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Over 2 Million Members Sparked!

Thanks for Helping Us Reach this Milestone

A few years ago, a small team started with a goal to SPARK millions of PEOPLE to reach their goals. Today, we have literally reached millions of people—over 2 million, to be precise! In early October we officially registered 2 million members and counting!

We want to thank all of the SparkPeople members who have "Spread the Spark" to their friends, family members and even strangers over the years. Your enthusiasm to share SparkPeople with everyone you know has helped us reach this milestone much sooner than we ever thought possible. For everyone who participated in our "Spread the Spark to 2 Million" contest, thank you! We just notified our two winners by SparkMail; long time member ReshapeMyLife referred one of our newest members GlamerousGirl.

When informed that she had won ReshapeMyLife was ecstatic, commenting:

“Just wanted to let you know that this is just the best day ever! Winning the $222 prize just tops it off. Yesterday I was so excited that GLAMEROUSGIRL joined so that I would have an accountability partner right here in my building. I am teaching at a new school this year and she is just down the hall from me… Right now, Spark People is one of the most positive parts of my life.”

As SparkPeople keeps growing, we promise to continue adding the tools, features and functionality that you, our members, ask for. In return, we ask that you simply continue using the site to support your healthy lifestyle goals, and continue to help us "Spread the Spark" to millions more!

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    Although I am brand new to the program, I am very impressed! This site has everything I need to be successful. I joined the National Body Challenge site first, but I had a very difficult time finding the links and information I need. Fortunately, a SparkPeople member listed this site on the NBC site, so I was able to find it.

    Your calorie tracker is so easy and fun to use, and I especially like the Sparks points! I absolutely believe that this site will motivate me to finally lose the 80 pounds that I have carried around for way too many years! Whoever designed this site is a genius!!! Thanks!