Ding, Dong! Turn Halloween Into a Calorie-Busting Workout

By , SparkPeople Blogger
The candy is supposed to be given away, a prize for the little trick or treaters hiking up hills both ways to hit every house in the neighborhood before the sun goes down. That's the plan, anyway. But when you're sitting there by the door for two, maybe three hours, that huge bowl of fun-sized candies staring you in the face, it can be really easy to grab one, then three more, and a few more before calling it quits for the night. They're bite-sized and harmless enough, after all.
Even though it's just one night, Halloween can be a terrifying trap for your health goals. You don't have to fall in the fun-sized hole, though. Instead of grabbing every candy that crosses your path Halloween night, use the cute, scary and downright clever trick or treaters as an impetus to workout. The concept is simple: We matched some of the best Halloween costumes with an exercise move. When that doorbell rings, check out the costumes, deliver the goods to each trick or treater, then perform the move while you wait for the next group to arrive. Get in the spirit by throwing on your best Richard Simmons getup and get sweating!

How do you avoid Halloween candy temptations?

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This is a fun article. Thanks for sharing. Report
CHERRIET 10/31/2019
Trick or Treat in my neighborhood just ended; we had a slightly lighter turnout due to the cold but I did over 3,000 steps just getting up, walking to door, passing out treats/toys, walking back to chair & sitting down at computer. Report
HOTPINKCAMARO49 10/31/2019
Great article! Report
CECELW 10/31/2019
I don't get a lot of trick or treaters here. We live in the country. I buy candy just in case anyway Report
CECTARR 10/31/2019
Thanks Report
KATHYJO56 10/31/2019
Great ideas Report
GETULLY 10/31/2019
we generally get around 45-60 kids. We make a fire in our moving fireplace and I sit and spin beside it. Keeps me warm and draws the kids. But with the snow we might not get that many. Report
VICKYLYLES 10/31/2019
We only get one group of trick or treaters. I plan on getting on the elliptical when I get home from work. Thankfully I don't like chocolate! Report
LIS193 10/31/2019
Great moves Report
MARYGOLD5 10/30/2019
This is a great idea, but we don't usually have trick-or-treaters here. Report
SHOAPIE 10/30/2019
Don’t have trick or treaters anymore. Report
SHERYE 10/30/2019
Thanks Report
SIMPLY_JAE 10/30/2019
Thanks Report
PLCHAPPELL 10/30/2019
Good set Report
NELLJONES 10/30/2019
Cute! Report
This was such a great idea! Very effective & pretty good sweat Report

How do I avoid candy temptation on Halloween? I don't have the candy in my house. Report
I'm so doing this!!! I do the Superbowl workout every year too!!!! Although I have still promised myself I can have candy but only 1 of each spread out over the next week or so :) Report
no trick or treaters for us Report
Awesome exercise ideas! Cute article! Report
This a cute and a good idea, but we don't get trick or treaters. Report
My trick or treat exercise is get up, walk to door, pass out treats, back to chair. Repeat about 2 dozen time. Report
I wish we got trick or treaters! Great idea!
This could be done year around by changing it to things that you see on TV, for example. Like, every time you see a political ad on tv for one exercise, food ad for another exercise, personal product ad, cleaning product ad, prevention ad, etc. Or every time the phone rings or everytime you electronic devise chirps. Use your imagination. Report
Very cool! Nice workouts. Report
Love the Halloween themed workout. So cute. Report
I have a confession. I have been known to give into temptation during the holidays. I indulge, but I try not to over indulge. I know I can have candy any time I want. So I try to be choosy when it comes to picking out a treat. I tend to go for the home baked desserts instead of the mini chocolates. There was a time when I'd eat the fun size candies mindlessly. Now I am a lot more mindful. Report
Cute idea... cuter idea yet..? Do it in your own costume! Report
It does use calories. Report
I don't do the trick and treat thing. Bouncing up to open the door every so often is no longer fun. Report
Keeping healthier snacks near by can offer an alternative to dipping into the goodies too. The workout idea sounds pretty good between visitors. We can space our candy snacks out later Report
Yup. Going to do it. Report
Great way to have fun and exercise! Thank you! Report
I would have it easy, never get any Halloween trick or treaters here Report
This is awesome Report
By the time that 200th kid shows up you'll be collapsed on the floor from a sugar rush fitness craze. Report
Thanks!! Report
Great idea, but we don't usually have trick of treaters. We are too rural and they like to go where there are a lot of houses for more treats. Report
LOVE this!! Great idea!! Report
Great ideas! Happy Halloween! Report
What a fun idea! And healthier for me! I just hope there aren't a lot of babies in animal costumes or a lotta characters from a book! Report
Great! Report
What à great idea! Love it! Report
It's cute to have a theme! Report
Happy Halloween sparkers!!! Report
Love this!! Report
C'mon haters, give SP a break! This is a clever way of taking your focus off the candy and putting it on the kids and costumes. Many ppl like to give out candy, but don't want to eat it themselves, and the temptation of the hours is difficult. Good job SP, for helping some reframe the day into something that fits with their health & fitness goals.

My solution - I turn off the light, close the curtains, and hide in my livingroom watching movies. We don't have many kids in coming to our neighborhood, so it doesn't pay to keep the porch light on for three hours for the 3 or 4 kids who might show up. Report
Boo-some! Thank you Report