9 Body-Positive Quotes to Boost Your Self-Esteem

By , SparkPeople Blogger
No matter how much time you put in at the gym or how thoughtfully you nourish your body, everyone suffers from body-image issues from time to time. When you need a little boost of self-esteem (and who doesn't), here are 9 of our favorite quotes and mantras. (Each quote is a separate image so, if you find one you really like, you can right click it to open in a new window and print it out.) Be sure to "Pin" this page to revisit when you need to be reminded that you're good enough as you are (right now) no matter what!

"When life throws you curves, embrace them!" Whether you're curvy or thin or somewhere in between, embrace the body you have right now. Chicken legs or thunder thighs, your legs and feet take you where you want to go. Skinny arms or bat wings, your arms let you hug your kids. Love your body, it's your home!

"Happiness isn't size specific." Many people discover that after losing weight they're about as happy as they ever were. Happiness is a choice not a condition of achieving a "perfect" body. Choose to be happy right now!

"There is no wrong way to have a body." We're all human. We all have flaws. Your body is yours and you should love it for all the things it can do.

"You are so much more than the number you see on the scale." The scale can't tell you how you good you feel. The scale can't tell you how much you're loved. The scale can't tell you how much you should love yourself. It can't even tell you how strong you are. All it does is measure the effect of gravity on your body. That's it!

"Exercise because you love your body, not because you hate it." Exercise should never be a punishment for something you eat. It should make you feel good and strong and energized. Move out of love for yourself and your body rather than focusing on how many calories you're burning.

"Don't say anything about yourself that you wouldn't say about your best friend." Would you tell your best friend that she was lazy, worthless and fat. Would you say that you hate her and wish she would just change. No, of course, not! So stop saying those hateful things to yourself!

"If someone has a problem with your body, it's their problem--not yours!" Your body is your business. If someone says something rude to you about your body it's because of their own self-esteem issues. You're under no obligation to agree with them!

"Love yourself first and everything else falls into line." To be kind to others and love them you must first be kind to yourself. Start by loving yourself and then allow yourself to see the entire world with love rather than judgement. Can you imagine how good that would feel?

"To love yourself right now, just as you are, is to give yourself heaven." You live with yourself day in and day out for your entire life. Can you make being in your own skin a joy rather than a misery? You can if you focus on living in the moment and enjoying all the good things your body has to offer, rather than worrying about its imperfections.

What's your favorite quote or saying that helps you to appreciate the body you have?

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JUNEPA 5/27/2019
Don't say anything about yourself that you wouldn't say about your best friend."

I like this one the best, except I substitute "my child" for "my best friend"

"Love your body, it's your home!"

I like this one too, although it is a comment below the first quote and didn't get it's own headline Report
Thank you for the quotes. Report
JANSAUR 1/5/2019
Thanks for sharing these inspiring quotes. One of them I have said many times to others but it was when I read it today that I realize that i need to take the advice I have said to others and apply it to myself. Report
KHALIA2 12/14/2018
This article is just great! It gave me inspiration. Report
XREPHA 11/9/2018
My mom always says the weight has found such a good home it doesn't want to leave. 😁 Report
RO2BENT 11/9/2018
Take pride in your work Report
REDROBIN47 11/9/2018
These are good and reading them first thing in the morning is a great wake-up. Report
KATHYJO56 11/1/2018
Inspirational quotes Report
CHERYLHURT 10/22/2018
Thanks Report
NASFKAB 8/13/2018
Thank you very much for these helpful quotes Report
Good sayings, positive without being condescending. Report
THECOZE 7/30/2018
These are awesome quotes!!! Report
MARYGOLD5 7/30/2018
Great! Thanks. Report
These are great! There is one for every occasion Report
CKOUDSI617 7/28/2018
These are *GR8!* Thanks! Report
ARTJAC 7/28/2018
BEQUIA3 7/28/2018
Thank you for these quotes. I had an elderly friend many years ago who was a bit overweight but she said with a great big grin on her face "I'm not fat, I'm fluffy". That made me laugh and when I gain a little weight, I tell myself that until I'm back where I belong. Report
SPINECCO 7/28/2018
Thanks for sharing these. Report
673572 7/28/2018
I really needed to read these today ! I was feeling a little down because I have been watching my diet for so long ! I am down now 37 pounds my doctor says she's proud of me, but still have 20 to go.
My favorite quote is by Confusious . "A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step". Report
TINYYONI 7/28/2018
These are great!!! Love it! Report
MBPP50 7/28/2018
Awesome! Report
HOLLYM48 7/28/2018
Love these positive quotes! Report
SIMPLY_JAE 7/28/2018
Thanks Report
PLCHAPPELL 7/28/2018
Good list Report
love them Report
PATRICIA-CR 7/28/2018
I need this often! Report
Loved these!! Thanks for the positivity! Report
I'm on this road for the rest of my life. - Dennis Banks (Ojibwa) ~ #Commit 4/24/18 Report
When I take my vitamins, I always think of Lucille Ball selling vitaminavegomatic in one of her comedy episodes. What a riot to wake up to your article that included her take on life! Smile. Report
Thanks Report
thank you Report
These are awesome Report
This is my favourite today:

"No matter how slow you go, you are still LAPPING everyone on the couch." Report
These are cute and colorful. Report
not sure! Report
Be obscure clearly.
- E. B. White Report
thanks. Report
Great article! Report
Love these quotes Report
great quotes Report
Great read!!! I love Lucy and she had a great quote listed in this article! Report
Thank you Sparks for the positive quotes today! :-):-) Report
Will be printing these off to place all over my home and office! Report
Great!! Report
These are GREAT! Report
Choose one to repeat each day to help you stay positive. Report
Thoughtful little pep talks. The words are very true. Report
Great insight, but sometimes I do not feel like it is me with the problem of my self-esteem but the people that surround me. Report
These are all very good. Reading motivational quotes is a great way to stay motivated Report