Find Your Ideal Activity With the Exercise Flowchart

By , SparkPeople Blogger
The American College of Sports Medicine recommends that all healthy adults engage in at least three to five days of cardiovascular exercise, at least two days of strengthening work and at least two days of stretching. Use this handy flowchart—designed by trainer and fitness author Rachel Straub—to find the ideal workout to meet your goals for any given day. 

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DANAEBOYCE1 8/14/2020
Kayaking is a good beginner activity as well. Report
Good info for someone who isn't sure what type of exercise to start with. Don't forget that Youtube is a great resource for at home workouts. There's a lot of variety, from cardio to weight/resistance training, Pilates, walking, dance, Yoga, etc. Report
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Flow charts are interesting things. I hated them in school. I hated them at work. I doubt I will like them now. Report
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Interesting way to help with planning. Report
I can do this myself. The only information needed was how much time should be devoted to each grouping in a week. Report
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I love flowcharts. This is amazing. Report
Thought this would help answer the very first question as that would be more valuable to me. The stuff beyond that seems a little obvious, not really targeted at achieving the balance or recognising crossover activities that fit in more than one category (e.g. rowing, yoga). Good it helps others though Report
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Some of these workouts are not really healthy. Report
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