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You Asked: ''Why Do My Feet and Toes Go Numb While Using the Elliptical Machine?''

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Many people experience numbness or "pins and needles" in their feet (often in just one foot) when using an elliptical machine. For some, this sensation is a minor problem that only happens near the end of a long workout, but others may begin to experience it within the first few minutes of exercising.

If you only have this problem during your elliptical workout, it’s probably not a sign of a serious medical problem. It is most likely caused by your foot coming in constant contact with the foot pedal, which places pressure on the nerves in your feet for an extended period of time. This is different from the natural motion of walking or running, where your foot shifts the pressure from the front to the back of the foot with each stride.

There are several things you can do that may help minimize the problem:

1. Make sure you’re wearing well-cushioned shoes for your workout, and try tying them a little more loosely than you would for running or walking.

2. Avoid standing flat-footed on the elliptical foot pedals—try to duplicate the natural shift of weight from your heel to your toe during each stride. You could also look for an elliptical machine with "articulating" foot pedals that rotate around a central pivot (like the pedal on a bicycle), instead of pedals that remain fixed in the same position as they glide. 

3. During your elliptical workout, change your pedaling direction from forward to backwards every few minutes, and/or vary the incline level if your machine has that feature. 

4. Avoid long elliptical workouts. Try shorter, higher-intensity sessions, split your workout between the elliptical and another cardio exercise, or divide your workout into two sessions with a break in between.

If you frequently experience foot numbness at other times, you should discuss the problem with your doctor. It could be caused by a nerve disorder (e.g., Morton’s neuroma or diabetic neuropathy), circulation problems, or orthopedic problems that need treatment. 

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RO2BENT 5/14/2021
So annoying Report
MAREE1953 10/7/2020
Interesting, this happens to an exercise buddy of mine Report
CECELW 9/17/2020
I wonder how many times i've read this article Report
Interesting. Report
Mine is my narrowing of my spine that is pinching nerves Report
thanks Report
Yes! I'm so glad I found this! It only happens to me during my last mile on the elliptical. Report
Happens to me every time Report
my feet go numb just walking sometimes Report
Good information Report
Wow.....I thought it was just me. I never even mentioned this to anyone. Glad to know that I am normal. Report
Good information Report
Great info! Thanks! Report
great article Report
Thanks, Coach Dean for this great info! Report
I always thought that it was just me!! Report
If you are diabetic, numbness is common. Check with your doctor! Report
great information Report
Helpful! Report
Good Information! Report
Thanks Report
interesting information . . . . thanks! Report
Great information Report
Great to know! Report
It's not just ellipticals. My hands get numb when gripping the handles of bicycles ("real" as well as stationary,) and my feet go numb when horseback riding if all I do is walk. If I'm trotting, cantering, or jumping, it doesn't happen, so as the article stated, it must be due to constant pressure on a relatively narrow part of the hands and/or feet. Report
I've always had this issue but thought it was only Me! Glad I'm not going crazy or something isn't wrom)ng!! Report
Have always had this problem w/ ellipticals. Numb up at least to knees in matter of minutes. Feet almost instantly. Tried all these tips before & nothing helped. I prefer to run/walk, swim, bike -- so that's what I do. Never had these problems with those exercises. It is what it is, I suppose. No worries. Report
Good to know. Report
very helpful Report
This happens to me on my gazelle, which I guess is a form of elliptical. I'm so used to taking outdoor walks that it drives me crazy when I'm on my gazelle and my feet start feeling weird! Report
You can also try lacing your shoes differently! Report
This happened to me all the time! It would fade once I got home and got my shoes off. Then I took a 4-mile walk in the woods in the same shoes, and was woken up that night with blinding pain in my right foot (the foot that always went numb).
X-rays, a bone scan, several visits with an orthopedist, and a boot for 2 months. Doc could never decide if it was plantar fasciitis or hairline fractures. I have an autoimmune disease that can cause plantar fasciitis, which is one reason he was leaning that way.

Bottom line, if the numbness in the foot continues, or worsens, see a doctor. Hopefully you don't end up in a boot like I did. Report
I've always wondered if it's just me... but apparently not!
I did indeed start doing half of my cardio time on the elliptical and half on a bike. Now, we could talk about my bum aching after that as well... ;-) Report
Does anyone else have a problem with toe pain on the treadmill, and what did you do about it? Report
I wonder if the same reason applies to my feet going numb while commuting on my bike. I was constantly loosening my laces until my shoes were practically falling off. Perhaps I will try shifting my foot position on the pedals! Report
Yes I had the Same Problem Right at the 1st half hour of my workout although, started wearing well-cushioned shoes but my other shoes did make my foot numb so I'll have to start loosening the Laces when I use them. I would have to kind of Raise the front of my feet and do the Ellipticle on the heels of my feet till I got the feeling back in my foot. I'm Glad that someone showed concern to this because I thought it was just me :) Report
I always wondered why this happened to me! Thanks for the tips. Report
This happens to me on the step machine, too. Thanks for the info. Report
I have also wondered this, so glad that others experience it. Everyone kept telling me my shoes were just too tight, but this continued even after loosening the shoe strings! I will try shorter higher intensity next time it rains! Report
THANK YOU!!! i have always wondered why my feet fell asleep while using an elliptical. I actually stopped using them to work out because I hated the sensation so much. Now I try your tips and see if it helps me. :) Report
Must be something specific to the elliptical; I use the Lifestyler ARC for 30-45 minutes at a go, and my feet never go numb. I avoid the elliptical, because in addition to numb feet, it aggravates the arthritis in my hip.
Something to do with the motion (stepping motion of the ARC vs. the cycling motion of the elliptical, perhaps?) Report
I have been wondering, I know that I have some tendon issues and had attributed to that. (it may contribute as well) Thank you for the tips, I will use them in my next workout! Report
I was *just* commenting on numbness in my toes after a step aerobic workout. I typically do pretty intense workouts and end up "running" just on the balls of my feet, rather than shifting between heel and toe. I will definitely use the tips in this article the next time i work out. Thanks! Report