no lights, no identification, wearing dark colors and expecting that everything will be fine and that cars will gladly move out of their way. Accidents happen all the time, but you can reduce the chances they will happen to you. Here are some of the products I recommend to help you stay safe and visible when exercising in the dark.
1. Road ID Supernova Light  ($14.99)

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I’ve used this light for a number of years. It easily clips to your shirt, hat or wherever is most comfortable. The light is very bright (so put it somewhere you won’t have to see it flashing), and traffic will have no trouble seeing it. Depending on the conditions, sometimes I’ll use two: one for oncoming traffic and one for cars or bikes coming up behind me.    

2. Reflective Hat ($3.15)

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Hats are a nice option when you don’t feel the need for a light (or just want extra visibility) but want to be seen. Not only will a neon all-over color or a reflective line help with visibility in the early morning or at night, they're also great for protecting your face from the harsh sun on bright days.  

3. Trainer Vest ($19.99)

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A vest like this one is lightweight and won’t get in the way as you're walking, running or biking in the dark. It also has a little tag in the front where you can put your contact information, in case of emergency. I always thought a vest would be cumbersome until I tried it. I don't even notice I’m wearing this one. 
4. Reflector Tape ($13.06)

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This tape allows you to draw attention to any part of you or your equipment. I find that the majority of my running clothes are black, making me nearly invisible to oncoming traffic at night. I love that I can put this tape on any piece of clothing and still get the safety I need.    
5. Reflector Sleeves ($8.99)

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These are especially good for runners and walkers, since your arms are constantly moving. I find these easily draw attention to me, and I can wear them in a variety of conditions.    
6. Jacket (Starting at $26.39)

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A jacket like this one is nice because it can also double as protection from wind, rain or snow if necessary. I prefer something lightweight and breathable with pockets that zip so that I have a place to keep my keys and identification. 

7. Identification ($14.95)

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I have a small I.D. that clips to my running shoe. The reflective clip outlines my contact information as well as an emergency phone number for my husband. It’s so important to carry some kind of identification, whether you’re out walking in the middle of a sunny day or on a rainy morning before the sun comes up. Should something unexpected happen along your route, you want people to know who you are, especially if you have any medical conditions.
In addition to wearing the right products to help you stay safe and visible out on the roads, always make sure you’re aware of your surroundings. If you wear headphones, make sure they are turned down low enough so you can hear oncoming traffic. Use crosswalks, sidewalks and bike paths whenever possible. Always tell someone where you’re going and what time you will be coming back. Most of these things are common sense, but it’s easy to forget when you’re busy trying to get out the door. Be a good example and take the time to make sure you’re safe—you never know who it might be helping.
What are some things you do or wear to make sure you stay safe and visible when exercising outdoors?

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  • 70
    Safety has to be most important! - 5/22/2017   12:20:59 PM
  • 69
    I bought from Amazon 4 reflective,arm,ankle bands for $8.00 a set of 2,they also have 3 lights in each with 3 settings and come with a battery, I also bought clip on lights for my runners for $7.00 a set of 2 with battery and at a warehouse store 1 hour from home they sell the regular reflective construction vests in a light material with more yellow and orange mixed in one size for $3.00 each. I have heard the headlamps have caused oncoming traffic to see them 2 blocks away & have caused accidents because they are too high and hit them in the eyes. - 5/13/2017   11:03:48 PM
  • 68
    Not a night time runner - 5/2/2017   3:43:21 AM
    Interesting - 4/30/2017   7:14:39 AM
    interesting - 4/10/2017   2:22:31 PM
  • 65
    I wear a light reflective vest in a big enough size to go over my winter jacket at this time of year, and a smaller one in the summer. - 4/9/2017   1:30:47 AM
  • 64
    Thanks for an informative article! :) - 4/7/2017   9:07:43 AM
  • 63
    Great ideas! - 4/6/2017   1:47:15 PM
  • 62
    The reflective hats are very useful to have. RoadIDs are great for those doing trips or hiking/biking in more remote areas... - 3/31/2017   11:08:44 AM
  • 61
    That shoe ID tag is a GREAT idea! Thanks! - 3/26/2017   4:31:38 PM
    I pretty much stay indoors after dark. With all the distracted drivers out there, it's safer. - 3/26/2017   1:02:57 AM
  • 59
    Great ideas! - 3/23/2017   9:57:05 PM
  • 58
    thanks! - 3/23/2017   1:31:32 PM
  • 57
    Great info- Thank you! - 3/21/2017   9:39:24 PM
  • 56
    GREAT points! - 3/21/2017   5:38:30 AM
  • ZRIE014
    very good. - 3/21/2017   12:24:49 AM
    This is all good information. - 3/20/2017   1:01:08 PM
    This is all good information. - 3/20/2017   1:01:07 PM
  • 52
    Amazon has a lot of cheap reflective items and items with lights.I prefer items with lights and not reflective for the same price. I ordered a set of flashing lights for my runners for $6.00 and a set of wrist bands and ankle bands with lights for $6.00 a pair and am ordering a set of arm bands with lights that are 14" to fit the top of my arms for $8.00. A lot of the products called arm bands are wrist or ankle bands on amazon,you must look at the measurement and see that they are 12-14". I walk the main streets where there is lots of traffic at night. Also note that some products do not include lights,so order the products with lights included as they are the same price. - 3/19/2017   1:45:53 PM
  • 51
    As an open water swimmer a brightly coloured swimming hat is an essential. I've looked for and cannot find a bright neoprene hat (rather than latex or silicon) - no one seems to make one - so I have to choose between being visible or being warm. Someone suggested wearing the bright silicon hat over the black neoprene, but I couldn't keep it on my head, the silicon kept pinging off. Manufacturers please note - this is what we need! - 3/19/2017   4:53:49 AM
  • 50
    If you exercise outside after dark, these are all essentials - 3/19/2017   12:36:37 AM
  • 49
    i always wonder why people walk in the street when the subdivision has sidewalks. not safe. I use the sidewalk when walk outside but prefer treadmill most of the time. - 3/18/2017   4:25:24 PM
  • 48
    In our small town I am surprised at how many people walk at night - without any reflective clothing - and wearing dark clothes! Have to be extra careful for pedestrians. - 3/18/2017   3:24:47 PM
  • 47
    Thank You so much for posting this "OH" so useful information!!!
    Great stuff!! - 3/18/2017   1:30:50 PM
  • 46
    Great info! Being seen is good, it avoids accidents. - 3/18/2017   12:48:40 PM
    I use a head lamp and I walk with my dogs this is fun in the country - 3/18/2017   12:05:37 PM
  • 44
    My kids gave me a reflective vest for Xmas and a co-worker gave me a head lamp. Seems acquaintances had mentioned seeing me on the road early a.m. in the dark and commented how dangerous they thought it was. I am VERY aware of traffic but in the very early a.m. not all drivers are as careful as they are in daylight :-) - 3/18/2017   11:02:59 AM
  • 43
    We have worn various vests over the years - usually finding new ones with more reflection or other features (one I have now zips up the front and is more cloth-like. It has pockets on the inside so I can put "doggy poo" bags, or a sack for picking up recyclable items etc.). Fun story about wearing out vests one night, my son and I were walking in the summer, right about dark-thirty, and a police car drove up alongside us. They both complimented us for wearing vests, saying that our vests had reflected in their headlights some half mile or so away!! So they gave us each coupons for a free ice cream cone from one of the local hamburger joints (not a national chain, but a regional chain with at least 10 or so in the city/county metro.). So that was nice! - 3/18/2017   10:45:02 AM
    Better to be seen than viewed - 3/18/2017   10:42:45 AM
  • 41
    We walk our dog at night and I wear a head lamp and sometimes hang a small flashlight around my neck. - 3/18/2017   7:55:33 AM
    Thank you for the info - 3/18/2017   2:15:28 AM
  • 39
    I got vests for my son and me to walk at night in the summer - 3/16/2017   11:37:43 PM
  • 38
    Excellent article, good info. - 3/16/2017   11:09:21 PM
  • 37
    I agree...I almost hit this guy because he was crazy the street in the dark in black clothing....I did not see him.... - 3/16/2017   11:07:31 PM
  • 36
    Make sure you stay bright. - 3/16/2017   7:45:51 PM
  • 35
    Safety 1st, always. - 3/16/2017   5:54:41 PM
  • 34
    Extremely important. I walk at 4:30 a.m. when is dark. - 3/16/2017   5:28:20 PM
  • 33
    good idea. - 3/16/2017   4:55:14 PM
  • 32
    I run a lot at night and have lighted bands so everyone can see me easily - 3/16/2017   3:13:01 PM
  • 31
    I always carry an ID and my insurance card w/me in a fanny pack while walking or biking or hiking. - 3/16/2017   11:49:06 AM
  • 30
    My son does this - 3/16/2017   11:36:05 AM
    We walk on country roads and wear as much reflective gear as possible. Thanks for the great article. - 3/16/2017   10:43:43 AM
  • 28
    Thanks for the info - 3/16/2017   9:54:51 AM
  • 27
    Great - 3/16/2017   8:03:45 AM
    Thanks. - 3/16/2017   6:06:39 AM
  • 25
    Excellent info! - 3/16/2017   6:05:07 AM
  • 24
    Very informative article. - 3/16/2017   3:14:35 AM
  • 23
    I prefer night when its less busy for sure. I bought a New Balance reflective jacket and I also have one from the running room. - 3/16/2017   1:54:21 AM
  • 22
    didnt know about the reflect tapes and hat thanks - 3/16/2017   12:26:46 AM
  • SHEZAM101
    Very informational post!! Getting motivated to work out is hard for me. I have been looking for an app that will help me with that and I found SonicSole’s running app. It’s pretty cool and free!
    icsole/id1141835388 - 2/25/2017   12:20:51 PM

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