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Stuff We Love: Cardio Dance DVDs from 10 Minute Solution

By , SparkPeople Blogger
As many times as I've received requests to create a cardio dance video, I have to assume that our readers love dance workouts. I do, too, but unfortunately, I'm not very good at creating or leading these types of workouts. I danced throughout my childhood and I still miss it as an adult, so I rely on cardio dance DVDs to get my dancing fix. Sometimes they can be disappointing. Other times they're too advanced. It isn't easy to strike the perfect balance of teaching fun dance moves without going over most people's heads, so I applaud those fitness instructors (or dancers in some cases) who can do it right.

Recently, I received a package from the folks at 10 Minute Solution. They make a wide variety of workout DVDs— toning, cardio, Pilates and more—that each include five 10-minute workouts, allowing you to choose a short workout or a longer one. Their DVDs have impressed me 95% of the time in terms of quality instruction, value, and workout variety. (So far, the only title I've tried that I would not recommend is their Kettlebell Ultimate Fat Burner, but we won't go into that here.)

Two newer releases of theirs impressed me all over again. If you're looking for fun, short cardio dance workouts that you can actually keep up with, look no further.

10-Minute Solution Dance Off Belly Fat! ($13.49

I really like Petra Kolber, the instructor of this DVD. I reviewed her Cardio for Beginners DVD recently and loved it, so I was happy to see another new title from her. She's an excellent instructor who does a perfect job of encouraging you without going overboard with the peppiness. I like her style and she does a great job of breaking down the moves and slowly adding on to them so that you can keep up with the routine. This particular DVD features a different dancing style in each of the five workouts: Latin Flavor Waist Sizzler and Dancer's Silhouette are just a couple of the workout titles. I like that she really moves around the room (as you can see from the preview below). The dance moves in this one have a broad appeal and each workout was markedly different from the next, which kept things fresh and interesting. Intensity-wise, it was not difficult. My heart rate elevated during the workouts (I did all five back-to-back), but it was low to moderate. It'd be better for beginners who need a lighter intensity workout or regular exercisers (such as me) who just want something fun and interesting to try. Here's what my co-worker Rachel, a 30-something mom of two said after she tried it:
"I love the 10-minute format in general. It is so practical for fitting in exercise and for people eager for variety. This DVD offers a fun sample of different dance styles while encouraging good posture and core strength. The first segment "Belly Blaster" (Latin style) was the most enjoyable in my opinion. For people who regularly exercise I consider this a "light" workout that is more about variety than intensity. I would include this DVD in a regular rotation of workouts on days when I need a quick workout or in the middle of the day for an energy boost."

Check out a preview of Petra Kolber in "Dance Off Belly Fat" by playing the video below or clicking here to see it on YouTube.

10-Minute Solution Hip Hop Dance Mix ($9.99

I had high hopes for this DVD. I think "hip hop" style is a lot of fun to watch, but I wondered if the instructor, Kristin Jacobs (a fitness professional and dancer with 20 years under her belt), would be able to teach ME hip hop. I have to say that she really delivered! I loved every workout on this DVD and thought that each one was unique in its own way. I danced my way through the entire DVD without even realizing how quickly the time was going by. I have to say that I felt like I was hot stuff learning these moves, but in reality, I probably looked really nerdy doing them in my living room. Oh well! I had a blast! Like the previous DVD, I didn't think it was a great workout (my heart rate was near the low end of an aerobic range), but it sure was fun. Kristin broke down the moves and slowly added on so that you can keep up with the choreography without getting bored.

Rachel (who loves dance workouts as I do) tried this title, too. Here are her comments:

"This DVD is very fun for 10 minutes or 50 minutes! I really appreciate that the workouts start right away. The dance routines seem like the right level of difficulty for most people. The moves are energetic enough for a moderate workout yet easy enough to 'really dance' after a little practice. Ten minutes of exercise goes by very quickly and I think most people will find themselves dancing for 50 minutes. Kristin Jacobs is fun without being cheesy and I like how she names the moves and lets you know what is coming up."

Check out a preview of Kristin Jacobs in "Hip Hop Dance Mix" by playing the video below or clicking here to see it on YouTube.

Overall, my only complaint about these and other 10 Minute Solution workouts is that the cool down and stretching segment at the end is almost non-existent. Some people will need more time to cool down and everyone should do some more stretches on their own than the instructors in these DVDs lead. If you're looking for a fun dance workout that's easy to follow and of lighter intensity, you'll enjoy these titles.

Do you have a favorite cardio dance DVD? Will you try the 10 Minute Solution dance DVDs?

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MILPAM3 9/10/2020
Slowed down at end to a walk, then did a stretch and a couple yoga moves. Report
I already have Shaun T's Beach Body dvd's that have Hip Hop dance moves and he gives me a great work out. I am not going to rush out and buy anymore Hip Hop dance work-outs. I bought quite a few of his and I enjoy them a lot. Report
I LOVE Petra's 10 min. workout! Also-- the Latin workout with Stella Sandoval. Also the lower body workout and kickbox 10 mins from Jessica Smith and Keli Roberts' kickbox. I also really like both Jennifer Gallardi's dance workouts. Report
I have the DVD "Dance Off Belly Fat". I never use it because she doesn't explain anything, just goes into the routines full speed. My son bought me "Dance off the Inches, Red Hot Dance Party". That is much better because it has a step guide. I highly recommend Dance off the Inches. Report
The hip hop dance video looks like so much fun! I really miss those nights when me and my girlfriends would go out dancing all night. I also like the idea of 10 min workouts so if I really just can't find the time to exercise, 10 min doesn't sound so daunting. Report
They both look like fun. I used to dance. I loved it. I think I can manage 10 minutes at a time. Report
This does look like good fun but I have two left feet and would struggle! I'm going stick with my cardio kickboxing DVDs but would consider this if I wanted a dance DVD. Report
Don't know if I could get that right??? :) Never say die. Luv it! Hope I can get this in South Africa. Magic Stuff!!! Report
Looks like fun! Report
looks like a lot of fun! Report
I have several of these and LOVE them. Once you get the steps (took me several times), they are fun and a nice change up in your workouts! Report
I love the 10 min solutions dvds! My favs are the kickboxing and the pilates. The bootcamp one is good and makes me sweat (I'm a runner/yogi/random assorted workouts) and I work out almost everyday! Report
Sounds like fun
First thing I need to do before start the videos, draw all the curtains together so that my neighbours can't see me prancing around, hehe. Hopefully I can find these videos or similar in my local stores (I'm old-fashioned, mostly buy things in physcial stores, not online, hehe) Report
I have Hip Hop Dance Mix. Some of the moves seem a bit tricky at first, but the instructions are good, so they're pretty easy to learn.

Great as a warm up for weight training or yoga, and, of course, it's pure fun. Report
I am so glas some one is here to help us pick the best programs to use.
I want to get at least 2 of the dancing ones. Report
I love dancing for my cardio workout. Actually, it's about all I ever do for my cardio. I have some hip hop dvds, belly dance, and hula. The hip hop is by far the hardest for me because I'm not very good with moving my body. I had to do hula and belly dancing every day for a week before I realized I had hips that I could sway. Then I stopped for a long time because of my baby and I lost everything my body had learned. I get the feeling I'm a not a natural dancer but I really enjoy it in any case.

However, I don't think I'll be trying these dvds out. 1) I don't have the money to buy any new workouts right now. 2) They move around the room a lot and my biggest room is very tiny. 3) The hip hop moves look a lot like the two dvds I already have and they've already proven to me that I need a lot of practice in order to do them. I want zumba dvds!! But they're so expensive. Sigh. Report
Wish I could try out some of these at the library! I'm really jealous of people who can do that! Unfortunately, they stock next to nothing here. :-(

I do 10-minute segments of Bollywood Dance with Hemalayaa And LOVE her DVD's. You can do one segment or a whole DVD if you want. Really gets my heart rate up and FUN!!

These look a little complicated for me - I'm notoriously uncoordinated - but I've added them to my wish list at Amazon for later. Report
They both look fun! If I purchase these, I would have to make a schedule for my two other dvds. Report
These look pretty fun to give a try. Hey, maybe folks should see if they are available at their local libraries first before buying any.
I think I will see if mine carries them to give them a go! Report
I just got the hiphop one, and I love it. I love the ten minute solutions, they so much fun that I don't notice so much that I am working out. And for someone as out of shape for me they are an excellent workout. I am always sweating by the end, but I have enough fun that they seem to fly by. I have three of the ten minute solutions and they are my favorite dvds by far. Report
This looks like fun, although I'll look like a doofus doing it. I used to do the Macarena Workout; sure, the Macarena is passe now but the tape is fun and the energy level is just right for a beginner who's pretty out of shape!! I wonder if it's still available... Report
i bought the slim in 6 workout plan off the tv and they have a 10 minute express workout it dosent really get my heartrate any higher i think its a waste of time Report
I think it would be fun to add to my workout program, but I worry about the lack of high calorie burn. I only have so much time to work out and I kind of subscribe to the "more bang for the buck" concept - I'd rather do something with a higher calorie burn when I'm limited on time. I'd have to think about if I would be willing to buy them knowing that they are at best a moderate calorie burn. Report
Because of this blog I bought one of the 10 Minute Solution DVD's
"Dance Off Fat Fast". (Only $10 at Walmart) It is great and easy to follow and really gets your heart rate going. The only question I have is how many calories am I burning for each 10 minute workout?? There is no info regarding calorie burning included & I haven't been able to find the info on the internet either. Can someone help so I can add it to my Fitness page?? Report
I think the Dance off Belly Fat is more my cup of tea but I'm willing to try almost anything at least once. Report
Wish my library had these. Report
These look like such fun and a great work out too. I would try them. Anything that gets you moving is a good thing. Report
It really looks like alot of fun something I can really find time to do
Thanks for the review, I always thought this work-out would be super boring but now I just may try it some time. Report
Thanks for this review - it's good to see the extract too. I love dancing and am trying to build up a few DVDs to dig into when I need some variety and motivation. This looks just what I need to add to the collection. Report
I would love to be able to do workouts like these, but I am so lacking in coordination! I can do one move at a time with enough practice, but as soon as they add another step I'm done. My body just won't follow. Report
i have to admit--i love, love, LOVE dancing. if you are interested in a workout that offers a beginner's option, breaks the steps down and WILL make you sweat--you may want to try Hip Hop Abs created by Shaun T and produced by Beachbody. and as the title suggests, you will work your abs through out the entire video series without, i repeat withOUT doing crunches. i do not get down on the floor. the follow up dance series also by shaun t is called rockin body. many of the moves you learn in hip hop abs provide the foundation for the disco (yes, disco for you gen-xer's), hip-hop and club moves you will be doing. the other thing i REALLY love about shaun T is that his background is in dance AND exercise physiology so you know that HE knows what he's talking about. he takes dance and uses the moves to burn fat, work your abs and strength train all at the same time. trust me--the longest workouts are 50 and they will go by SO fast, you won't even realize that you had been working out--until you feel it in your arms, abs, thighs and butt the next day that is... ; ) Report
I have gotten several of these at YardSales and thrift shops. They are alright, but I don't think the girls doing these know much. I like Denise Austin since she is an expert on fitness. Report
I love my 10-Minute Video! My mom and sister made fun of me, but I'm glad to see so many others enjoy these videos also! Report
10 Minute Solutions is REAL fun and REAL sweat and gets REAL results! The best thing about the ones I have is I can pick and chose what I want to do. I do a 10, 20, 30 minute WO or the whole thing. Each 10 minutes...I can do 10 a different muscle group...I can do another 10 minutes...and before you know it, you've gotten in 30 minutes of exercise that only seemed like 10 minutes! The one using resistance bands is the best, but I favor the dance ones, too. I hope I never have to choose just one that I like! They're all good. Report
I find dance videos are usually quite fun, but as this review notes about these videos, not particularly intense. I'd like to see some dance cardio workouts that push the aerobic aspect a bit more. Report
I love 10 Minute Solutions videos...i started my weight loss journey by buying Lara Hudson's 10 minute Solutions Pilates video...i procrastinated for a few weeks before starting my workout...but now it's part of my regiment...i can now run and follow other workout programs, but im forever indebted to Lara for getting me started... Report
shortly after reading and watching the Hip Hop exercises I went out and bought one. I love the exercises but need mention that the movements are aimed for a younger body. I am 61 and I need to modify my moves or else..... Report
Thanks for the review!! I am always relunctant to buy a video that I haven't seen. So glad to see the clips. I'll buy at least one, sneaking in 10 minutes will be easy!
I really love to work out with the Dance of the Inches DVDs. They are a lot of fun and really get my heart rate up. There are usually 3 different 15 minute dance segments and a step guide to teach yourself the moves before you actually try the dances.

Since I like dance dvds so much, I'll give these 10 Minute Solution ones a try from Netflix to see if they give me enough of a workout. Report
Looks good! This gal with 2 left feet might even try them! Report
I, too, really like Petra Kolber. I have her BREATHE workouts from a few years ago and I like the mix of yoga, tai chi and dance she used to create them.

My favorite dance video at the moment is Dance Off the Inches: Hip Hop with Jennifer Galardi. Galardi is pleasant to spend time with and the DVD has a step guide so you can practice the moves before doing the workout. I'm sure I look incredibly unfunky doing the moves, but it's fun. I have to talk myself into doing other workouts, when I'd rather do this one.

I also like Patrica Moreno's dance video for Gaiam. They've repackaged it at least once but I believe it was originally called Dancer's Body Workout. It's like taking a dance class. You learn the modern/jazz dance a few moves at a time and are able to dance it all the way through by the end.

I've been intending to try the Petra DVD you reviewed for a while. Now I'll have to move it up on my want list. Report
I know what I'm asking for for Christmas! Report
This looks like fun. I don't think I could get my moves to match hers though. Report
Helpful review, especially with the video clips. I enjoy dancing and just started zumba, The key is...even if you don't do the steps perfectly, just keep moving, and go at your own pace. If the intensity is too much, I just ramp myself down while still keeping up to the music. Baila! Report
I may see if they have them at my library to try out too.... Nicole, I wonder, do you have to see the video to follow the moves or do they explain them verbally? The clips didn't seem to have much verbal explanation and I wonder if I could follow them? I want to try some dance cardio, but so far all I have tried don't have very good verbal instruction and I'm not dance smart enough to know what some of the moves are.... What do you think about these DVDs for your blind fan here? Report
I want to try these for the days when I just don't feel like or have time to workout. Although walking works pretty well for that purpose. :) Report
As a lower-intermediate exerciser with little dancing experience, I appreciate video reviews and the comments, though I'm still not sure whether these dancing workout videos would be something I could catch on to, or not (yet)! Report
I have the "10 Minute Solutions" Yoga DVD, and I LOVE IT. I used it for a few months at home with a few friends because I was afraid of making a fool of myself by going to a yoga class when I had absolutely NO idea how to do anything. Instead, we had our "mini classes" in my apartment, me and 2 or 3 friends. lol It was a lot of fun, and taught me A LOT. After that, I moved to France for 6 months, and took yoga 2-3 times a week in French (I have my Bachelors degree in French), so since I was already familiar with the poses, I didn't feel silly, and I actually learned the French names for yoga. Since I've moved back to the US and joined a gym, I feel absolutely confident taking Yoga classes. I don't have space in my tiny little apartment now (even if it was just me! lol), but I would recommend these 10 minute solution dvds to ANYONE. They're fun!!! Report