What Does it Take to Burn 5 Billion Calories?

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We've always known that SparkPeople members are pretty amazing. They're so positive, helpful, and dedicated to reaching their goals. They inspire others with their weight loss successes. And they know how to make healthy living fun and adventurous. But recently, our members accomplished something really BIG.

After years of logging their cardio workouts on SparkPeople.com, our members pushed us over the edge of a big milestone last week: They officially burned over 5 billion calories to date. Now this is no small feat (as you can imagine). It took dedication, a willingness to work out even when life got in the way, and the consistency of tracking each fitness goal and accomplishment. Congratulations to every person who make this possible!

To help you put this into perspective, here's what it takes to burn 5 billion calories:
  • Spinning (burns 509 calories per hour): It would take a class of 30 people 37 years of nonstop indoor cycling to burn 5 billion calories.
  • Walking (burns 324 calories per hour): A single person would have to circle the globe 2,479 times to burn 5 billion calories.
  • Running (burns 720 calories per hour) All 34,729 finishers of the largest marathon on record would have to run 45 marathons to collectively burn this many calories.

Pretty amazing, right? a time in history when sedentary lifestyles and weight problems are on the rise, SparkPeople members are reversing the trends. We're exercising, losing weight, drinking water, and improving our diets one person at a time! As our founder would say, that deserves a big "Woo hoo!"

Toot your own horn! How many calories do you typically burn each week? Whether 10, 100, or 1,000, every bit makes a difference. Tell us below!

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My goal is 1530 per week with two days off for recovery. From Sunday to yesterday my calories burned are 2439 with 3 more 1 hour days of cardio left to go, 2 days of strength training and who knows how much more snow shoveling :) Report
I burn between 2100 and 3500 a week depending on how much free time I have. Report
I average between 2500 and 3500 depending. :) It is fantastic to be a part of such and awesome group!! Report
I usually do 35 miles of walking/jogging and strength training and burn on an average of 4600 calories a week. Not sure how many I burn just doing daily domestic chores. My goal is to try and increase that to loose weight. I seem to be at a plato right now. Report
I try to burn my 1290 each week and finding more and more that I am going over that and it gets easier and easier---hoping to make it at least 1500 every week soon. Report
I usually burn 3500-4100 calories per week. I'm SOOOOOOOOOOO proud to be a part of the 5 BILLION calories burnt milestone!! We did it , everybody!! I'm very proud of all of us!! Burn baby, burn!!! :O)) Report
I burn over 10,000 calories a week. I LOVE to run, do aerobics & pilates.. I also keep active all the day long by doing loss pervention at a department store which I'm on my feet over 8 hours 6 days a week. PLUS housework counts as an activity!!!.. All I can say is keeping active keep me YOUNG!! Report
6000 my weekly goal, usually go over 7000 a week doing my cardio. Report
1800cal/ week is my target. Report
That's awesome! I do about 2100 a week but hope to double that after Christmas- I'm hopin' for a treadmill. Report
I usually burn around 3100 a week. But, I'm trying to up my burn to 3500.
More KICKBOXING!!! haa! Report
Since I have been at Sparkpeople I think I have burned at least 17,500 calories (I've lost about 5 pounds in the last 4 weeks) KEEP IT UP TOGETHER...Congrats to the 5 billion - WooHoo indeed :) Report
I am currently recovering from a foot injury but on a regular routine I usually burns 2500 calories a week, sometimes more depending on the distance I ran. Report
I burn 1200 a week in cardio alone, but I also do about an hour of strength training 4x a week, which I know burns alot of calories too! Report
Typically I burn anywhere between 1200 to a little over 2000 a week. But I am hoping to up that:) Report
I'm between 3000 and 3500... wow on the statistics! that is amazing! Report
Everyone here is such an inspiration!!! Way to go on 5 billion!!! Report
Around 1500 per week. WOW! some of the other posters on this blog are amazing! Report
I'm usually around 5,000-6,000 calories a week. Report
I just track exercise minutes, but probably 1200-1500 per week. Excellent article! Report
Since I've started on sparkpeople I'm in November, I'm averaging 1,900 cal/week Report
Typical week, 3936. Report
I usually just stick to my numeric goal of exercise minutes... Report
On a typical week approximately 3,000 but the last week less as we are snowed in and iced in and I am on a hill and can't get to the gym. Report
I average around 1650, and my goal is moving up. Report
My goal is 4000 a week but I usually over appr. 6000 a week Report

My average is 3500 - 4900 per week. 500-700 daily.

Lower these last 2 weeks but I'm working at it!
Anywhere from 2500-4600 a week. Report
around 3000 as well...give or take. Report
Around 3500-4000 per week. Report
i just started about a month ago and i'm somewhere around 2500 cal a week Report
Last week was pretty average so I'd say I log in roughly 3600-3700 calories a week. Woohoo for all of us! Keep in mind that even if you're only doing ten minutes of physical activity each day, that's ten more minutes than you were doing before you started getting healthy! Report
I was up to 6000 a week on average but had a tonsillectomy that messed me up the last two weeks. But I got back on the exercise band wagon yesterday and did 40 mins of Tae Bo! GO ME!!! I'm sure I will be back up to the 6K burn in no time! Report
900 cal per week is my goal from cardio Report
I burn about 4000 calories per week. 5 billion is amazing!
Before my surgery and other health problems I was easily burning about 1,000+ calories a week. i hate to be a curmeddgeon but the billion calories, is it real? I know a lot of people record their workouts in the beginning of the month. Do they really end up doing those workouts? Just a little thing that has been bothering me since SparkAmerica started. Report
That's AWESOME!!
I usually burn between 1300 and 1500 per week. Report
I usually burn around 2500 calories a week. Report
996 calories a week is my average. I hate exercise, but I love line dancing, water aerobics, Tai Chi, and now I am into weight lifting.

I am also loving myself more because I thought I was too old to move. I am on my way to being a lot thinner. I have lost 63 pounds with Spark People and I am determined to loose 45-50 more. Not bad for a senior citizen. Report
well, I've done 25,431 min. this yr. Enough said? And I've gone through 2 major surgeries this yr. to boot! Report
In the past three years I've established an exercise routine for the first time in my life. Yay! Sometimes I have trouble believing that sedentary old me has actually done this -- I do have a lot of help from a friend who encourages me to exercise, but I'm the one who's doing it! I burn at least 2400 calories per week. That's conservative; most weeks it's more.

Thank heavens for SparkPeople! I'm happy to be contributing to the 5 billion calories burned!

Sue Report
Wow! Thats an eye opener! Report
Boy, you all are great. I didn't realize how few I'm doing. I feel embarrased only burning 1,200! Report
I have a very slow heart and wear a heart monitor when I exercise, I do 4- 10 spin classes a week and burn only 300 -350 calories per spin class, not the stated 500+ calories in each spin class. I also walk and ride my bike and do fitness classes, so on average I burn about 4000 calories a week. Report
I went back and looked at my logs, winter time is about 5,000 and summer is closer to 7,000.
I try to exercise 120 minutes everyday, I log every day but I have not paid total attention to the weekly total but I would guess 7,000 a week, some weeks more some less. Leaving in Michigan always makes it a challenge to reach my goals in the winter but I am a member of fitness center so that helps. Report
My goal is 2000 a week, but if I keep my routine up, I should surpass that by several hundred calories. Report
I try to brun anywhere from 4,500-5,000. Great job everyone! Report
That is amazing - way to go fellow Sparkers! Report
When I first joined SP I was burning about 7000 a week. The most I think was about 8500. Because of my weight at the time I would burn about 1000cal an hr on the treadmill. Now I burn anywhere from 2500-4000, just depends on my goals for the week. Report
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