Food Showdown: I Scream for (Slow Churned) Ice Cream!

By , SparkPeople Blogger
All of a sudden, the extent to which your favorite ice creams are "churned" is becoming important. Now we have slow churned, extra churned, double churned--what's with all the churning, and what does it really do?  Well, ice cream manufacturers have been experimenting with churning their mixtures longer, hoping to improve the texture and flavor of the lighter (low-fat) versions of their full-fat favorites.  Which of these two creamy flavors is lower in calories than the other: Edy's Slow Churned Rich & Creamy Chocolate ice cream, or Breyer's Half-Fat Creamy Chocolate?

The Winner: Edy's Slow Churned Rich & Creamy Chocolate Ice Cream!

The Edy's Slow Churned Chocolate flavor is lower in calories than the other slow-churned flavors, including its similar-sounding Breyer's competitor. The Edy's Chocolate ice cream contains 3.5 grams of fat and just 2 grams of saturated fat per 100-calorie (1/2 cup) serving.  Breyer's Creamy Chocolate is slightly higher in calories (110) than the Edy's variety. On a good note, it only contains just 3 grams of fat per 1/2-cup serving.  When selecting ice creams, look for keywords like light, low-fat, or even frozen yogurt, and make sure to measure out one serving size--just because it's ''light'' doesn't mean you should eat the whole carton in one sitting!

What's your favorite low-fat frozen treat?

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XREPHA 9/23/2020
How about blending frozen bananas and a little almond milk? You can add other frozen fruit for a fruity ice cream or unsweetened cocoa for chocolate ice cream. Then pop it in the freezer for 30 minutes The possibilities are endless. No funky ingredients, all natural. Yummy good. Report
Thank you. Report
RYCGIRL 6/3/2020
yum! Report
USMAWIFE 4/25/2020
thank you Report
GEORGE815 4/13/2020
Thanks Report
LIS193 3/8/2020
Thanks Report
FISHGUT3 2/25/2020
thanks - Edy's is good! Report
TERRI1458 1/10/2020
I agree with this information Edy's is my favorite! Report
LOSER05 10/8/2019
yum Report
thanks Report
thanks Report
I enjoy ice cream a little too much! Report
Turkey Hill black cherry gets my vote!! Report
like ice cream but need more than a half cup so seldom have any Report
Thanks Report
My favorite ice cream? Homemade Keto! Sugar-Free of course! Check out Carrie Brown’s 52 Keto Ice Cream Scoop Cookbook. Favorite flavor? Haven’t tried them all yet but so far it’s SASSY GOAT ICE CREAM. Mmmmm #Keto Rocks (Down 61 pounds in 7 months) Report
I love ice cream! Report
I'm going to enjoy me some ice cream later tonight. Report
I love halo top icecream!! High in protein, now in calories and fat, high in flavor, all natural Report
thank you for the new info Report
thanks Report
I am all for more healthful ice cream Report
Thank you for the info Report
Read food labels before buying Report
When I do have ice cream, I always go with the slow churned version. Thankfully, sweets is not my problem. I am more of a salary/starchy snacker. Report
Be careful with Bryers. It is not ice cream. It says so on the container. It says "frozen dessert". It will not melt. It is a bunch of chemicals. Go to YouTube and type Bryers will not melt in the search box. And watch and see for yourself.
I blend frozen fruit in a blender with some rice milk or other milk and protein powder ..that is my ice cream substitute. Report
My favorite was Edy's slow churned ice cream until I tasted Halo top. Now that is my favorite. Report
I only buy slow churned or freozen yogurt. I've found that Edy's is the lowest in fat and calories even compared to some frozen yogurt Report
This looks amazing... It's fustrating that the serving sizes are usually way smaller than what an average person would eat, becuase you don't realise just how much you've just eaten. Report
I agree, Eevee. Always gotta check first! Report
You really need to read the labels. I have noticed that some frozen yogurts have been higher in calories than the less expensive ice creams for the same serving size, and the ingredient list is usually betteron the ice cream (usually Chapmans for me) Report
Since this is something I rarely want.....when I have it...I have the real thing! Report
Homemade ice cream that is vegan, Carob flavor. Report
Ice cream is one of my downfalls, too. I love it! I like the Skinny Cow Fudge Bars for snacking. Don't do it every day or every week, but if nutrition allows, sometimes after dinner. I like the slow churned ice creams. They taste pretty good to me, but don't eat them very often. Report
Well, now I really want ice cream. It's my uncontrollable food (along with marshmallows) so I just don't have any in the house. If I do give in to temptation and buy some, at least now I know which would be the least damaging to go for. Report
Edy's slow churned chocolate and dulce de leche are my favorites... so creamy and rich tasting without the extra calories. Report
Both are GMO. I'll pass on ice cream made with fish genes. Report
We love ice cream but Hubby is a diabetic and we don't like the sugar free ice cream so we have cream but just a small amount now and then maybe six times a year that way we can still have the full flavor of reg. ice cream.I love the choc.sandwiches they are the best!. Report
I agree. Compare the ice cream shops instead of the labeled brands Report
I can read labels. how about comparing some of the ice cream shop brands? their information is harder to come by (for you too, I guess). Report
Good news - this is one of my favorite ice creams Report
Good news - this is one of my favorite ice creams Report
not my thing. Report
Breyers' Smooth and Dreamy Dark Chocolate is my favorite and is awesome! Report
I prefer frozen yogurt. Turkey Hill or Kemps at the grocery store. But the best is from Sweet Frog (cafe). Report
I don't eat ice cream, slow churned or other wise. Report
I try not to have ice cream in the is my downfall. If we do buy it, I make sure it's a flavor I'm not too fond of. I usually eat Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches. Very yummy. Report
For me the answer is ONLY take out as a special summer treat that way it's already portion controlled.! Report
I'm not a big fan of sweets but it is nice to have something cold & delicious. Especially with it being summer now & all :) Report