9 Cool Breakfast Ideas for Hot Mornings

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I love a warm bowl of oatmeal in the morning, but come summer, the last thing I want is more heat in my day. This past Monday was one of the hottest days we have experienced this year (in the upper 80s) and the air conditioning in our office was broken (and off all weekend). When I arrived at work with my already-cooked oatmeal in my thermos, I was in for a sweaty surprise. I'm too young for hot flashes. This oatmeal has got to go for a few months!

"I need a healthy breakfast alternative to oatmeal for the summer!" I updated my SparkPeople status. And within minutes, ideas from members came pouring in. I figure that some of you are also looking for some cool alternatives to hot oatmeal, so here are some of the ideas I got from other members like you!
  1. JAMIEMARIE922: How bout fruit smoothies with protein powder?
  2. NANCY-GIRL: PB&J. I have one every morning now.
  3. WOODSYGIRL: Hmmmm...maybe some yogurt with fresh fruit and a little flaxseed?
  4. KASHMIR: Greek yogurt and fresh fruit!
  5. CUBANJELLY: Almost Cheesecake (cottage cheese, cool whip, vanilla pudding powder) with fruit!
  6. ~*CONALD*~: Kashi mixed with yogurt and fresh fruit is filling and refreshing
  7. LADYROSE: Check out Caitlin's blog (healthytippingpoint.com) - she does uncooked oatmeal. Mix with yogurt, or applesauce, pumpkin, etc. It's pretty good.
  8. RAINBOWSMITE: I love doing just 1/4 c. organic vanilla yogurt, a few almonds, and chopped berries if I have them, and a sprinkling of raw oatmeal!
  9. GINGER2814: Have you ever tried overnight oats [from Kath Eats]? Her recipes are amazing and she uses all whole foods. You would love her blog! [Here are some cold oats recipes, too.]
I like all of these cold oatmeal ideas, so I may have to try those tasty looking recipes! Lately, my breakfasts have consisted of cold cereal (I like Flax Plus) with fresh strawberries and vanilla almond milk, or the occasional scrambled egg with Ezekiel 4:9 Sesame bread, toasted. Come summer when berries are more abundant, I like to eat a super sized bowl of whatever's in season, topped with vanilla yogurt and a little touch of granola or cereal. Some mornings, I'll opt for a PB&J like NANCY-GIRL suggested, drink a big glass of cold water and eat—my favorite—a few prunes. (Seriously, they are good. Try them!)

Do you change your breakfast choices as the weather changes? What are you munching on each morning?

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Does anyone know of Ezekiel bread without soy products? If so, leave a comment on my page. My innards hate soy! Report
This is great and a lot of great ideas. I had a bowl of cereal special K with fruit and yogert early this moring and mid morning when I got hungry I had a hardboiled egg with wheat toast. I made a sandwhich with it. Report
Hot oatmeal is gone for the summer. If it is cold and rainy, it comes back for that day. Otherwise I eat a lot of cold cereals. Flax Plus is my favorite. There is more in season fruit in my house during the summer so I tend to have more fruit with my breakfast. Report
I usually have half a 4 egg omelette with sausage, green peppers, mushrooms and cheese. Keeps me going till noon. ( I don't eat grains so oatmeal & cereal is out for me, besides I'm hungry 2 hours later if I did).
WW Report
Thanks Coach Nicole! What a great blog with lots of helpful ideas for changing things up! I mostly eat oatmeal with any number of variations but sometimes a vegetable omelet or eggs and lightly buttered toast (homemade whole wheat bread). Report
I just had a bowl of multigrain Cheerios along with some fresh strawberries mixed in. YUMMY! Report
I live in the Caribbean where it's hot most of the year. I make smoothies, using (mostly) whatever fruit is in season. Sometimes I add oatmeal, sometimes Brewers Yeast or ground Flaxseed. I use either yogurt or frozen juices in making the smoothies. Filling and delicious! Report
Thanks for all the great ideas will need to try some. Report
Egg bagel toasted with parkay soft spread butter, fruit cottage cheese,
orange juice.
scrambled eggs with herbs. bacon! sometimes can't go without protein
you know. Report
Hot weather bothers me too, because we use our air conditioning sparingly. I like Muesli cereal, straight out of the box, with milk. I get mine at Whole Foods. I have also made muesli bars using a recipe from the Mayo Clinic: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/he
. They're good for breakfast on the run, and for healthy snacks too. Report
I eat oatmeal year round, in the summer of course if the air conditioner is on!!! Or I'll add in frozen berries which cool the oatmeal considerably! :) Report
Yes, I cook oatmeal the night before with non fat milk, add my favorite wild blueberries and put in fridge. Next morning it's like a cold pudding. Often add cinnamon. Report
I love Kashi go lean, the smaller suggested size of 3/4 cup with cottage cheese1/4 cup this is a cold crunchie breakfast. It is not fast but i do beleive in allowing the mouth to begin the digestive process by chewing our food. That is what it is meant to do. I used to do smoothies and had digestive problems. Then I realised the blender is chewing my food without benefit of my salivary enzymes that moving my jaw activates. Chewing smoothies seems counterproductive so I gave up smoothies and gave up my digestive problems. I realise this is no longer a quick breakfast but I feel it much better for me in the long run.
PB and Banana or Apples , Prunes chopped small or sliced other fruit are so much better for the body when no sugar or artificial sweetener is added.
Pat in Maine. Report
Oatmeal, oatmeal, oatmeal Report
PB&J is good, but better is leaving out the J and adding 1/2 mashed banana..delish, as Rachel Ray would say, and more nutritious!! I like mine on toasted whole wheat bread, but you could also use pita bread.. Report
I grow a lot of my own berries - so it's almost berry smoothie time...but instead of milk or a powder as thickener, I use bananas... Sometimes I put both the berries and the sliced banana in the freezer for a really concentrated smoothie...if I need some liquid, I just add a little OJ...delish! Report
My biggest problem is getting in the protein without ramping up on fat and cholesterol. Solution - Greek yogurt, with Special K protein plus, half serving of Fiber One cereal. Cool tasty and packed with what I need to start my day. Report
1/2 Fiber 1 cereal, 1/4c plain yogurt, berries of choice and 1/2 c Silk soy milk. So good and refreshing. Report
Whole grain toast with a few tablespoons 1% cottage cheese, some fresh fruit or jam on top is great! Report
I tried to save this to favorites, it calls the article "Dealing with Hunger and Food Cravings" (although the text is correct), and it shows up on my favorites list 4x. Something is behaving not quite right with the SP software.... Report
I eat my steel cut oatmeals every morning. Report
I'm still eating blueberries about three quarters of a cup thicken with three table spoons of oatmeal and water cooked three and a half minutes in microwave and it turns out like blueberry pie filling... great for just before swimming then I eat breakfast after swimming Report
yogurt with raw oatmeal with a banana in it. I keep several different low fat cereals to mix with yogurt and a little fruit.. So quick easy and portable. I have measured up my cereal in serving sizes to grab as I go out the door. also makes a great snack to in the hot afternoon!! Report
I love cottage cheese with fruit or anytime a PBJ......that is a complete meal for me... yummy... and fills me up too. Or slice of cheese melted on a slice of multigrain bread Report
Yummy! Report
I'm not the only one who eats PB&J for breakfast? lol Other breakfast sandwiches I like are egg salad (hardboiled egg mixed with a little mayo on bread) or PB and banana.

Nothing wrong with milk - when it mixes with your stomach acid it'll curdle anyway, whether the weather is hot or not! Report
Hot weather quickie - scrambled egg white with salsa on wheat bread...keeps me full and satisified. Report
Awesome ideas since I too have been in the 90's or near 90's for a month. I like cold and easy for myself and the kids. Report
Not too much since most of the time it is pretty warm where I live. I love cold cereal or oatmeal with fresh fruit. I do yogurt with an whole wheat English muffin on the side with some mellon. Nice cooling breakfast Report
In the upper 80's???

We've been in the mid 90's for a month :-(

Fresh fruit, especially tropical fruit, is good.

Avoid the milky meals, as the milk will curdle inside of you if you get too hot. Report
I like a hard boiled egg - quick, easy and cold. Report
scrambled egg whites with salsa Report
1 c. frozen fruit
.5 c. skim milk
.5 c. low-fat plain yogurt
1 tsp sugar
Around 200 calories, depending on what kind of fruit and what brand of yogurt Report
I love sunrise parfaits for a cold breakfast. I make four servings at once and just store them in the fridge. I use whole wheat couscous, which is high in fiber and protein. I cook 2 servings of couscous and then split it into 4 bowls. Here is what to put in one bowl:
1/2 serving of couscous
1 cup frozen wild blueberries
1/2 cup low-fat vanilla yogurt
1 tbsp wheat germ
1 tbsp ground flaxseed

Thaw the blueberries if eating right away. Otherwise, the blueberries will thaw in the fridge. You can top this with granola, but I prefer it without, and granola adds calories too. My recipe is right at 300 calories, 13g protein, and only 7g fat. Report
The other day I had Fat Free French Vanilla Yogurt (Stonyfield) with sliced strawberries and a little pineapple and a packet of oatmeal, it was very good and definitely filling! Report
Don't forget about cottage cheese! Super high in protein and fabulous mixed with fruit and cereal (Kashi Go Lean Crunch is my favorite) Report
Thanks for the great ideas. I am always looking for something different (especially something light because I'm not a big breakfast eater) for breakfast. I look forward to trying these recipes. Report
My latest discovery is half a cantaloupe, seeds scooped out and filled with 0.5 c greek yogurt and more cut up fruit or blueberries on top. Would be good with a drizzle of agave nectar or honey, too. Half of cantaouple sounds like a lot, but is only 90 calories. Even with all the other stuff it only around 250 calories.
I'll just stick with my raisian bran and lactaid milk. Report
My new love is plain nonfat greek yogurt with one table spoon of peanut butter and a sprinkle of granola. It is awesome and filling and healthy!! =) Report
I pb on toast and a big glass of soy milk most mornings. Sometimes I have cheerios with blueberries and soy milk. Report
Yogurt parfait with layers of dry cereal & fresh fruit. Report
the overnight oats sound good...think i'm going to try that for breakfast tomorrow Report
I've been having greek yogurt, berries and flaxseed meal - breakfast of champions! Report
Yogurt! With fresh fruit or granola...something so refreshing about the cold and creaminess of the yogurt mixed with the crunch of fruit. Report
overnight cold oats, with raisins, or other dried fruit, till the fresh comes into season.
cold leftovers are also favorites for me, but then, i'm a bit weird. Report
Love the way oatmeal keeps me full all morning. I will have to try the cold versions. Thanks Report
Rice cakes and raw almond butter. Trader Joes carries both. Report
LOL I thought I was the only one who had the oatmeal hot flash effect.LOL as much as I love oatmeal it has got to go in the hot summer on the east coast in the deeep south. Not good. So I needed these idea. I might have to resort to sun green tea too hot to drink hot tea. Report
Raisin Bran and nonfat milk, 8 oz of orange juice, and a banana.

A 'small' Kroger bagel (which still weighs in at 2.75 oz), 2 Tbsp of Jif Reduced Fat Peanut Butter, and 1 oz Neufchatel cheese (low fat cream cheese).

Having 2100-2300 calories a day is a luxury. Report
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