A Dozen Fit, Healthy & Affordable Stocking Stuffers

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Do you have holidays on the brain? How about holiday shopping? You're not alone! I love thinking of new, personal and creative gifts to give to others. Usually it takes all the willpower I have to not give gifts early. I just get so excited! And OK, I won't lie…I don't mind receiving gifts from my own wish list either.

If you're looking for a small, but thoughtful gift for a friend or loved one (or even for yourself), I've rounded up a dozen of my favorite healthy products that won't break the bank (and will even fit into your stocking). 

180s Smart Phone Workout Gloves
I run and walk all winter long, usually with my iPhone in tow so I can listen to music, use my fitness apps, and even answer calls as they come in. But when you're wearing thick gloves, the touch screen doesn't work. Until now! Maybe I'm behind the times, but it wasn't until last year (after Christmas) that I got myself a pair of winter gloves that still allow me to work my Smartphone. I got two, actually: the one pictured here at left, which is thinner for runs that are cold but above 20 degrees Fahrenheit. And a second, super thick pair for my sub 20-degree endeavors. These let me switch songs, pick up a call and unlock my phone to view my running app without missing a beat—and are surprisingly affordable, too.

Total Body Sculpting Workout DVD
SparkPeople's new DVD is available in time for the holidays and is already getting RAVE reviews by major fitness magazines, including SELF, Shape, All You, PEOPLE Style Watch—and members like you. With three 20-minute workouts and trainers demonstrating three varied intensity levels, this title has something for exercisers of all levels, especially if fitness is on your list of goals to work on in 2013.

SmartWool Workout Socks

I am a sucker for wool: socks, shirts, scarves—I wear it all when I exercise outdoors come winter. One of the best investments I ever made in my exercise wardrobe was my wool socks. They cost more, yes. But they also last longer—and you need far fewer pairs. I blogged in the past about the benefits of working out in wool, and these socks are my go-to pieces of gear year round, actually. But they are especially warm, insulating and breathable in the winter. They make a great gift for anyone on your list!
Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Sport Bottle
Water drinkers who are trying to stay away from plastic but still get their H20 fix (that includes me!) love stainless steel water bottles, such those by Klean Kanteen. This particular bottle is long lasting, easy to clean and care for and has a sport top that makes drinking during workouts easier. This model even comes with its own cage to attach to a bicycle so that your new workout bottle will fit your bike—score!

butter London nail polish

I came across butter London when researching for a type of nail polish made without the harmful chemicals that give nail polish its strong scent). butter LONDON products are formulated without the use of the harmful ingredients like formaldehyde, toluene, DBP or parabens. I wouldn't say they are 100% "chemical free" but they're a great alternative. The smell is barely noticeable compared to traditional polishes, which means I'm "taking in" less chemicals into my system, and that makes me happy! They come in tons of great colors, from very traditional neutrals and pinks to bold blues and (my favorite) dark grey. In my experience, the results are just as great and long-lasting as traditional polish!
Clif Shot Gel
The endurance athlete in your life will love a stocking full of their favorite gel shots, which are used mid-workout (or race) for energy when your nutrition stores are becoming depleted. My favorites are Clif brand, and I've tried just about every flavor, but this Citrus one is the best (although Mocha is a close second).

Flavored Drink Packets
If you love water—and like flavored water at least occasionally—then some "water booster" packets can make a great gift. My favorites (pictured) are by Emergen-C (raspberry is the best!). You can buy them in large boxes of 30 packets, smaller boxes of 10 packets or even individual packets. These are a favorite treat of mine after a long, sweaty run when I want to rehydrate and get a few extra vitamins, minerals and electrolytes. Others may prefer Gatorade (I'm partial to the low-calorie G2), Crystal Light, or even Propel flavored drink mixes.
Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm
This lip balm is the bee's knees! I have used no other lip moisturizing product in almost a decade. It's all natural, lasts a long time, and has a delicious minty flavor. I use it year round and especially in the winter. If you suffer from dry, chapped lips, you'll love the minty tingle of Burt's Bees. This original one, which goes on clear, is my favorite—and my husband's, too. But it also comes in tinted colors and other flavors (like pomegranate).

Sport ID

This is a smart and practical gift for any walker, runner, cyclist or outdoor enthusiast (think camping, hiking, hunting). It's reflective for low-light visibility, small and lightweight, and fits to any pair of athletic shoes—or even a belt or lanyard. Inside is a personalized card with the athlete's name, emergency contact information and other life-saving or medical details. This allows for greater peace of mind in the event of an emergency.

Healthy Energy Bars

Forget the cookies, cakes and candies; you and your fit friends would rather receive some good-for-you snacks that also taste great, right? One of my favorite food bars is the Larabar, pictured at left. These raw, vegan, all-natural food bars have no fillers, no sweeteners and nothing artificial; in fact, most clock in at fewer than 5 ingredients. Yet for approximately 200 calories, they make a great snack and energy boost. My favorite flavors: Peanut Butter Cookie and Carrot Cake. Mmmmm…

Ecotools Makeup Brushes
I love Ecotools applicators. The handles are made of sustainable bamboo; the bristles are cruelty-free taklon and even the ferrules are made of recycled aluminum. Despite all these green details, they're also easy on the wallet and on the eyes, which a clean, simple design not only for the brushes but also for the various carrying cases that you can buy with the brush sets. These are a green girl's best friend!

Endurance Stainless Steel Straws
I bought a set (4) of these over a year ago and I'm so glad I did! I drink a lot of smoothies and protein shakes, which means I use straws pretty much every day. Since I try to reduce the amount of waste I create, I figured I'd give these a shot. They are great! I clean them with warm water and a pipe cleaner by hand, and even throw them in the dishwasher. I have used them hundreds of times in the last year. You can't go wrong with these and even just one set should be sufficient for a small household.
Which healthy gift would you like to pull out of your stocking this year? 

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JUDY1676 11/18/2020
Great ideas Report
Thank you for these great ideas! Report
Thanks Report
Awesome ideas! Report
Great ideas for the Hoildays Report
Great gifts! Report
I would not mind receiving these gifts. Report
fantastic ideas Report
Good recommendations... Report
These are all great ideas Report
A couple of pairs of wool socks would have been nice. I coach soccer and some of those early morning games are quite chilly. Seems my feet are always the first thing to get cold! Report
Road ID makes a bunch of different styles, the reflective shoe pouch a reflective bracelet or a slimmer silicone band with an engraved metal clip on it, My roommate and I both have the silicone band version and we each got two colors of band. Report
I would love those straws. I've never seen those before. Report
Great ideas. Thanks Report
The sport ID is a good idea, I wouldn't put it in your shoes. A family member was in an auto accident on his bike and the medic lost his shoes Report
Raspberry is one of the worst emergen-C flavors. The best, to date, that I have found is the pink lemonade one; highly recommend it! It's my go-to emergen-C flavor! Report
Great ideas! Report
I think most of these are too expensive for stcking stuffers at my house....I try to stay under $20 per stocking, I have 7 to fill. Report
My family has traditionally included easy to peel tangerines, an orange, an apple and a few walnuts as basics. We also get dental floss and a new toothbrush. Health related items aren't unusual. When I was 39 my eyes were starting to develop presbyopia and I got a pair of reading glasses. When I was divorced and starting to date again I found a package of condoms. Report
I like the straws! Report
Sport ID is great, but I have Road ID (same idea) very inexpensive and great for those who have many medical conditions/medications (like my husband). For him we bought an interactive one where all his medical information is available online (the access code is on the back of the ID) for an EMT to have ready access to. I wear a regular one and so does my son. Not trying to sell for them, but want people to know there is are options. I would love to get the gloves, it's cold in the winter walking my dogs! I have very long fingers so finding gloves that fit is dicey at best. Report
We have a bunch of stockings to fill, so I am often looking for "stocking size" stuff. My family counts on new socks each year, candy bars, toiletries...and many novelity items are at the Dollar Tree store. This place is great for budget shoppers! Report
wonderful ideas, but where do we purchase these?
Thanks for the link to the gloves! My husband rides his bike to work every day and could really use a nice pair of exercise gloves -- these are just perfect for his stocking. It never gets that cold here, but even 45 degrees feels darn cold to naked hands on a speedy bike. Report
interesting items, But iwill probably stick with Herbal tea, Hershey's pot of Gold
caramel collection( in moderation and one box and 1/2 for th freezer) . Report
For some of the suggestions please add where we could find them. Report
Great tips as I have never heard of some of these things before. Report
I'm frugal so I really don't buy much of these types of items. Report
What a great list!! I was trying to find an inexpensive gift for my secret Santa!! Report
The wool socks and the sport ID would be a wonderful addition to my Christmas stocking.
I would personally love the socks and the energy gels. I think the straws are a funny recommendation, but then I'm not really a straw person... maybe because I don't wear lipstick. Report
Cool, they have that Butter London at the Mall! I will see how expensive it is before I buy. I saw the the prices of regular nail polish today. I was browsing around Kmart and about fell over when I saw the prices. Uh......no, not paying that price! Report
Thank you for the suggestions. I ordered the gloves, steel straws, and some ear muffs that were suggested with the gloves. Looking forward to more enjoyable outside workouts this winter. Report
We have the rigid plastic straws and love them. Mainly because it's one more thing not going to the land fill. For cleaning use a pipe cleaner and for the dishwasher cut to size a piece of fine mesh ( think window screen or dry wall sand paper ) so they don't slip through. Chop sticks also appreciate this. Report
Yes, where are the pedometers???? Also whats a Fitbit..... Report
Straws (metal or rigid plastic). I will never forget a Defensive Driving Instructor (Paramedic - EMT) advising us to never use these, especially when in a car; he had lost count of the # driving through the mouth roof in accidents. Not meant to be a downer, just a word of caution. Not something that would have occurred to me.

Lara Bars are great! We get ours at Whole Foods.

Love the Sport ID. Many years ago I had emergency contact cards for my elderly parents that they slipped in socks with a zipper compartment and/or shoes, depending upon where they were headed. Report
Great ideas especially the reminder about the necessity of an carrying an ID when working out or for the hunter or fisherman on your gift list Report
Even if I don't get a Sport ID, that's a great reminder to have that kind of information with us, easily found in the event of an emergency. Gloves that are good when working out are great! Report
I like the idea of the straws but worry that I'd have a hard time keeping them from falling through the utensils basket in our dishwasher...

Otherwise, I'd take the socks because I need to replace my old athletic socks anyway since they are all at least 3, if not nearly 7 years old! Report
Good information. Report
The gloves can be replicated with any pair. Buy some conductive thread (which should be able to be found at craft or hobby store) and a needle. Sew a small patch where the pad of your finger would rest in the glove making sure to go through to the inside of the glove but not all the way through. BAM instant phone glove! You would easily save $20-25 per set of gloves. search the web for conductive thread and this project is one of the first results Report
Great ideas.......thank you! Report
Love these ideas. I also get the pocket size antibacterial gel each year from Bath and Body Works to give my family. It works great and helps promote them being healthy through the year. Report
Those gloves are awesome ( have a pair) and a pair of the socks also that lip balm great for any sport to keep your lips from getting funky. (LOL) - I like the straw idea. Report
I would like to get the straws, the brushes, the nail polish and, of course, the DVD! Report
I can't believe you didn't mention the Fitbit!
I want one soooooo bad, but can't afford it, and it's too expensive to ask for as a present. Report
energy boosters i will try the CLIFF ones and if good I will put them in stockings Report
I'm going to e-mail this to my family-hopefully these are available in the UK too. Report
I LOVED these gift ideas. More of these helpers, please. I'm gonna look for the sugar or fructose content too before I try...like the other sparker.

Please add FITBIT to your list. It's the BEST and inexpensive!!! Report