Find Your Ideal Activity With the Exercise Flowchart

By , SparkPeople Blogger
The American College of Sports Medicine recommends that all healthy adults engage in at least three to five days of cardiovascular exercise, at least two days of strengthening work and at least two days of stretching. Use this handy flowchart—designed by trainer and fitness author Rachel Straub—to find the ideal workout to meet your goals for any given day. 

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HRTBRKR2013 2/16/2019
Thank you for this information. I needed it and I shared it on facebook and pinned it on Pintrest. Report
ELRIDDICK 1/27/2019
Thanks for sharing Report
Helpful visual. Report
DJ4HEALTH 8/21/2018
Thanks Report
TCANNO 8/9/2018
Hard to figure Report
Flow charts are interesting things. I hated them in school. I hated them at work. I doubt I will like them now. Report
SIMPLY_JAE 3/19/2018
very helpful Report
RD03875 3/13/2018
Thanks for the post Report
EO4WELLNESS 3/13/2018
Interesting. Thanks. Report
SHOAPIE 3/12/2018
Let’s do it. Report
HOLLYM48 3/12/2018
Great article! Report
ARMY_MOM17 3/12/2018
...thank you... Report
EMGERBER 3/12/2018
Interesting way to help with planning. Report
LUV2DNS 3/11/2018
I can do this myself. The only information needed was how much time should be devoted to each grouping in a week. Report
RAPUNZEL53 3/11/2018
Nice! Report
JAZZEJR 3/11/2018
Good chart Report
I love flowcharts. This is amazing. Report
QWESTING 3/11/2018
Thought this would help answer the very first question as that would be more valuable to me. The stuff beyond that seems a little obvious, not really targeted at achieving the balance or recognising crossover activities that fit in more than one category (e.g. rowing, yoga). Good it helps others though Report
DMEYER4 3/11/2018
thanks Report
VHAYES04 3/11/2018
Thanks Report
97MONTY 3/11/2018
Great information Report
AZMOMXTWO 3/11/2018
thank you Report
AZMOMXTWO 3/11/2018
thank you Report
AZMOMXTWO 3/11/2018
thank you Report
PICKIE98 3/11/2018
Some of these workouts are not really healthy. Report
Thanks Report
PATRICIA-CR 3/11/2018
Great!!! Report
CHELZANNE 3/11/2018
Love this! Thank you! Report
MARTHA324 3/11/2018
Need to print this chart. Today is planned as I signed up for a new spin class. Report
RO2BENT 3/11/2018
helpful Report
I really like the flow chart and have saved it for easy access. Thanks! Report
JANET552 3/11/2018
Interesting Report
NEPTUNE1939 3/11/2018
great Report
KRISZTA11 3/11/2018
Great flow chart.
It may be helpful to create a weekly exercise plan as well,
or a semi-flexible schedule,
depending on how busy each work/weekend day it is. Report
AMYRCMK 3/11/2018
Thank you Report
Excellent Report
KHALIA2 3/10/2018
This flow chart was very helpful. Thank you! Report
Great charts Report
NANCYPAT1 3/7/2018
Great chart if you can follow it. Report
NANCYPAT1 3/7/2018
Great chart if you can follow it. Report
NANCYPAT1 3/7/2018
Great chart if you can follow it. Report
KHALIA2 3/4/2018
Great ideas! Thank you! Report
SUNSET09 3/4/2018
This is oh, so helpful, SparkFriend. Thank you Report
SUNSET09 2/24/2018
Good information, SparkFriends and thanx! Report
Thanks for the info! Report
Could be fun!
For those who what to copy it: copy and paste to a word doc then print, I do it all the time because I can never find things again. Or google the name of the article including sparkpeople, that'll get you there too. Report
Great recommendations, thank you 😊 Report
Spot on recommendations for me. Report
This is prefect for beginners. Report
thanks for sharing