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Editor's note: Two of our favorite fitness bloggers have teamed up in a regular health and fitness podcast, and we've invited them to tell you more about it.

Tired of the same old tunes when you're working out? Want some aural inspiration for your weight loss? Shauna Reid, author of The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl, has teamed up with Carla Birnberg of popular blog MizFit to create a kick butt health and fitness podcast called Two Fit Chicks and a Microphone.

SHAUNA: Last summer I was deep in mourning after Jillian Michael quit her weekly radio show. I'd downloaded every episode! She used to ramble about her life then take questions from callers from all over country--just ordinary people sharing their fitness triumphs and problems. Celebrities with amazing abs are quite inspiring... but everyday people making their dreams happen? That's real inspiration if you ask me.

I couldn't find a substitute podcast so I thought... why not start one myself? I loved the idea of making something for people to listen to while working out, or to distract them at work when the cookies are calling their name. I roped in Carla Birnberg to be my co-host. I was a longtime fan of her MizFit blog and knew from her video posts that she was a great talker with a vast knowledge of all things fitness.

Carla Birberg and daughter Emma

CARLA: To know me in any capacity is to know how much I value COMMUNITY. Sure, my posts at MizFitOnline might be "fine" but its the COMMENTversation where the answers are really generated. As a result Shauna and I quickly agreed that our podcast should be a Podcast for the People. There are so many fantastic people online kicking butt with their health and fitness goals and NEVER enough time to visit/read them all. We wanted to create something that would celebrate all healthy living bloggers successes and serve to inspire US as well as others. We are also both committed to helping as many people as we can (we get a lots of email and Twitter questions) and a podcast seemed a good way of getting the answers to as many people as possible.

Shauna Reid

SHAUNA: Neither of us claim to be fitness experts--we're just passionate about healthy living and have a lot of personal experience when it comes to making big changes in our lives. I lost 175 pounds and bumbled my way to a healthier me. I've been blogging about it for nine years, so I'm a great believer in the power of online communities.

CARLA: I come from a different vantage point--and yet entirely the same. I lost about 40 pounds 17 years ago (not sure how that happened as I'm TOTALLY NOT AGING, right??) and have maintained that loss through clean eating and a love of all things weight training. I also owned a personal training studio back in the day--so I haul all that know-how along with me as well.

SHAUNA: We launched the podcast in September 2009 and held a Name That Podcast contest.

CARLA: The winner was Kepa from New Zealand, who has actually lost an amazing 260 pounds. He got up super early on Saturday morning to be on the show and announce our name--Two Fit Chicks And A Microphone.

SHAUNA: Technically we actually have two microphones. One is with me in my bedroom in Scotland and the other in Carla's home office in Austin, Texas.. Then there's Skype to bring us together. It's a highly sophisticated recording process!

CARLA: And sometimes we're Three Fit Chicks, as my daughter Emma frequently attempts to chime in and proffer her 4-year-old two cents. Then sometimes Shauna's husband Doctor G pops by to bring her tea. Then sometimes the phone will ring in the middle of recording, or Shauna will have a sneezing fit...

SHAUNA: So it's not a slick production! It's more like friends catching up and sharing stories over a cup of coffee. We're jusy on seperate continents and I'm usually wearing pajamas. We publish a new show every two or three weeks. Each episode has a theme, as they do on This American Life but we have slightly less elegant editing!

CARLA: One of our most popular themes so far was Running For Beginners. We have our very own resident running expert Julia Jones, a running coach and veteran of 29 marathons. She told us how to get started with running and answered listener questions. She even wrote a special 5K training program! She lives in Italy so it was crazy trying to coordinate three different time zones for the Skype call! Another favourite was the Goals Goals Goals episode... we shared our tips for how to set them and how to make sure you achieve them.

SHAUNA: Once we've covered the theme we answer listener questions. We've been asked about weight training, dealing with sabotaging family members, how to cope with the holidays and much more... anything goes!

CARLA: Then comes our favourite segment: Blogger News. That's when our listeners share their news via emails, Tweets or blogs. There's nothing more inspiring than real people getting out there and pursuing their goals. We like giving people a shout out. This stuff is worth celebrating and you never know: even if you don't send it to us, we may be trolling your blog and tooting yer horn for you! So keep listening in.

SHAUNA: We love news, big or small. We've had listeners overcome diet soda addictions, run marathons, reach weight loss goals, fit into smaller pants and triumph in triathlons. We're always on the lookout for new stories and I know all you SparkPeople are achieving fantastic things--so if you've got a triumph to share, visit our website and we'll give you a shout-out!

CARLA: We've kicking off our 2010 season this week the first episode of a new series called The Basics--how to get started with healthy food, exercise and and a healthier mind! So if you're full of New Year resolve be sure to tune in.

SHAUNA: We also have all the previous episodes on our website. There's also details on how to subscribe to the show in iTunes. Check us out at or find us on Twitter--

Have you listened to "Two Fit Chicks and a Microphone? Will you? Have you read Carla's and Shauna's blogs?

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The links in this story no longer work. The two fit chicks can be found on Facebook. Report
I started walking every other day and I'm sleeping better and didn't have a weight gain this week, lost a pound! so, it's working and I'm feeling better all the way around. Report
No, I haven't but I've listened to JOHN GABRIEL, who has "THE GABRIEL METHOD" as he is very helpful since he released well over 200#. Report
Sounds like fun, wonder if I can find it. Report
thanks ! Report
Wow, this looks like fun! I will definitely subscribe. I love to listen to podcasts if I am on a boring machine (rather than a fitness class). I miss Jillian's radio show too. I keep holding on to the dream that she'll bring it back. Report
I also miss Jillian Michaels's show and have been listening to Two Fit Chicks since they started. I listened to their most recent podcast during my Tuesday morning workout and was sad there weren't any more to listen to immediately. Great job, ladies! Report
sounds great super you two... Report
Woo Hoo! When I get back to my computer, I'm going to grab this on ITunes! Report
Well this sounds great for those who can access sound! Let us know if and when you come across any "shows" that are comparable and captioned as! yes!! Report
I'm going to have to check this out. Sounds like a really cool site with lots of information. Report
Sounds interesting. Keep up the good work and I plan to stop by for a visit. Report
I'm going to check this out, it's great information Report
I'm glad I read this. I'm going to look into this podcast to listen to. Maybe not while working out, but certainly in my free time, like while I'm studying or something. Report
Wow! I can't wait to get home and check these ladies out. Report
great website!! thanks for the info! Report
Makes notes to self to look up Jillian Michael's podcasts. :) Report
as soon as I get home from work, I will download their pod casts. I too mourned Jillian Michaels podcasts. I would love to find something to replace that loss. Report
I just went to iTunes and downloaded the podcasts, now to put them on my iPhone......Thanks for the info. Report
This sound like it's going to be fun to listen to. I can't wait to download.
Thanks! Report
Definitely checking this out now! Report
Excited about checking this out! Report
I'' have to check them out!! Thanks..;-) Report
I haven't checked this out but I will. Report
This is so funny since last night I was toodling around on itunes looking for podcasts and I found this one along with some other interesting ones....I haven't listened to them all yet and I appreciate this blog as a bit of I have a better idea of what to expect. Report
Will check it out! Report
Awesome! I am going to check it out! I miss Jillian's radio podcast. This sounds like a great replacement! Report
Definately going to check this out Report
Wow, I'm really excited about this and just subscribed to the podcasts on iTunes. I think the concept sounds really fun and informative, and will definitely listen to them on my iPod while I'm working out.

Thanks for always providing such great and interesting content in the Daily Spark! Report
I have not read anything from them (that I know of). I can't wait to check them out though. Going to iTunes next to subscribe to their podcast! Report
Going to check out the podcast - sounds like more great motivation and inspiration! Report
How exciting! I will be checking this out! Report
I love the community here. You all are so encouraging and supportive of each other.

Thanks again for welcoming us with open....eyes? ears? fingertips? :) Report
I had no idea Jillian Michaels had quit her show. However, I will skip the mourning process and simply move over to Two Chicks. It sounds like the perfect blend of energy, content, format, and co-hosts. Report
Sounds great - will check it out. Report
Thank you for the comments SparkPeeps and thanks SP for having us over! Like MizFit said in her comment below, we're all about the people... so be sure to drop us a line if you want to share your triumphs - big and small - on the air :)

-- Shauna Report
Can't wait to hear it. Report
I loved reading Sauna Reid's book!! Looking forward to checking out the website! Report
Sounds great & motivational! I just got an iPod Touch for Christmas so can't wait to start the downloads! Thanks in advance for your inspirational tidbits :0) Report
I discovered (stumbled via spark) Carla's MizFit blog yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed and spent more time than planned there! I love the global connectivity and non-polished format described here, and I (used) to be an avid listener of This American Life. Need my tunes for cardio, but this sounds like just the ticket to engage my mind & energize me through the afternoon slump, with a bit of tea! Going to download to the pod Thanks!
Lynne Report
Checked out the podcast and love it! Thanks so much for the heads up! Report
I miss Jillian too! Going to listen! Report
Oh man! Podcasts are my "go-to" motivation/distraction while working out. I will certainly be downloading the output from these ladies. Love it!!! Thanks for enlightening us!
I've never heard of either of them. Their personalities seem to shine through this interview. I don't have an iPod but I will check them out online. Keep up the great work, ladies! Report
Much much much love for the dietgirl and the mizfit. ;) Report
haven't listened to them yet but will. Report
Will have to have my son help me download your podcasts! I need all the motivation that can be thrown at me! Report
I just subscribed on Itunes today. Listening to it now. Looking forward to it! Report
Love ya, MIZFIT. You have been more of an inspiration to me than you know. Thanks.

The Happy Texan Report
I am SO excited to check this out!!! Report
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