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18 Worst Winter Heartburn Triggers

Don't Get Burned! Heartburn-Friendly Seasonal Favorites

-- By Megan Patrick, Staff Writer
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Winter is the season when we crave comfort foods that stick to your ribs and warm your heart. But if you suffer from heartburn or GERD, many of your favorites may turn out to be "discomfort" foods. Here are 18 of the worst wintertime treats for heartburn sufferers, along with suggestions for how to enjoy your cold weather favorites without the burn.
18 Winter Heartburn Trigger Foods
Hot Chocolate
✘ Nothing warms you up like a nice cup of cocoa on a cold day, but the chocolate, a common heartburn trigger, will also cause your chest to burn.
✔ Decaffeinated herbal tea is better choice for heartburn sufferers.

Irish Coffee
✘ This winter warmer includes two major heartburn no-no's: coffee and alcohol.
✔ Go for a warm spiced apple cider instead.

Loaded Baked Potato
✘ If you load your potato with high-fat bacon, butter, sour cream and cheese, you'll be making a heartburn bomb.
✔ Try light sour cream or plain yogurt instead and use toppings like black olives and broccoli instead of heartburn-inducing tomatoes and green onion.

Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup
✘ When you were a kid, your Mom probably gave you grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch on a cold winter day. These days, the combo of tomatoes and cheese will likely result in a burning sensation in your chest.
✔ Try turkey with light mayo on toasted bread with a cup of chicken noodle soup for a warm, heartburn-friendly alternative.

Macaroni and Cheese
✘ Mmmm, mac and cheese is good. But all that fat will lead to a heartburn flare-up.
✔ Try making a low-fat version with whole wheat macaroni instead.

✘ With fatty meat, onions and a heavy spices, this winter dish is pretty much guaranteed to cause heartburn.
✔ Try a white chicken chili instead; just go easy on any spices the recipe calls for.

✘ If the cheese doesn't get you the tomatoes will.
✔ Go for a delicious butternut squash lasagna instead.

Eggplant Parmesan
✘ Fried eggplant, tomatoes and cheese all combine to make a heartburn nightmare.
✔ Try warm honey garlic grilled eggplant instead.

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