Walk a Mile & Sculpt Your Arms, Right at Home

By , Jessica Smith, Certified Personal Trainer
Who says you have to bundle up and brave the elements to take a walk? With this multi-tasking session, you can step and sculpt from the comfort of home.

Combining upper-body strength training with walking-based moves, this low-impact, moderate-intensity workout is suited to all levels. Whether you're bouncing back after an injury, looking for a lighter activity for recovery days or just venturing into the fitness arena for the first time, this 20-minute routine is the perfect mix of cardio and strength. Grab some space in your home and a set of light dumbbells appropriate for your personal fitness level and join me for a walk that you'll feel great about tomorrow morning. 

To challenge a different set of muscles, be sure to check out the one-mile, lower-body circuit walk here

Did you enjoy this walk? Check out my new DVD, "Walk On: 10-Minute Quick Walk Mix," featuring six 10-minute walking segments (including our "Abs and Arms Walk") plus our bonus chair stretch! 

About Jessica Smith
As someone who struggled to lose weight for years, Jessica Smith found that the key to her own 40-pound weight loss was making small, healthy lifestyle changes, which led to big, lasting results. Now, as a certified wellness coach, fitness instructor and personal trainer, she has spent the last 15 years helping students and clients reach their goals in New York City, Los Angeles and Miami, and now reaches millions online through her YouTube channel and home exercise DVD series. Visit Walk on Walk Strong to learn more about her fun, results driven programs for all levels of exercisers.

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MKLOMBARD333 8/8/2020
This (and her lower body circuit) have been my "go-tos" for years! Great workout!!! Report
:) Report
1965KAREN 7/14/2020
Great exercises, thank you! Report
NIKO27 6/25/2020
Great Workout
NEPTUNE1939 4/27/2020
ty Report
LIS193 4/23/2020
Great workout Report
EVIE4NOW 4/12/2020
thanks Report
CKEYES1 3/20/2020
Like this one Report
WILDKAT781 3/18/2020
excellent info Report
KITTYHAWK1949 3/4/2020
Thanks for workout. Report
SHOAPIE 3/3/2020
I’ll have to see how much my shoulders will tolerate. Report
PICKIE98 3/2/2020
I never heard of her before this article,, will try some workouts! Report
PATRICIAAK 2/10/2020
:) Report
This arm sculpting workout along with the walk that targets the legs, tummy and abs make a great full body workout and a good change up from my usual weights and treadmill. Report
I love Jessica Smith videos. They are great to do on rainy days when I can't get outdoors. Report
I want to try this one. Report
Great article. Very informative! Report
keeping this one. Report
keeping this one. Report
Thanks. Gonna try that for sure Report
One of my favorites! Report
Age 64, just starting back into an exercise program --- and this served as a reality check on how far I have let myself regress! (sigh!) Report
Thanks for the great article! :) Report
There is not one work out of Jessica Smith's I don't like. I think HIIT is my favorite. Although it is rather tough. I am 60 years old. Believe me, if I can do it, just about anybody can do it Report
Have several of Jessica's Walk Strong and Walk On videos, very good work outs in all. Keep them coming. Report
I love to walk! Report
Love it thanks! Report
Thanks I am always looking to new workout that I can do at home. Report
I do this routine periodically, using different weights for different moves--due to shoulder issues, have to use lighter weights above my head. I add a stretch for triceps during the cooldown, too, since they got a workout! Report
thanks Report
Thanks for a great workout. Report
Thank you Report
Thanks! Report
Thanks. Report
Great article. I am going to try. Report
Love Jessica Smith workout, would be nice if SP would include Jessica Smith workout videos in the exercises for easier tracking. Report
Thanks. Report
This is one I'm going to write down and try. Report
This is great Report
will be doing this.... Report
Going to try this
Thanks Report
Great Article..............Thank You. Report
One of my favorite Jessica workouts, which I alternate with the lower body circuit routine. A couple modifications that might work for others: I use more than one set of weights--5# for stronger muscles (biceps, triceps, upper back) & 3# for overhead or shoulders which I have issues with; I also alternate between using the same side and alternate side on different days, since the number of reps or amount of time stretching isn't always even. (This is more of an issue with the lower body circuit.) Still I appreciate her safety reminders. Thanks, Jessica! Report
Walking workout inside. Gotta try this. Report
thanks.... Report
I love Jessica Smith. I have been doing her workouts on youtube for a few years. I bought her transformation dvd set and a walking set of dvd's. Her mother is in several of her videos Report
Great advice. Report
Fantastic! Report