Fit to Be Tied: Our Favorite Hair Ties and Headbands

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High. Low. Half. Double looped. Triple looped. Smooth. Messy. Braided. Deconstructed. Bumped. No matter how you choose to keep your hair out of your face during your workout or throughout the day, nearly every style requires a handy helper (or two) to keep it in place.  

We've walked, ran, curled, squatted, interval trained and even relaxed with our hair tied back, stray pieces tucked in their places, as we put it through the paces of everyday living. Along the way we've tried an array of hair ties and headbands and we can tell you from trial and error that these brands and styles will bend and bow, stay put and keep the sweat out of your eyes—no matter what the day brings you.

Hair Ties

Goody Ouchless: As someone whose idea of "doing my hair" in the morning means putting it into a ponytail 90 percent of the time, I have come to depend on Goody hair ties to get me through my day, from workout to work to the kids' practices and everything in between. Goody guarantees each elastic through 100 ponytails, so you can feel confident that no matter how many times you re-do or readjust your pony throughout the day, it will last and last. And, since there are no metal pieces, you can pull your tie out without fear of breaking your hair. Plus, they come in a variety of colors and sizes so you can find the one that's just right for you.

Kenz Laurenz Hair Elastics: If you're looking for a hair tie that's a little fancier than your basic round elastic, give these flat, knotted ties a go. They won't leave a crease in your hair when you take your ponytail out, so they easily transition well from day-to-night or hairstyle-to-hairstyle. The 100-tie value pack means you'll be well stocked for a little while at least—since elastic hair ties are as good at disappearing as they are at keeping your hair back.


Lululemon Fringe Fighter: Amanda Kanaga, our chief revenue officer, likes these Lulu headbands because they maintain a great grip on her hair throughout all of her workouts. We also like them because they come in such cute colors, are a little bigger than the typical elastic headband and can be scrunched up or pulled wide depending on your needs and your style. The couple of inches of elastic tucked away at the base of the headband means more versatility in fit.

One Up Bands: A big fan of the ponytail-headband-combo hairstyle, Jen Mueller, our community director and fitness coach purchased one of these One Up Bands headbands before her most recent half marathon. She was sold on its ability to stay put and not bug her behind the ears—a common complaint of the ribbon-style headbands. These bands also come in a huge assortment of colors and designs, and you can choose from a standard 20-inch size band or select an adjustable style if you're unsure of fit.

Bondi Band: If you're looking for a headband that pulls double duty to tame flyaway hair and wick sweat, the Bondi Band can do both, and then some. Melissa Rudy, our health and fitness journalist, has one of the four-inch Bondi Band headbands and loves it. "It never budges the entire time I have it on, no matter how vigorous the workout. Also, it’s super lightweight so doesn’t give me a 'headband headache' like so many of the others do," she says. Plus, they're super affordable.

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